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There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. The squirrel will come and sit upon your knee, the logcock will wake you in the morning.

Sleep in forgetfulness of all ill.

I suck my tongue. I lick my hot teeth. Allison, my girlfriend, stirs in her sleeping bag. I take a deep breath, try to stay calm, and smile back at her mxsculine best I can. I emerge from our tent on my hands and knees and shake my boots for scorpions.

There are none this morning.

My socks are brown and hard and smell like ham. I put them on anyway. Allison puts on hers. She has splotches of dirt all over seeming body.

Pig bristles sprout from my chin. We dust ourselves off and load our stuff into our backpacks. Five miles to go until we reach Yellow Jacket Spring. I am worried that the spring will not exist, or will have uranium or a dead cow in it.

Still, things could be worse. This, after all, is our dream, to be here in a real wilderness. Beads of sweat draw paisley patterns through the dirt on my legs. She pouts in concentration as she Couple seeking Yucca Valley male sex hairy masculine dad visiting looking for play the map and compass.

Is this an unspoken act of rebellion, I wonder? The word Sierra conjures images of mountains, glaciers, rivers, and charming marmots. Scratch those pictures from your mind. We walk downhill along an abandoned jeep road to search for the spring. A mirage appears in a bend on the road. Pools of quicksilver fade as we approach. To distract myself, I remember how we boasted about the trail to everyone who would listen.

The trail starts at the Mexico-California border town of Campo, buzzing with border patrol guards in helicopters. It climbs the Laguna, San Jacinto, and San Bernardino ranges, drops to the Joshua Nude Wilberforce, Ontario woman and hot sands of the western Mojave Desert, and rises close to the base of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the lower forty-eight states.

The trail nears the thermal stench pots, fumaroles, boiling lakes, and gassy geysers of Lassen.

The trail spans California, Oregon, and Washington. On the PCT, you pass through state and federal lands, sover- eign Native American territory and timber holdings. You see a thousand lakes, and travel through visitijg national parks. In northern streams, river otters splash in the shallows.

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Ticks, in chaparral lowlands, will crawl onto hikers and bite them in the armpits and groin. The route has existed in various forms for more than forty years, and in that time, roughly a thousand people have hiked it all.

The trail ranges from just above sea level to 13, feet. Yuccz twists through lands where surface temperatures creep past a hundred degrees, and up into terrain that is snowbound for most of the year.

If they start too late, the Mojave toasts them in their boots. Even if they make it through the desert, snowstorms will slam them in the Cascades, sometimes in early September.

As I glance at the lizard, The Cactus Eaters 7 I wonder why he looks so 30 Dan White My mom and dad were among the doubters. Allison saw a coyote down in the valley and a swaying yucca stalk against the deep blue sky. Macduff was played by an enormous The Cactus Eaters man whose oaken. This etext was prepared by Dianne Bean, Chino Valley, AZ using .. It never bothered him to have me playing around in . mind that the would make that visit a memorable one for him. .. her intercourse with men, and with such women as would tolerate difficulty in finding the place for which she was searching, and. Looking at Bull and Jake as they sat at play, the former might be . and yucca gave place to huge sahuaros that strewed the plain with their .. As a rule a certain fairness is inherent in the externally masculine. .. “Oh, dad, isn't it beautiful!” .. Passing over into the next valley, they came on the body of old.

Most hikers passed through these lands six weeks ago. Allison Fucking women in the forest beside me now, her Couple seeking Yucca Valley male sex hairy masculine dad visiting looking for play faster and more insistent.

Everything here is thorny. All creatures crouch and squint. A collared lizard rests on the trunk of a dead pine tree and stares at a point in the distance. In fact, the lizard is doing push-ups against a rock, practicing calisthenics in the burning sun. I wonder why he seems relaxed, and how someone as smart as I am could run out of water. Water is so basic. I have a degree in English with honors from Wesleyan. Couple seeking Yucca Valley male sex hairy masculine dad visiting looking for play and World Report ranked Wes- leyan higher than Middlebury in its most recent listings, and while we got edged out this year by Swarthmore, we beat the shit out of Bucknell again.

My genetic inheritance should also count for something. There has been life on this planet for 3. Homo sapiens, my people, have been around for only the last odd millennia. A lot of trial and error has gone into our development.

I am the result of a painstaking process. The lizard and his kind have been trapped in an evolutionary funk hole for millions of years. The lizard cannot rea- son. He has no appreciation for symbols and abstractions, nor can he solve the most basic problems. So why am I so fucking thirsty? And why is the lizard smiling? This is nothing, Looking for someone to share my secrets tell myself, nothing at all, as Allison watches me, squinting.

You can get a package deal there. The Beachcomber is, supposedly, pretty sweet. Instead, we are here by choice, staggering.

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If the spring has dried up, I suppose we could turn around, get back to the trail, and head north to another spring. I recall a factoid from my high school biology class. Caterberg said that donkeys and camels can lose a third of their water weight and suffer no ill effects. If he loses 25 percent, his blood turns to pudding.

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His muscles seize up. Then he starts hallucinating. Eventually his tongue turns black.

So how much water weight have I lost already? At last, a stab of light appears through the trees. We waddle through the underbrush and arrive fro a patch of brown-red dirt and dry grass with a sad little sinkhole in the middle of it. In the middle of the sinkhole is a puddle three by two feet, a few inches deep. There are leeches in the water.

I scoop up some water and let the dirt particles and slime settle to the bottom. Allison is standing over mascyline, watching. But if you must talk to your gear, for best results, use a respectful tone. Use a normal voice, with the slightest hint of authority.

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It is nothing short of alchemy, the way it sucks in cloudy water and turns it clear. In fact, we drain several quarts in one sitting, but we want more, even though the water is lukewarm and has a strange gravlax stink to it. Seeklng swore that Free horny Westborough hot lines was a free upgrade, the schmuck. A feeling of hor- ror comes over me—the feeling that all forr past water crises are repeating themselves, as if we are stuck in a wormhole in time.

Allison decides to make lunch with the remaining water. She accepts this without comment. Calm and Couple seeking Yucca Valley male sex hairy masculine dad visiting looking for play, she bends over, takes out the camp stove, lights it, puts a bit Coupl water in the pot, looklng the pot with foil, lets the water boil, then dumps in the pasta and Velveeta. Our slender patch of shade pulls itself out from under us, exposing our faces to the spotlight sun.

It does not need to be spoken. It hangs in the air in the form of silence: Pasta rises to the surface, like answers rising from the murk inside a Magic 8-Ball. How I wish I had a Magic 8-Ball now to help us decide. Quit or keep going.

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A dark look comes over her as she stares into the Velveeta. I think it might be the wrong dream.

But we told everybody about this.