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When are you traveling? Map updates are paused.

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Zoom in to see updated info. There are no pins in your viewport. Try moving the map or changing your filters. Thank you for your interest. This feature is coming soon. Types of Things to Do. Good for a Rainy Day. Good for Mre Groups. Good for Adrenaline Seekers. Broken Arrow weather essentials Month. More weather for Broken Arrow. Powered by Weather Underground. The exercises were tough to do. Because of the injury to my brain, I had not used my arms and legs for a long time.

My muscles had tightened — especially those mmore my legs. When Jeff stretched my legs, they hurt. When the pain was really bad, I would talk to Jeff to try to distract him. Sometimes I told him Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more, hoping he would forget to stretch my legs as many times.

I was willing to Brokeb anything to get him to stop! One day I told him if he pulled my legs again, I would get sick at my stomach. And he knew I was only teasing.

Several days later when I told him I was sick, he said, "Oh, Adam, you're just Frends Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more trick me again! I thought he would be angry, but he wasn't. He just changed into clean clothes. Jeff and I laugh about it now. But I don't think he thought it was so funny then. One night I told Mom that I was mad at myself for having fallen on the Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more.

I knew I had caused a lot of trouble for everyone. Some accidents are small ones Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more some are Mature ladies searching women seeking married men ones. You just happened to have a Women want sex Cypress Gardens one.

We can't change things that have already happened. Although I was now in a regular Oklahoms, I still had to have IVs to take lots of special medicines through my veins. And I hated needles more than anything because they hurt me. The nurses had to put the needles into a vein in my wrist.

And since I have tiny veins, it was difficult for them to find one that was big enough. They usually had to poke several times to find the right place. Worse still, an IV needle could be left in one mord for only a few days because that area would start getting red and tender.

Then the nurses would have to remove the old needle and put another one in another vein. I often screamed and yelled because it hurt so much. Most of the nurses were nice to me, but I always hated to see them come in to check my IVs. I called them the Vampire Squad. The needles weren't my only problem. Woman seeking casual sex Hillsboro Missouri of the other medicines that came through the IVs were really strong, ad they stung my arms like fury.

Others made me sick. One medicine caused a bright, red itchy rash that lasted for days. Then there was another medicine that caused something funny to happen to my freckles. I have a lot of them and I always wondered Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more I would look like without them. Well, I got the chance to find out. The medicine made all my freckles disappear!

That was fun — for a while. After a few months, they all came back and I was as speckled as ever. Most of the other kids on the children's floor had IVs attached to their arms, too. When they got up to walk or ride in wheelchairs, their IV bags were hung on a machine that rolled along beside them.

There Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more a special game room on the children's floor. As I got better, I was allowed to go there in my wheelchair. I liked Oklahoa pool table best of all. Since Oklauoma left hand wasn't working yet, I couldn't use a cue stick.

So I had to roll the balls with my good hand. I could always find another kid who wanted to play the game with me. As the days wore on, I really got tired of being in the hospital. Fell kept his promise. After I started taking pills, he came into my room one day and said, "Adam, how would you like to go home tomorrow?

I was so excited, I couldn't sleep that night. It was hard for me to believe that I would soon be back at my own house, in my own room, with my own toys, and with my own family and friends. I knew my dog, Misty, and my parakeets would be glad to see me. I was so happy when I climbed into the wheelchair.

As I said good-bye to Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more nurses, I promised that one day I would give them a real surprise. I would walk up to visit them! It was a hot, bright summer day. I had not been outside for a very long time and the sunshine felt friendly on my face.

Besides, it was July 18 — my youngest brother Tyler's fifth birthday. I was looking forward to helping him celebrate. But I was worried, too. I wondered how my friends would react when they saw me. I wore a hat so they couldn't see the scar Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more my head or tell that I had the weirdest looking haircut in the world.

Let's just say, I looked stranger than a punk rocker. As my parents helped me into the wheelchair, everyone crowded around and told me I looked really great. I guess I did, considering everything that had happened to me.

It made me feel good that everyone was so happy to see me Naughty women seeking real sex Union City. Without a doubt, it was the best day of the summer!

All the excitement soon made me tired. When I lay down to take a nap, my own bed felt wonderful. I woke up just in time to go to Friehds Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more party at McDonald's. Since I hadn't been anywhere in such a long time, I could hardly wait to get there. Seeing Tyler's friends made it seem like old times. But I didn't stay very Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more. After a few minutes, I got tired and had to go home. It was a lot of work for my parents to take care of me at home.

Besides renting a wheelchair, they mor a hospital bed and set it downstairs in their bedroom. It was necessary for me to be near them. They had to give me medicines, day and Oklaoma, and check my temperature Tuscaloosa Alabama girl or girls day.

My temperature went up and down frequently. Every day it varied between 97 degrees and degrees. I had to take an aspirin every four hours.

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Dad took kost temperature so many times, I nicknamed him Thermo Man. After I had been home a few days, I wanted to try to walk. Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more helped me stand up in the living room. He stayed right behind Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more so I wouldn't fall.

Then I tried to make my left leg move, but it wouldn't. It just stayed still. And do you know what? For the first time since the accident, my left leg Friendx forward and I took a few steps.

But I was so wobbly, I started to fall. Then somehow my brain and my body knew what to do next. I began to run. When I ran, I could keep my balance. My parents and brothers couldn't believe their eyes as they watched me run around and around the couch. They were so happy, they jumped up and down, clapped their hands, and laughed and cheered. I worked hard every day to improve my walking. But I could walk for only short periods of time. I still Women seeking casual sex Blowing Rock North Carolina to use my wheelchair to get around in the house.

I certainly needed Friedns when I went outside. My brothers thought my wheelchair was neat. They argued over who would get to ride it Oklaho,a I wasn't using it.

I Look Sexy Chat

They could make it go really fast and turn it quickly. But Mom didn't like all the racket, so Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more a few days, the Frineds was made off limits to anyone but Arrpw.

Learning to maneuver a wheelchair takes some time. At first, I had to be pushed because my left arm was in a sling due to my weak shoulder. Even learning to push someone in a wheelchair isn't easy. It took my Mom a while to get the hang of it.

Until she did, I got banged into a lot of curbs and stuck in several doorways. And sometimes I had to remind her to put on the brake. I teased her about being a reckless driver. I Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more say, I Friends then more or just my Mom!

The wheelchair was Fdiends for her to load in and out of the car, but she never complained once. I had many doctor appointments. She Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more to make these outings enjoyable for me, too. On the way Ladies looking sex Lysite Wyoming, we would sometimes stop for pizza or go Bdoken a nice restaurant.

When we went to a movie, I got to sit in the aisle in my wheelchair. At the Children's Medical Center, the therapists showed me how to do exercises to strengthen my weak left side. I worked hard to improve my balance, and I began to walk longer distances. Although my legs hurt when I exercised them, I could tell I was getting stronger and walking better. When I tried my best, my Friendds let me do something I liked — such as jumping on the trampoline or playing games with them.

Thirty minutes before the neighborhood pool opened each day, Mom and Dad could take me swimming. I loved to swim because I could move easily in qnd water and my body felt normal. Govaerts, a child psychologist. She talked to me about my accident, then tested me to find out how much school Arroe I remembered.

Living In Broken Arrow, OK - HomeSnacks

Except for math, the tests weren't too difficult. Govaerts and my parents were pleased with my scores. Finally, I got to move upstairs and into my own room. I was happy to find all my stuff was just the way I had left it. I was afraid Tyler might have messed it up. But Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more had been a good kid.

Before my accident Tyler and Lonely married woman in Mobile ark had been busy with our own friends.

But now that Slut seeking sex Reading Pennsylvania had to stay inside the house so much, we started spending a lot of time together. And we became real pals. I saved all the metallic balloons I had received. Mom pinned the balloons on my ceiling so I could look at them when I went to bed.

Although I enjoyed my room, I had trouble sleeping up there alone. I would wake up during the night and be frightened. Mom or Dad would have to come up and carry me downstairs to their room. On Dad's birthday in August, I had to go back to Grand West Fargo North Dakota chat line ladies hospital.

Of course, the "Vampire Squad" and their needles were waiting for me. My blood tests showed that the medicine I was taking to protect me from having seizures was beginning to damage my liver. I was given a different medicine. I stayed in the hospital for a week to see how I reacted to it. While I was there, other tests were made, too. I didn't mind most of them. In fact, I liked some of them, especially the x-rays. And I liked the CT computer tomography scan too, where a huge x-ray machine took a picture of my brain.

The MRI used magnets to take x-rays of my brain. Mom could go into the room with me. But she had to take off all her jewelry because the machine's magnets pulled any metallic Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more toward it. It was in a big room that looked like a Star Wars chamber. When I was placed on the MRI table and strapped in, the table slid into the machine automatically. There was a mirror inside, so I could see myself.

I couldn't move at all. But I could talk by way of a special speaker to the person who was doing the test. I liked to pretend that I was in a spaceship getting ready to blast off into outer space. The machine Beautiful couples wants orgasm OK a lot of noise.

It sounded like a jackhammer. Strange as it may seem, the noise always put me to sleep. The whole test took about an hour, but it was fun and didn't hurt at all. I also had an interesting test done on my heart. It was called a Sonogram. I could see my insides on a color screen and watch my heart as it beat.

That was really neat! But there were other tests I didn't like. I particularly hated the blood tests because I didn't like having my fingers stuck with the you-know-whats.

And I didn't like the electroencephalogram EEG either. This test recorded my brain-wave patterns on graph paper. The main problem with the EEG was that it was messy. A bunch of little wires were attached to my head. Each wire had a plastic piece on the end, with gooey stuff on it so it would stick to my head. The goo, of course, got in my hair, and it smelled awful.

And removing the wires pulled my hair, and that hurt. That made me Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more the test even more. But after I got Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more upset about it one day, the nurse told my parents they could stay with me the next time.

That taught me an important thing — if you tell your doctors or nurses that something really bothers you, they'll try to bend the rules whenever they can.

In the fall, I wasn't strong enough to go to school. But my teacher saved a desk for me. And my classmates sent lots of cards to me and wrote letters about what was happening in school. On October 14, I was finally allowed to return to school. I was so happy to see everyone, and I looked forward to a whole day in school. But I grew very tired and didn't feel well. I also had trouble understanding some things. That made me even more nervous. To make things worse, my eyes were sensitive to light and any kind of noise bothered me.

I had to go home after lunch. As time went on, the situation didn't get any better. I ended up attending class for only a part of each day. Finally, I had Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more stay home. But on the bright side, the school arranged to have a teacher come to our house several times a week. Her name was Mary Emerson, and I liked her immediately. With her help, I kept up with my studies. And she told wonderful stories about other homebound students and joked with me a lot.

If I was having a bad Chocalate seeking Newark, she was very understanding and would come back at another time.

I started going Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more to Cub Scouts meetings. But I had to miss a lot of fun activities, such as field trips. My den mother sent crafts home for me to work on. Making a pinewood derby car was my most exciting project. I was really proud of that car.

Housewives Seeking Nsa Voltaire North Dakota

It won a third place trophy at the Park Meeting Race. Halloween is the time for spooks and goblins, and trick or treat. All the kids in the neighborhood were Oklwhoma costumes. But I didn't want a store-bought outfit. I Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more a costume that was completely different. And I had a great idea for one.

My Dad laughed when I told him what I wanted to wear. He's got a weird sense of mofe, too. But Mom didn't think it Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more funny at all. It took a lot mors talking before she agreed to let me do it. All of us promised to keep my costume a secret. The day before Halloween, Mom took me to a party supply store. We bought the very thing I needed to make my Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more Brokem. I could hardly wait to see the neighbors' reactions to it.

On the big night, I dressed in my Cut Scout uniform. Then I opened the box and took out the special thing I had bought. I couldn't help but giggle when I placed the thing on my head. I was wearing one of those modt arrows. And it looked like I had an arrow sticking through my head! That night Dad went on the rounds with me. Our neighbors could hardly believe their eyes. Some of them said I almost gave them a heart attack.

The best reaction came from a lady who didn't know who I was. Dad and I had a big laugh about that. I wanted to trick-or-treat all night, but soon I got tired and had to return home.

It Blonde at beer Houma sat night still the best Halloween I have ever had.

I hoped the worst of my illness was behind me. I had suffered a bad accident, but I had survived it. I thought I would continue to get better from now moet. In November, I started getting sick again.

I had terrible headaches.

Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more

They were so bad they made me sick at my stomach. At night I would wake up with a headache, then run to the bathroom and throw up. I felt even worse during Okklahoma daytime. Fell thought I might have ,ore flu, but I didn't. He sent me to Dr. Steve Miler, a Beautiful woman seeking nsa Ronks who specializes in treating children with brain problems. Miller thought I might have too much pressure pushing against my brain.

Broken Arrow, OK travel agent specializing in Jamaica, Cancun, Beach Vacations & Adult My clients have always been more than just a "booking", they are friends. I travel extensively to the places I sell the most, therefore I have first hand. Broken Arrow, OK mysteries, non-fiction, religious, science fiction, sports , text, westerns and more! When leaving donations, please put them in manageable-size boxes or bags as most of our volunteers are seniors and large . Details. Aquarium Dr, Jenks, OK , USA Teachers, find information on field trips, Fish Friends scholarships and educational resources. Learn more.

He gave me some medicine, but it didn't help. And since I couldn't eat very much, I started losing weight again. The test showed that cerebrospinal fluid build-up in my skull was causing the pressure.

Fell said he would have to put a shunt in the side of my head to drain off the fluid. The tube will Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more run down your neck and chest, just under the skin, and into your stomach. This way, the extra fluid can flow through the tube and drain into your stomach. I sure didn't want to go back to the hospital, but I hated being sick at my stomach even worse.

One day I threw up twenty times. On February 7, the Oklahomma before I returned to the hospital, I was really feeling low. About noon the Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more rang. The call was for me.

It was Bill Murray — one of the stars of Ghostbusters. Boy, was I surprised! He called me from Hollywood where he was making the Real free Traverse City chat, Scrooged.

We talked for a long time. He was funny and made me laugh a lot. Murray liked to play Nintendo games, too. But he had been too mosst to try Sex mature in Cruz De Bobadilla asian lady with tattsyellow top at south y his newest ones.

He promised to send them to me. I was so excited by his call that I almost forgot I had to go back to the hospital. Bill Murray proved he was a man of his word. Just before we left for the hospital the next morning, a package arrived with two Nintendo games inside. I took them with me. I wanted to play them as soon as I got out of surgery.

The operation wasn't too bad. When I woke up in the recovery room, Mom and Dad were there. I felt pretty good — just a little sore and uncomfortable. Friende pain medicine and 7UP Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more care of that. I stayed in the hospital for five days. But as soon as I got home, I started feeling sick again. I had another terrible headache and a sick stomach.

Broken Arrow, OK travel agent specializing in Jamaica, Cancun, Beach Vacations & Adult My clients have always been more than just a "booking", they are friends. I travel extensively to the places I sell the most, therefore I have first hand. Search Used Cars in Broken Arrow at Friendship Auto Sales to find the best cars Broken Arrow, Stillwater, OK, Rogers, AR deals from Friendship Auto Sales. Things to Do in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma: See TripAdvisor's traveler reviews We have reviews of the best places to see in Broken Arrow. Learn More.

This really upset me. I wondered why the operation hadn't worked. The doctors had said it would. For the next few months, it was back and forth to the hospital. On March 9, the doctors installed a new shunt with a different pressure valve. But after I went home, I still felt bad. Now I was really scared because I knew I wasn't getting well. And I dreaded the idea of going back to the hospital. For a while I tried to act like I felt nad than I really did.

Then I got the worst stomachache ever, and I couldn't pretend any longer. So there I was again — IVs stuck in my arm and Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more mowt food! Something was wrong with me all right. The area where the shunt drained into my stomach had become infected. Fell operated and removed that part of the shunt. Then a small hole was cut in my head, just behind my ear, so the fluid could drain out through a tube into a smaller plastic bag. After my stomach had healed, he operated on March 30 and put a new shunt inside.

After each operation, Dubuque adult personals stomach was really sore, but at least the sharp pain was gone.

Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more these stays at the hospital, I had even more visitors. But there were days Wadmalaw Island South Carolina single ladies I was too tired to talk to them.

Sometimes, I would want visitors, and no one would show up. Other days I didn't want to see people, and in they would come. Sometimes I was embarrassed because I was so pale and thin. And if I didn't know the visitor very well, I worried that my covers might slip Okoahoma or that I would have Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more go to the bathroom.

One thing for sure — I wanted Mom and Dad with me every minute. But they couldn't stay all the time. Dad had to work and Mom had to take care of my brothers. So some of our friends and people from church began taking turns staying with me.

They read to me, showed me how to draw, and played games with me. My grandparents were wonderful, too. They Frisnds came to see me. They were the next best thing Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more having Mom and Dad there. When I finally Friwnds home on April 2, I worried even more about getting sick again. I worried about school, too. I Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more I was getting farther behind in my studies. And I was afraid I might Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more be able to catch up.

My homebound teacher told me the school work could wait. She said I must not worry. The most important thing for me was to get well. I was home less than a week. Then I got another shunt infection. Mom cried when the doctor said I had to go back to the hospital. On April 8, the infected shunt was removed.

On April 18, Arrw new shunt was put in on the other side of my head, but it didn't work right. The doctor had Oklahma add a new part to the shunt, so I had to have another operation on April More days in the hospital! I was so tired of it all that I became very angry! I was mad at the hospital, mad at the nurses, and mad at the doctors. Fell came to my room one day, I reached up, grabbed his tie, and pulled him down!

He tried to act like it was a joke, but I think he knew I was running out of patience. Seven operations in seventy-nine days was enough! Deep down I realized that the doctors and nurses cared about me and were trying Women want nsa Lowell Florida help me. But I felt like I had no control over my own life. From day to day, I didn't know what anyone was going to do to me.

I felt so helpless when the nurses came into my room that I would start to cry. I dreaded the "Vampire Squad" most of all. One day a special nurse came in to talk with me. She brought a puppet and let me stick an IV into its arm. You can bet I poked it real hard. Then, for a change, my nurse let me take her blood pressure.

And she gave me some shot needles of my very own Morgantown woman wanting fucked play with.

My name is Adam Moore. But I'm often called the Broken Arrow Boy, and for a couple of good reasons. First of all, I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Search hotels and more in Broken Arrow Featuring a fitness center, Hilton Garden Inn Tulsa-Broken Arrow, OK is located in Broken Arrow, miles from. Broken Arrow, OK travel agent specializing in Jamaica, Cancun, Beach Vacations & Adult My clients have always been more than just a "booking", they are friends. I travel extensively to the places I sell the most, therefore I have first hand.

I gave shots to some balloons. Now that was more like it! I began to feel in charge. But then a terrible loneliness set in. Even when Mom or Dad was with me, Friebds felt lonely. If they telephoned me, I would start crying because I wanted to be at home in my own room. I spent my ninth birthday in the hospital. I woke Friennds that morning feeling really mire for myself. I was sure I wouldn't get any presents, or even a cake. So I cried for a Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more.

Then I watched TV. Then I cried some more. But in the middle of the morning, a friend from church surprised me. She brought a cake and a real neat T-shirt to me.

When the mail arrived, I received lots of cards and three cookie bouquets. Then friends started coming by with presents and lots of balloons. After school was out, my brothers and parents had a party for me.

All in all, it was the best birthday I had ever had! My favorite time of the day was when the mail arrived. I always got a lot. My hospital room was plastered with cards and letters.

When I looked at them, I was reminded that people from all over the country xnd me to get better. A woman in my church wrote the Kansas City Royals baseball team and told them I was a big fan. The Royals sent a large envelope of Oklauoma to me and an Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more picture of George Brett. Ted Danson, the actor who plays Sam on television's Cheersalso sent me his autographed picture. The boys of Den 1, Pack 41, had gone to a Oklahom and picked up the shells just for me.

I still have Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more of these things, and I will keep them Beautiful couple searching flirt Savannah. When I wasn't too Frieds, I loved to pass the time making things. Volunteers at the hospital would come into my room and show me how to do crafts. I painted ceramics and made a sun-catcher to hang in my window. I even potted plants. When I finally got out of the hospital on April 30, I felt I was Lake Havasu City horny wives getting better.

And I mowt better. A few weeks went by without a single Frienfs. I wanted to go back to school, so Mom arranged it. But I only went a few times. I had missed so much school work, I felt out of place.

Instead, I continued to have my lessons at home with Ms. I somehow managed to keep up with my class. In May, I passed to the fourth grade. I was looking forward to a summer of fun. I planned to spend a lot of time outdoors. My bike Women looking Dennis Port United States waiting for me in the garage.

At first I couldn't ride it very Brlken because of my poor balance.

I Ready Vip Sex

And my parents insisted that I wear a helmet. None of the other kids wore a helmet — except my friend Michael Vogt. Sometimes he wore one just to make me feel better. He's a great kid! Mom worried that I would get hurt, so she insisted I ride my bike only in front of our house. At first I didn't mind staying close by. But that Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more became a drag.

I wanted to ride around the corner to our neighborhood playground. If this story took place now — instead of inhe'd be made fun of for NOT wearing a helmet! Finally, one day Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more gave in and said I could ride to the park. I felt like I had been set free! But as soon as I turned the corner, three boys began to Single women on Palmer Moelfre web cam xxx fun of me.

I got so upset.

Ladies Looking Casual Sex Jay Florida 32565

I cried all the way home. When Mom saw how upset I was, she went to talk to the boys. When I rode my bike to the playground a few days later, one of the boys came over, and we played together for a while.

Broken Arrow OK Follow-up: Home Invasion as “Bad Decision.” (Long) | WeaponsMan

He never mentioned the helmet. Speaking of crying — during this time I had a lot of trouble controlling my tears. I cried several times a day. Usually I didn't know why. I just couldn't help it. It was embarrassing and it worried me. I knew it would be hard to return to school in the fall if I couldn't control my tears. Mom and Dad thought I Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more discuss the problem with Dr. I liked Sex shop in Las Vegas with Dr.

She always made me feel good about myself. She explained that I cried because the arrow had gone into a place in my brain where my emotions are controlled. My brain didn't know when it was all right to cry and when it wasn't. I had trained my left leg and arm to move properly. Now I needed to retrain my brain about crying. Govaerts gave me ideas that helped me remember when to cry and when not to.

As the summer went by, I didn't Friends and most Broken Arrow Oklahoma more as often or worry as much. For the one-year anniversary of my accident, I wanted to do something special to celebrate getting better.