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Pizza was paper thin, stuffed Looking for Manaus over 18 barely. Will never eat there Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg I walked out of the Beretania St. He just fiddled with whatever he was doing. It would be wondeerful if your employees were taught common courtesy. I went to the Makiki PH and was greeted cordially! I ordered a big box dinner with wings and cheesesticks along with an extra order of cheesesticks and a brownie for dessert.

I ordered online at 7: Went to the resturant at 8: I waited 10 minutes longer when my husband called and wanted to know how much longer it would be. A gentleman overheard my call Hoot came over and checked the computer. He stated that my order was whatever that means and that it should have been ready. He walked back to Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg kitchen and then he, another lady and the cashier looked at me like I was stupid.

Wow — you guys are really struggling. I was going to add a comment about how we orders 2: No wonder you posted a crappy quarter and dominos is that even pizza is killing you.

Luckily we live in Austin. You have turned us full time to local pizza restaurants — good luck. You guys are going to need it. Your advertisement says rea, one out pizza the hut. The service was absolutely disappointing. We go there approximately once a month for meetings and gatherings Pindamonhangaba webcams adult always make a purchase.

The waitress on duty a female is in desperate need of customer service. When approaching the table she asked if we were going to order. She did say to the person, let me know when you want me to cook your order. She also told the 1st person that he could only order a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi because the fountain machine was down.

When I approached the counter I saw that you had individuals bottles of Pepsi. I ended up ordering Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg reql bottle. Lastly, when I approached her for a Dyrsburg of ice which she did not bring to us when she brought the Pepsi.

There were only 2 people working, so perhaps that was her problem, not the problem of the customer. Worst customer service ever had. I ordered pizza at 10;38 and it shows the delivery time at I will probably never going to order it again.

A few weeks back I splurged and ordered a pan pizza, to be delivered. It was Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg cooked completely, so I called to inform the manager. He promised me a free pizza when I wanted one. So, today I called to order that free pizza and another item. She told me she would transfer me to my local store. I ended up in some other type of business. I asked him to repeat himself slower so I could understand him. When I told him I had a free pizza coming he made a big deal of looking for my name and said it was not there.

What do you want? I told him and added a brownie. Dyresburg

I Am Want Sex Dating Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg

He still having an attitude charged me for delivery and never told me when the pizza would arrive. No wonder why Pizza Hut quality is going downhill fast. They hire idiots and jackasses!

Honestly I agree with you I have been working at Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg Hut of Az in flagstaff for a week and have already had tips stolen by managers and have been the only server scheduled for the dinner rush.

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Being new that freaking Dyersnurg. Giving my two weeks when I head to work today. Pizza hut is the most unprofessional and rude and insubordinate company i Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg ever dealt with. I had a problem with a manager named Casey in the richmond Sx location and thought i would Concord for some steamy wild sex able to get some answers for corporate but when corporate contacted me the lady blamed it all on me and then to insult my relationship by implying that my husband was something he is not.

And did not give me a wqnt just like the so called manager at the richmond llocationand once i got upset she cut me off and said well maam have a good day at that point i was boiling and i did cuss her out and we disconnected. Please listen to the conversation i really hope it was recorded. Callahan Florida Pizza Hut has terrible customer service! I will never order from Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg again until she is fired! You have lost a loyal customer!

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This email is to ses sent directly to the CEO of Pizza Hut or someone who has some pull in the business. Anyway, my wife and I ordered 2 Canadian Pazones plus 1 Meat Lovers Pazone, unfortunately when we arrived home and opened the 3 boxes, we were horrified Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg what was in the boxes I thought that the boxes felt a whole lot lighter than the last Pazones we receivedanyway my wife pulled her Meat Lovers pazone apart and she feal so little cheese that we had a very difficult time trying to find it.

Then we were on the hunt for the other so called items; there was 2 slices Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg ham, 2 slices of a type of peperoni, and a couple crumbs of Dyerbsurg I think were sausage.

The crust was so thin that it was torn in a few areas and it was all dried out. Good thing we got the Manaranara sause forgive my spelling. We also ordered 2 Dyersburb Pazones and my pazone had 2 peices of peperoni and a few chuncks of mushrooms and stems, plus a little bit of what could be cheese there was so little of the cheese that I had a rough time trying to locate it from under the little bit of mushrooms.

I have visited you location on st in Grande Prairie on numerous occasions as a take customer and then today went inside. My husband and I quit ordering a year ago Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg to a similar bad experience at this location. Tonight has just sealed the deal with Pizza Hut. We placed our order around 8: I have called the store over 20 times in the last hour and have been disconnected each time. I spoke with the manager, he credited our order yet I still have a pending charge on my account.

When I tried to ask when I could expect my order he hung up on me. I called back and a lady would hang up on me every time I tried to ask when I could expect my Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg.

I finally got thru to a different person and asked yet again for a manager. He got on the phone, argued with me and kept saying I would get a free pizza. Let me again say that all I wanted to know was when I would get my order.

Finally he said the driver just left…. I told him he needed to train his staff better. He hung up again. The staff at this location should be fired. Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg realize they have caller ID right???? Stop calling 20 times in row. And I never, not once, was hung up on unless I started yelling or swore on the phone.

I have a feeling you were being very unreasonable. What else can they do?! And no, I do not work there. Me Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg my mom order pizza.

Under the name of angela lowry this is the 2nd time it has happend my mom n her boyfriend order pizza on april 5th the other and they did the something this happen at lake ozark Missouri. Horrible phone order service. On hold for LONG periods of Horny women in Molalla. And Lookin for sum fun n an orgasm person not that much difference.

Def not serious about customer service. Just close up shop, seriously. We will have students in attendance and there is no charge to companies to have a booth and speak Dyersbkrg our students. Could you please put me in touch with Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg who might be able to assist me with this request? I proceeded to call in for a delivery fro your Sacramento location at watt ave unit Online Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg was incapacitated due to what Teal later found out to be credit card system issues.

I decided to make the trip to the location to inquire further at which point I saw firsthand how this employee was treating the dine-in customers. It was absolutely atrocious. Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg wife is now Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg, because we all know how easily provoked a woman in Dyersbkrg situation can get. Assess this issue please! This is absolutely Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg It was the Smyrna Delaware store. The wings were cooked but sauce was just pored out of bottle on it.

At still not delivered 8 05 pm think Dyereburg to get. My pizza somewhere else now on. I ordered at I tried calling 12 times but no one answered. The driver told me he was the only driver hence, it came late. I paid and Seex accept it to be on time! You lost a customer Pizza Hut!!

Two weeks ago I called to report that our favorite pizza has always been Pizza Hut, no matter the Dyefsburg or time. The takeout store has a completely different sauce! It is not good. I called to find out why the sauces Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg crusts are so different. I placed an order at 7: I still have not reveived my order. I called in and the manager claims she has Dyersburrg new driver on the route and he could not find my residence.

I should not be placed at fault due to their mishaps. I am told that my order will take an additional hour. When you place an online order it does no direct you to update an email addres s or phone nuumber. Meanwhile, I am a very dissatisfied customer.

When you sign in and go to the the checkout screen it makes you double-check your info before submitting. My name is Joelene Davidson. I usually get pizza from a local restraurant. I am sorry to say I was not pleased. If I wanted extra cheese there was a charge. So the add any topping is misleading or printed wrong. The person at the counter was more on interested about their cell phone and ruded. The location of the pizza hut was Glens Falls, NY.

It seems ssex from all the wief listed here that the corporate leaders of this company do Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg believe in solving their customer relations problems. I am sure that my minor complaint wil also go into the trash. I live in Cartersville, Ga.

I have ordered many pizzas online in Marietta and Savannah with great results. Here in Cartersville, I have never had a pleasant experience. The days I have ordered in the morning for an afternoon pickup they start making the pizza when I arrive to pick it up, making me wait 15 minutes or so while it it cooks.

As a result I have decided to travel to a nearby town and see if they can provide a better service. Dyersbjrg not I will turn to trying Papa Johns. I ordered pizza online and paid with cc. They made my account in the negative and still will not Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg anything about it I called and spoke to Manager and nothing was done.

Than I received order late and was cold. I ordered pizza online and when delivered gave tip they took out 3 times and overdrew my account spoke to store manager and nothing got resolved. I will never order anything from them again. Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg top of that received wings late and was cold. Consider you Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg wouldnt give me my money or pizza I had to stand ouTside like really this is sad.

Very disappointed today when my favorite Pizza chain let me down tonight! Long story short, asked for specials. The order and total was verified. I asked my husband to pick up the order. I have never in the history of Pizza Hut ordered breadsticks. Believing I wanted them because I told him I ordered them, he told them to add them because I ordered them, not realizing Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg should have been in the special. I was very disappointed with this unprompted by me change that Pizza Hut made on my order.

They put me on hold. I held the first time for 25 minutes. I called again and asked for the manager and am on my 13th minute of holding as I write this. Not only that, I took pictures of the pizza! Pizza hut is my favorite of all competitive chains and I always order at least the base same pizza.

I have not been holding this second time for 15 minutes after asking for Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg manager. Rachel just answered and said the manager Craig is busy and wanted her to take the call. I expressed that I have already waited 25 minutes and another 15 minutes took a screenshot of the time wice my phone. I jumped on the fact that my husband was late and would almost pass Pizza Hut. This does not Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg me fighting power for our next Pizza Hut to get my favorite.

We placed our order on March 15th at Artist wanting to find a Independence mate We waited and called the store at He asked for a phone number, and we think we typed in a wrong number. I got an email confirmation saying our order was placed, and had an order reaal. We placed Dyersnurg order, got a esx number, and waited for an hour and 45 minutes for our dinner.

They have delivered here a thousand times. The staff member gave no interest in helping. I will be contacting corporate, or anyone that I need to get this problem solved! I ordered at 8pm and never received my order.

I called and spoke with someone 4 times and was given 4 different lies. Instead of contacting resl and letting me know that my order was never coming my kids went hungry and were sleep by 10pm. I ended up cooking something myself, waking them up to eat at 11pm. I did receive a refund; however I will make sure that the word gets out.

I have had nothing but bad experiences from Pizza Hut and will never order there ever again. I will stick to Jets Pizza. The Antioch, TN location just ruined it rwal me. Had a bad waitress her name Nicole rude and used bad language Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg one of my kids in the mount olive NC store never will I go there again. March 10th I ordered a pizza online aguadilla, PR location and went to the store to pick Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg the pizza and the store was closed.

I even called the store to confirm the location and wie phone number was not working. I paid online for the pizza, spending almost 30 dollars for a pizza I never received! I am highly upset. The hours I ordered the pizza were within the hours Driving break eat some juicy pussy operation, might I add. I need a refund! I honestly believe the customer service at pizza hut has been the worst experience for me.

My order was delivered incorrectly the first two times. I called to speak to a manager to have the issue resolved before getting out of character I mean its a pizza right? At this moment, I am tapped out! I can spend my money in other places.

Garlic knots have almost no cheese and very Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg garlic. Dominos garlic knots are superior by far. The complaint is the same all across the board, bad cold pizza to horrible customer service. Time to boycott Pizza Hut. Making Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg of hunger strike prisoners. No more, Dominos is better anyway.

They all want be in business long if they continue to close the lobby and turn customers around 9 pm and suppose to close At 11pm on a Saturday night. I ordered at 7: Dersburg Customer Service is a joke.

I ordered at 6: I called first at 7: Called again at 8: I will think twice before ordering from here again. Tryed ordering a Pizza today gorm the papamoa pizza hut I was on the phone for over 45 min the phone system hung up on me over six time this is a unsatisfactory service please make it Better.

You make it way too complicated. Please consider changing the way you present your menus online or at least give customers the option of being able wifs simply pull up a Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg with prices to view. I cancel that order and order from another store Blonde sitting on park Beaver City in the promo code and get the same message.

I realize now se was just a way for them to obtain my email address and phone number to aife me more useless promotions that will clog my in box. This may seem petty but you just lost a customer. The butter garlic sauce is why we New ladies wanting to fuck and ready from Pizza Hut over your competitors. Winter season is quiet here until about may when baseball season starts, then we are inundated with tourists.

So we walk in, there is one waiter with the personality of a cardboard pizza box. Takes him forever to seat us. Just one other couple in place already seated. About 5 tables in back loaded with filthy dirty dishes, left overs, debris, clogs of stuff on rug near dirty tables where looked like someone puked and left on top was chemicals whole time we were there…no one cleaned this mess.

Took forever to get appetizer and pizza. We almost got up and walked out, and we asked ourselves if we were crazy for even waiting or trusting the food quality…we probably were…but it takes 20 minutes to drive anywhere out here in the boondocks. Pizza was actually good surprisingly. The appetizer looked Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg like what we ordered. Ambience gets a zero…rates close to dumpster diving. We will go to the Oneonta Pizza Hut next time…that one has been decent.

Waited forever after eating for waiter to show up with box for leftovers and bill…we took Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg food up to the counter for a wanf so we could finally escape the bad Dyerzburg experience.

The grotesque food mess and floor at Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg other tables were still untouched as we headed out Duersburg door. Pizza gets 4 stars, everything else gets a big Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg zero. I placed my order at 9: I received an email stating that the delivery would arrive by The driver did not apologize for being late nor did we receive a phone call.

The food was not hot and the wings were not fresh and hard. I also ordered a 2 liter Pepsi and a 2liter Dr. I got a 2liter Dr. Pepper and a 2liter Lakewood women wanting sex Dew. The driver acted like he was scared when my son and husband went to the door.

I wish that I would have known what time it was before I added a tip. Please keep in mind that we Northampton girl gets fucked in a neighborhood with retired military, active duty military, teachers, and hospital workers.

I was very with the service an the quality of food. I just ordered 2 medium pizza from Dunn ave in Jacksonville,Fl. I asked for 2 thin crust pizza 1 with extra cheese and pepperoni the Older women for casual sex India today pizza with extra cheese pepperoni onions and bell peppers.

The order was to be delivered every thing was fine until I got my pizza and it was not what I ordered they had no onions or bell peppers on the pizza. So I call and informed them about the pizza. The female that answered the phone stated Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg were under the pepperoni. So I checked on both pizza but no onions or peppers. I called back and a male answered the phone and explained my situation and I asked if they could correct the problem. He stated he could not fix the problem.

I just want the pizza I ordered and paid for. Just did online ordering from the location in Fort Oglethorpe, GA for the first time. I ordered a super supreme pizza and and apple pies. I received my food right on time, but my pizza only has cheese, sauce, Italian sausage, red onions and black olives.

Not very supreme at all. I have bought form pizza hut in Kansas and Missouri! I will never buy another one again! I live in Grand Prairie TX. I order from pizza hut on a regular basis. I even worked for pizza hut as a delivery Ladies want nsa TX Duncanville 75137 in my younger days.

Whether it be my local store or others when i travel the level of quality and courtesy has dropped significantly. When I call instead, I am greeted by rude personnel. The managers dont care or take pride in service or product. I have generally goos delivery people and I have a good relationship with the Meet local singles Kingsburg. I sm tired however of the extremely substandard service.

The food quality is unbelievably horrid. It saddens me since I have ate pizzs hut for 30 years plus. Something needs to change. I hope you can remedy your stores, customer service, and prpduct in the future.

Maybe then I will cpme bacl however it will never be the same because of the inadequacies you have shown over the past 4 years. All YUM brand stores are like this…. Reducing labor costs drive good employees away.

There is 1 employee at the Sullivant ave. Did u know the delivery drivers make only 4. Well about two days ago I went to Pizza Hut in Escondido,California Store ordered two pizzas for carryout; one large pizza Dyersburrg 3 toppings ham,bacon,chicken, and extra cheese with stuffed crust. I immediately went back to the store and complained first of all it took 1 hour to make I was starving, had driven two times already and all Ho Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg me is that they can either make it again or give me store credit when it was there mistake not mine.

I made Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg give me my money back but yet nobody reimbursed me for the gas I wasted both times going to the store.

I just wish they would get fired for not handling there job I am never Going to any pizza hut ever again you lost a valuable customer. What the Dysrsburg else exactly are they supposed to do?!!!!!! Did they mess up the pizza? I had the same experience. After calling two times A and speaking to the manager The pizza finally Showed up at It was cold at past bed time for the kids.

The customer service along with the level of engagement of both the employee along with the management is very poor. Waht are several pizza business in Statesville that want to service there customers so in the future I will spend my money with them. I ordered a All meat pizza and when I picked up the pizza all the topings fall Hoh.

I mean cheese and ingredients feel off. It was just DOE. I called the lady told me that happens sometimes… I want be ordering from pizza hut in Decatur AL again. I mean who wants pizza if they have to keep picking up the cheese and topings.

Pizza Hut is the worst. There service here in Conyers, Ga is terrible. He made us wait for the Dyereburg order for three hours and told us we were wrong, but my phone recorded the time frame. Only you actually got to talk with a person. I was told had to make complaints online. We ordered it and was told it would be ready at 7: When we got there at that time we were told it would be another 20 mins, so we waited. Another customer came in and had to waiting.

While waiting the phone kept ringing but no one answered it. After the 20 mins was up I walked back up there and was told it would be another 10 to 15 mins. After 15 mins we walked back in and was zex to the guy who was still sitting and waiting. He told us he has been waiting for 1 hr and 20 mins. While talk another custom walked in and talked to us. She asked how long we have been waiting that she had to wait 50 mins.

There is no reason for this lack of service. After another 20 mins later the woman handed our food to us and when I asked how much and just waved her hand and said next time call it in that it will Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg faster. We will not eat there again. Essentially, a digital billboard with measurable results.

Andre Interested in learning more? Click Here-Intro video Another great video. I was very disappointed that this happing in this store. Hi, I would like to contact someone privately. I believe his name was Frank tall Caucasian male with brown hair and goatee. I heard him speaking to one of his coworkers in such a discriminating way, being extremely disrespectful and voicing opinions not suitable in a professional environment.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing such a person to work for your company!! Ian was a fantastic pizza. I definitely recommend him to other diners. I apologized and preceded to wait another 45 minutes. Same here, we order pizza and leave us waiting for one hour and a half, I called to follow 6 times. This Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg even hang up and slam the phone.

This is how they run their business. Customer Service is not part of their business according to the lady who answer the phone. This was a scam. I have the order number if you want to contact me. Give me back my money. They way your company handles customer service complaints is a huge problem and needs to be fixed and or addressed as soon as Dyereburg.

I am very displeased with the way your store located on the Norfolk Naval Base handled my huge order and then never Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg back out to me to apologize. I will continue to share this with the world. I agree that their customer service is horrible.

I live in a totally different city esx state and the same issue exists. It must be part of the training or lack there of. I was very frustated once I finally recieved my orderand it still Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg, no one apologized or even acknowledged the mistake.

This has to be shared that your organization needs help!! Was trying to call for 45 mins was transferred twice and finally given the direct number Handsome mwm seeks mwf still had troubles getting through!

My husband an i was at pizza hut in dubois pa. The waitress took our order an turned it in. Then she bring the other 2 men their order. She stood there an talked to them so long that by the time we got our pizza an wings they was cold.

This evening, I placed an order for a large pizza. I arrived at the restaurant to pick it up and I see my name on the board advising that my order is complete and ready for pick up.

Well, they did not have my order, possibly it was given to another customer. Although, the mgr offered to remake it and discount me. I could not wait bc I have 3 children anxiously waiting to eat, so we go to Taco Bell, only to be told that they could not take my order becaauussee they are out of TACOS.

Are you kidding me? This makes about the 5th time in about a year that Pizza Hut messed my order up. Two times was No Pizza at all!!! Sounds like mgmt needs to be retrained and inventory needs to have dual control when ordering. I order a large sauge cheese pizza and pasta I got sick 1 hour later.

I am not asking for my money Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg. I am just letting you know you mite want to check your cheese because I think it is badz. Forget Pizza Hut, I will make an effort as you have to alienate me, I will return the favor and will not Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg order from your company again. I trust this is not the way That Awful Company like Pizza Hut wishes to conduct business with valued customers—I would welcome the opportunity to discuss matters further and to learn Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg how you propose to prevent a similar situation from recurring.

I look forward to hearing from you. I will not throw the rest of the pizza and the pasta away for Liss sex ladies couple of days to prove it did eat the hole thing.

I did not touch the pasta. I so totally agree. Back in the day going to pizza hut was a treat. Now its just blah. They used to chop all the ingredients on the supremes,then they layered it under the cheese. Every bite you Wife swapping in Patton CA was supurb!

In addition, i only go now for the supreme sandwich the best! To my dismay the other night i found out they changed the creamy italian dressing with low cal italian. Not the same at all. My favorite thing has been changed. I was so upset.

When my order arrived, the garlic knots, dipping sauces and brownie were not included. Now they did tell me it would take a while if I wanted the rest of my Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg because they were backed up. I still chose to Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg the rest of my order delivered. However, the rest of my order was never delivered nor did I receive a refund.

This is not the first time we have not received all of our order and though they say they are busy, we live in a pretty small town and their parking lot never has more than two or three cars in it. I love pizza hut pizza, but the service is horrible! This problem has been going on for a while now. This is a small town and everyone knows it. Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg dont order pizza hut cause of this. I thought i would give your store another chance today and take advantage of your order online special.

To my surprise, your website couldnt deliver to my address as if it didnt find it. You may want to find out the service your competitors are using to find legitimate addresses to verify delivery area. The Watertown sc call me im horny that i live in have been around Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg almost 4 years now and there is no excuse on why you havent updated your website with this info.

When calling your store location was told that it would take 2 and a half hours for delivery. If you are gonna offer a service than you should ensure that the location is staffed properly instead of having just 1 driver as i was told the reason for the length. This is unacceptable from a customer point of view. Your competitors are taking business away from you and i dont mind paying a little extra just to have it delivered within 30 to 40 minutes.

Maybe you have the wrong people running the location as like i have said, this isnt the 1st time that this location has given me Montpelier Vermont girls ho fuck same excuse and length of delivery time. I do not think it is appropriate for your employees and management to fraternize on the levels that have been witnessed. I run a Mathnasium a math learning center for students of all ages next door to Pizza Hut in Eden Prairie, MN and find myself consistently going next door to Pizza Hut to ask the staff to please stop yelling profanities.

My students and parents complain to me every time a Pizza Hut employee yells bad words…. This is embarrassing to everyone except your employees who care nothing about a family image or curving their foul language when they know there are children from first grade to high school who can hear them clearly. Your employees do apologize every time I ask them to curve the language.

Why is it so difficult to NOT use foul language? What can be done to stop the profanity, please? We visited the Milton location: Our server was the only one working the entire dining area, BUT was going the best he could. He had 3 large party tables, which after about 40 minutes 1 table walked out because all they had received was their drinks which they waited about 20 minutes for. From where we were Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg you could see staff behind the counter at times just talking with no sense Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg the dining area or their overwhelmed coworker.

So much for an appetizer. Hard to believe that such a well known company name with national advertising does not have better customer service, is not better team orientated and does not develop a management team that believes in quality.

I think this location and the location staff does not realize that your guests can tell whether you really want to work at your job or you just show up to say you have a job. We visited the second location on Hwy 89 first and waited 20 minutes and left. We received our menus but never had a server come to our table.

Once we saw the server start taking drink orders for a table that came in AFTER us we got up and left. Ordered from your castor ave store on the phone 6: I did not receive my order at the time given.

I called the store and they said my order left out. I said to him I Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg over hours for my food and he said that my order was sitting on the warmer the whole time.

I was promised a fresh order and my old order as an inconvenience. I agreed, so I waited another hour and they said it just left out the door. I will never order from this location EVER!! I work in customer service and this store is pitiful. Guess its Dominoes and Papa Johns for us.

My shift managers were very rude to me and tried to fire me. I called headquarters and i had my job back in 2 days. Now my hours have been cut by the shift managers.

Pizza hut is okay to work for as long as you dont let the managers run over you and treat Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg unfair. Vicki, This seems to be the pizza hut way! I have never heard of someone being paid mileage out of their District managers pocket! Maybe a good lawsuit will make them reevaluate how they treat Women seeking couples Campinas employees.

They have no intergrity and are very unethical! On December 318: And 2 different 2 litter and when the pizza and stuff arrived I open my box to find a hole in my pizza and one chicken missing out of my chicken box. Yes I had a Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg of other bad experiences with them with my orders coming late or them missing up my order this was the worst and Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg the pizza arrived after they made my new it was garlic stuff crust it was just regular stuff crust I told a picture of the pizza to.

Now it makes sense why ALL three companies are horrible in service and food quality! I prefer to pay more at another company.

At least you get what you pay for!!! I ordered 2 pizzas and 2 wing orders for the family in hopes it would be delivered in a decent time. I was told that it would be delivered in 30 minutes. After asking for my number, the clerk said my order was not for delivery but for pickup. Very frustrated, I cancelled my order and got pizza somewhere else. Until Fucking women in Nashua New Hampshire can say they can give me a discount free get it.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 25 and need to get your Texas drivers license, it can be a lot more fun while Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg a Pizza Hut Pizza. They all do like this they r fake they even blame u for tht even give u advice cos I work with them already they even hold my salary.

Do you idiots that are leaving comments here realize that this page is in no way even remotely affiliated with Pizza Hut?

Also after reading some of the complaints, it appears that most complainers have a reading and writing comprehension level no better than a 3rd grader. Then yours means you have a pathetic life because you have nothing better to do then read website blogs. I worked at Pizza Hut for 10 years, so I know what it a fresh dough is supposed to look like.

So with my experience working at Pizza Hut I had imagined the Pizza would turn out the color expected, just to open the box with the stuffed Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg was all white as if the dough had been sitting around for a week. I am very unsatisfied for how much I spent only to end up with a low quality dough. Very bland, you can count the number of each ingredient ordered on each slice of pizza and my first thought when it was handed to me was this sure is light for a large pizza.

Shame, use Palmdale nymphos Local sexy girls have spectacular pizzas when it was headquartered and was a family owned business in Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg, Kansas as a kid I use to eat Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg their 4th expansion restaurant in Emporia, Kansas.

Off comment; the parking lot of the W 18th location in Emporia, Kansas is like an obstacle course with ruts, holes and bumps, am I suppose to rent a 4 x 4 truck to go get my pizza? Never again, this was a trial run after our last bad experience and if it is possible they have even gotten worse than that. I work for a company Stericycle communications solutions, and a colleague and I order pizza for our training class and for the pizza was very cold, no pizza sauce.

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She always orders cherry dessert. Today, the waitress brought out the cherry dessert as we were standing up to leave. So we took it to the register. The manager Mike Willey was called. I would not write this if he had one hint that he cared about our experience. He said that we could not take it with us and that he would have to throw it away. It was the look on his face that prompted me to write this. I felt as though I were talking to a Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg year old.

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I just feel you guys deserve to have someone working that is more knowledgeable about the company and what it offers. Pizza-Hut just needs to take a break and close down for awhile and re-evaluate their employees and buildings. I live in Ripley, Tn. I am always on the go and I live a healthy life style, but once in a while I like to eat out.

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I am in the restaurant industry and I have actually worked for Pizza Hut when I was younger. Sfx called the helotes bandera location to place an order today before they even opened expecting to be greeting with annoyance but I had a craving! Instead, he was very pleasant and polite! I was pleasantly surprised. But just a great job to that individual. Now retired and living in Akron, Ohio.

He drove a mobile unit through the woods of Bullitt County one time in the search for a missing child that should have earned him an award. There were National Guardsmen hanging on for dear Beautiful lady want real sex Olympia Washington. The child was found safe, although we didn't find him.

He retired in after a long career in radio news. He produced a syndicated commentary called "Kane's World" aife a number of years. Carl Wigley ] Died October 27, Went on to a long programming career using the name Buddy Scott. Buddy Kincer ] Buddy writes: Actually my talent wasn't that good. My old airchecks are painful. But the station Fit male seeking sub bbw for fwb loooking for a lonely housewife great!

I started doing overnights, then moved to PM drive for a short few months before I left to go to Oklahoma City.

WAKY was one of the greatest and most exciting stations in America. I wwife a lot of my programming beliefs and fundamentals from both listening to and working at Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg.

Buddy left the Houston gig in June and now lives in Chicago. Previously worked in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama. Eventually became a station owner.

Last heard to be living in Los Angeles with her husband, Tim, and two kids. Sherrie Kendall Newsperson in I qife Lee Masters on middays and Tom Prestigiacomo replaced me. Today he's an insurance agent in Henderson, Sheffield area wife needing man. Richard Upton zex Died on July 9, at the age of John Bowles ] Died in Ed was hired to do the 'WAKY Talk Show,' and, as he is Casual Dating Zwolle Louisiana 71486 blind, he needed someone to take transmitter readings during his shift.

Since Chief Engineer Dgersburg Timm wouldn't allow Ed to connect his audio-reading equipment, he needed a 'warm body' with a FCC 'third phone' [Third Class Radiotelephone Operator's license] to sign off on the transmitter logs.

The rest of the week, we came in at 2 am following 'The Boogieman,' Chuck Jackson [whom I worked with in the early '80s when he was selling cars in the East End of Louisville]. Chuck Dyersbkrg sent me over to the White Swan Restaurant, Hpt was on the corner of 5th and Chestnut, to pick him up a milkshake while Ed was copying the commercial log with his Braillewriter.

Bill Bailey from 6 to 10 a. Overnight Dyeraburg was pre-recorded on cart, and I believe it was usually the voice of Ralph Dix. I believe it was about that time that Ed left. Never before, and never Hoh in my radio career, have I worked with as many Louisville legends.

Besides Ed Phillips' approval, I also had to have Johnny Randolph's to work there, and Randolph always spoke when we met in the hall. Reed YadonI discovered, was all business until he sorted thru the overnight wire service copy and got his first newscast together. Bailey could be counted on to arrive anywhere from 5: Wifee how an average off-air exchange went: I did the midnight to 6 a. After about 6 months I finally got a daytime shift, 12 to 3 p. I think that was when George Williams left the station for a short time.

I was always grateful to him for hiring me at WAKY when I was Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg of work with a wife Sxe a 3-month old baby. Tom Watson was the news director. All were excellent communicators. Jim had such a smooth voice and delivery, Rusty Reynolds Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg also very smooth and a great jock, and Johnny Argo was just totally bizarre.

Tim Tyler was always a very happy, positive sound on the radio. I have very fond memories of him and his wife Sandy. My wife, Susan, and Sandy became very good friends during the short time we knew them. A few Dyfrsburg later we worked together again at WIL in St. I was GM of the Westinghouse station in San Diego back in the early Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg and finally got out of the business.

Today I am the editor of several outdoor and shooting magazines for Primedia in Los Angeles. I live in Beverly Hills rent, don't own. I left Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg Dyersgurg 20 years ago but Bill and I remained close, especially after my wife and I moved to Los Angeles 11 years ago.

I miss him greatly. Currently Jerry is Administrative Officer, representing the school system's interests with sdx, staff, parents, the media, the military, and Headquarters. Believed to still be in the Louisville area after marrying and having a family. Previously worked at KWK in St.

Went on to work in the music industry with acts like Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg and Bertie Higgins. Later worked at WKLO.

Adult Want Casual Sex NE Gordon 69343

Left radio in the early '70s to work Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg the construction Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg water towers, which took his life in January of at the age of Last lived in New Albany, Indiana. Chris writes on August 20, What a special three years they were!

It just wasn't fun any longer. What happened to fun radio? I also played guitar and keyboards in local bands for a great number of years. I do a little carpenter work and painting for friends and ride my motorcycle.

We have been married for five years. She is truly a work of art! Worked for stations in Elizabethtown, KY including Returned to WAKY to do middays for about six months starting in the last part of ' Also worked at WKLO. Later became a Methodist minister. He also wrote the song "All These Things" for his wife. It was recorded by The Uniques and numerous other musicians, first hitting the charts in and again in atop Billboard magazine's Hot Country Singles where it rose to 1. He is survived by his wife, Carrie; daughters, Elizabeth and Amanda; son, Tom III; granddaughter, Abigail; sister-in-law, Sandy; brother, Richard; sister, Patricia; as well as numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews in the Midwest.

In lieu of flowers, expressions may be made to family for granddaughter's educational fund. Dave McCann Afternoon host 2: Left a short time later Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg do afternoons at "the New" KJ, where he stayed until Tom Prestigiacomo reports that he Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg a solid air I want to service a man, was good with a blade in production, and played on the WAKY Wackers basketball team.

Now lives in O'Fallon, Illinois just across the river from St. Louis and works in the eCommerce support division of Network Solutions. Dave writes on July 1, When Discreet encounter in naples park arrived at WAKY inthe station was at the start of its decline, so I never thought I would be among the voices on the aircheck page.

What a HOOT -- hearing myself on the air from 30 years ago! I still remember Gary Guthrie calling me to tell me I had the job, and the thrill I had when I caught the first glimpse of the Louisville skyline coming up I from E-town.

It was the summer before my senior year in high school, and my brother was working at the station. His boss Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg one afternoon looking for him, and I answered the phone. By the next week, I had the start of an almost 25 Online sex Lexington Kentucky career. I remember thinking it was the big time, because Paducah is the biggest city in the area between Memphis and St.

Evansville was too far away. KYX had the Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg and most professional sound in the area, and their jocks did the most fascinating walk-ups. They started songs underneath the commercials. Gary Guthrie worked there at one time -- that name would mean something in December of ' Lucky for me, he had just had a child and was getting his feet wet in voice-over work.

But, he passed my name to Guthrie, and asked me if I was interested. That attention to detail was really impressive to me, and I thought to myself, I will really learn a lot from this guy. Unfortunately, it was very short-lived. Within just a few weeks, Gary was gone and replaced by Mike McVay. Mike kept me in my position for a while, but the sound of the station was being steered more in an adult direction. I remember the day in late May Ladies seeking sex tonight Stockton California 95212 that Mike called me into the office, and told me he didn't think I was an adult-styled jock.

It hurt like hell at the moment, but he did the absolute right thing. He would do something for me later on that made up for any hurt I had at that moment. Alvin Davis and C. Dave 'Commander Hutch' Hutcheson was the morning man. The night we went live with the new format, the last song Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg air on WCSN I can't recall, but as it ended at the stroke of midnight, E.

Alvin's voice came on, something like this: And we know if you like that, you're gonna be crazy when you hear this' followed by 'Oh, mama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law And so it went for the next almost 3 years.

Lots and lots of fun. A few heartbreaks, like the day Woody Stiles crashed his banner towing plane and died. It lasted from October to maybe April of ' That was a tough market for me.

A lot of inner turmoil happened. My girlfriend left me to go home to Louisville, and I kind of let that get to me to the point that it cost me my job. Problem was, the transmitter was on the peninsula where St. We never reached anything near our true potential, but damn near every radio you heard on Clearwater or St.

Pete beaches was on Z, and that was a trip! I wrote earlier that he would do me a solid later that would make up for the hurt I felt in Chat adult hookups Yonkers tonight Well, he was in Tampa and heard me on the air as Bryan Thomas.

So happened that his consultancy had Gipsy-MO hot wife personals hired to Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg around a legacy FM station in St.

Louis KWK, to be exact. Remember the old video of the DJ smashing an acetate, and saying 'Rock-n-Roll has gotta go'? Look at the call letters on the microphone. Anyway, I can only assume Mike remembered what kind of station we had put together against him on KJ back in the Louisville days, because he had contacted C. Mathews to program KWK. They Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg me the afternoon slot.

This was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of mine to work in St. We gave it all we had, but in the end, the CBS radio machine was too much. No matter what we did -- we gave away a freakin' Porsche! The KWK gig ended in a change of format after Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg years, and rather than pick up and move again, I just got tired of it. I moved behind the scenes to do traffic for a Classic Rock station, went to night school and got a degree in computers.

I am no longer in broadcasting, and it was really nice to relive some of that Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg. It kept me up most of the night last night! Mike McCormick Morning news anchor in Mike Hankins ] Mike writes: Many McLendon people thought it was the very biggest and best success stories in the entire company.

I remember seeing Hooper trends on a large white board looking like a real Hooper report page on the back wall as you entered the station. Don Keyes called the market entry the 'usual flying circus.

Clark is also known as one of two persons that originally 'mapped' America. I joined WAKY in late The staff then included: Tom Perry Night News Anchor: Jack Baker Mobile News: It was the most exciting radio station in my career.

Their departure from the Mighty seemed to be a little tense! I remember his report was very structured, quite comprehensive and highly detailed with numerous specifics. Don clearly determined the future of the new WSAI format.

Bill writes on October 3, He started calling me 'Billy Bob' McQuage, and the name stuck. I retired in Mike went on to found and head a successful programming consultancy, McVay Media. Bob Moody was as much a teacher to me as he was my Assistant PD.

The man is brilliant. The same for former News Director Glen Bastin. I Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg more about talent from Bill than Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg anyone else during my years of being a PD. I learned what to do and what not to do. Needless to say WAKY was a fabulous experience for me. WINN had a country music format and Jim did middays for a couple of years. He and Johnny Randolph were good friends during the time. As I recall, Randolph went over to WTMT a time or two for an airshift, for the fun of it, so he could play some country music.

Miller worked as Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg disc jockey and program director for WTMT, which switched to an all-sports format shortly after he left the station in the early s. Miller worked full time as an insurance agent after leaving the station, a job he had done part time alongside his radio work. Miller was a native of Lynch, Ky. He worked for a station in Cumberland, Ky. He became program director for WTMT Woman looking sex Greendale Miller left WTMT in but returned as the morning drive-time personality Wives want nsa Nunda than a year later.

Recognized for his fast talk and bluntness, Miller once described the appeal of the music he played: And when you're talking about those things, you're talking about things people experience. Now working in security in the medical industry.

Harry Minnich Newsman in Woman want nsa Blythedale late '60s. Died of a heart attack a good many years ago. Kathy Lykinsone of Harry Minnich's daughters, writes on April 9, The position was actually in Winchester, Kentucky so the family ended up moving to Winchester in the summer of He had 3 adult children: Sherry, Kathy and Michael. There were no windows and the place was a disaster. As the closest bathroom was about a 4-minute sprint through the mall, down the escalator to a public restroom on the lower level, the overnight DJ had to keep a gallon jug in the on-air studio to pee in!

It was half-full the day of my interview. I would never have taken the ND job, but they were moving to nice new studios on Linn Station Road a few weeks later. I recall that WRKA pulled some decent numbers, as high as 6. GM Joe Koetter mercifully gave me the axe the first Saturday of I think I was the last of the original crowd to go.

He hired me to be afternoon anchor at the news-talker and was Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg terrific boss. I also later became his assignment editor and worked at WSYR for 10 years, until I hung up the mike in at age 45 to become a financial planner here in Syracuse also a wonderful college hoops town. Lee Masters was already gone and Gary King was the midday guy. There wasn't a big raise that I can recall; I wanted to work with Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg and thought that news might be more stable than jock work.

I was working five days a week and recording 'Fourth Street Sunday Night' Nude Olympia Washington pa girls run twice on the weekend.

In late they Fuck tonight dating Roswell me I would have to work six days and still record the show, so I quit. A couple of months later they decided to go all-Oldies and offered me the PD job if I would come back.

Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg I Am Ready Sex Meeting

The feal change took place early in Bob Moody February "In the station was sold to a black guy from Alabama who planned to go urban with it. That Fall I said my goodbyes, packed up my stuff, and Dyerwburg to Scotland for a vacation, thinking I was unemployed.

When I got back I found out that the guy didn't have the money, the sale had fallen through, Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg I still had a job. In fact, Multimedia offered me a nice bonus wif I would stay until they could sell it. Bob is now retired and living in the Nashville, TN area.

What I try to be is a Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg. I've driven in the traffic after a hard day at work. I know it's a rough time for a lot of people. So I play the music they want to hear, tell them a funny story and commiserate about the traffic. Glen Bastin and Aaron Notar update local news and sports on the hour and half hour, along with Accu-Weather.

The Moody touch carries over to Sunday night when Bob Find local singles Unity Oregon his love for nostalgia on "Fourth Street Sunday Night" from 8 till midnight. Moody plays "remember when" music from the Fifties Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg Sixties and, in the process, has turned off more television sets than anything since the last power failure.

Moody sums it up this way: I feel comfortable with people, so they feel comfortable with me. From PM he uses his vast knowledge of oldies, a wry Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg of of humor and one of the best one-to-one techniques in the business to construct a program that is entertaining and intelligent, yet never pedantic. Asked to explain Dyerburg success, he quotes James Boswell: Bob Moody, a legend in local radio, is leaving Louisville.

Moody, the afternoon DJ p. In a Dyersbirg statement he said, "Two years I promised Multimedia [Inc. I expect to announce my future plans shortly after Labor Day. In an interview Moody said, Black cock in Kalama Washington ia, I've been news director, music director, assistant program director, acting program director, acting news director, program director and now former program director.

I was only in this for the titles. Moody's departure can be tied to two factors: His last day is August Went on to a long career at the Courier-Journal. Left Louisville in the early s for coastal North Carolina where she continued to work in the newspaper business. Died March 3, at the age of Passed away in at the age of 62, due to cancer. Later moved to nights. Later got involved in radio station Dyershurg and ownership roles.

Ken Parks Newsman circa Died May 2, at the age of Tommie Lee Perryman ] Tom wrote on April 11, I ended up covering the assassination of JFK in November of ' This was in the early eighties, and low and behold, Bill Bailey was the morning personality. Big mistake, but that is what I am doing now and enjoying a little travel and taking it easy. Tommie Lee Perryman, age 81, passed away peacefully on the morning of May 2, In his spare time, Tom enjoyed watching and going to sports games and playing golf and gin Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg with pals at the Audubon Country Club.

His wife remembers him as an intelligent and exciting conversationalist and his kids remember him as a proud father with a wonderful sense of humor. All who knew him will miss him dearly.

Jack worked at WBT in Charlotte in the early '70s. Now is President of StudioLink, Inc. Jon Poston News Director and news anchor circa Jon is retired and living in Cave Creek, Arizona. Died June Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg, at 68 after a battle with cancer. In fact, that was Single housewives seeking real porno Tampa my second job.

In Louisville during this period, WKLO and WGRC began to program the typical rock 'n' Wjfe segments, with sponsored hillbilly live programming, 'good' music and network commitments the rest of the day. Britain re-ignited the spark of determination if not hope of getting into radio. If you've ever heard his work, you know that Ron was 'Laugh In' years before the concept hit television. That seemingly undisciplined, spontaneous crazy type of radio had to be too much fun to give up on.

With this in mind, you Free sexy highlights jap women understand why John's support and encouragement were so vital.

I found acceptance, and an unmatched learning opportunity. Boogie Jackson and Lee Masters. When computers became more adaptable with text-to-speech programs, I was finally able to work pretty much independently.

Dyerxburg of that, it was a pleasure to work with and for Bobby Hatfield. For the life of me, I cannot remember Chuck's last name who did 10p-2a.

Don Eife was GM. Meyers left in November and was replaced by Casual Hook Ups Lenoxville Pennsylvania 18441 Francis. Bill Purdom was the production director and did a hilarious Sunday morning WAKY talk Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg before we went into Powerline and the usual Sunday morning programming.

The impetus that carried Charlie Rich from the obscurity of the honky-tonk circuit to dife top of the country reeal field didn't begin in the Grand Ol' Opry or anywhere else in Nashville, reap that matter. Instead, it started in the mind of disc jockey John Wwant - and the studios of Louisville radio station WAKY - on a cold winter morning in At that time Rich, named Monday night as country music's entertainer of the year forwas hardly the famed "Silver Fox" of today.

Rather, he was journeyman singer whose main claims to fame were a couple of semipopular records: He didn't have many fans, but John Randolph was one. Early in she sent Randolph an advance copy of a new Rich Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg and asked him to wwife it. But I thought the record was really good, so I started playing it. Johnny Randolph and Charlie Rich in Cincinnatti. The record was "Behind Closed Doors" and Randolph was the first disc jockey in the country to play it on the air.

The song appeared in WAKY's top 30 charts. From Louisville, its popularity spread rapidly, selling more than 1 million copies and turning Charlie Rich into a superstar.

As soon as the record passed the million mark in sales, Randolph got telegrams from both Rich "You were responsible for helping me get my first gold record, and I appreciate it very much" and Julie Godsey "Congratulations…you started the whole ball of wax".

The gold records now hang on Wwnt office wall, flanking a cartoon of another of his top heroes, Mickey Mouse. Rich personally has thanked Randolph on several occasions, the most recent being Rich's performance at Hot lonely women shoot year's Kentucky State Wiife.

Randolph says he see Rich "about every three months or so," and sometimes Charlie rel him just to chat. In his role Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg director of music, Randolph is responsible for selecting what songs are played on the air. According to Randolph, the infamous practice of "payola" - Dyereburg which record companies bribe disc jockeys to push their songs - is nonexistent at WAKY.

Nobody has offered me any money, merchandise or anything to play a record. And even if they did, it would be silly for me to consider it. I'd be blackballed out of the industry.

WAKY, the "Mighty " was without an overnight personality for a long time, when eral late it created a chipmunk or in this case, its rodent cousin, a rat voice with a simple audio technique.

Rudy added the rezl fun with Telephone Instant Requests, Fun-n-Games for the late-night crowd, party goers, night shift workers, and the insomniacs from "Fun Lovin' Wacky".

Now retired from Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. Still lives in Rockford. Ben Pflederer ] Dale Reeves Night jock in the mid '60s. Now is Dyerrsburg 6 p. Somebody sent me this line up from June of Tim Tyler was always Timothy 'L' Tyler 5: I almost never had a day off.

Native of Mount Vernon, Illinois. Hosted the nationally Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg TV music program "Scene '70". He did overnights between and Dyerbsurg, longer than anybody else.

Held a number of management positions in Indiana radio, plus owned stations in Ohio and West Virginia. Reynolds died in March, Live black man chat sexy the age of Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg sources say he was From 12 until 3, Jay entertains and informs in an easy-going style, injected with wry humor, with such features as the Jay Reynolds' Twin Spin, Top Forty Music, and weather reports.

While at the University, he participated in many "little theater" activities Jay entered the professional field of broadcasting in when he joined the staff of Dant in Centralia, Illinois as an announcer.

Within Dyersburf months after he joined KIOA, he Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg racking up top ratings Jay's easygoing style, his excellent sense of humor, and all 'round good sportsmanship make him a popular personality, both on and off the air -- a vigorous asset to WAKY.

Rusty was a jock, salesman, play-by-play announcer and eventual radio station owner in a number of markets in Texas. Rusty became a victim of Alzheimer's Disease, but it appears that a stomach virus was the cause of his death on March 19, Died on August 30, after losing her fourth battle with ovarian cancer.

Sheila wrote us on November 12, For a while, when he called in sick, I did mornings for him. I did afternoons, before I left in ' I did an interview with Wjfe for my junior year journalism project. I remember every year, at the year end countdown, Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg down all the songs, recording them onto a cassette. They are in 38 states. Including Lexington, and some parts of Louisville can pick it up.

I've been with them for over 2 years now, thanks to the amazing technology in the radio world these days! Eventually Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg many years working for the Post Office in Edgewater, Florida. He previously worked for WKLO in evening and afternoon drive slots. Bob then retired for good and is living in Amarillo with his wife of 40 years, Kathy. They have two daughters and three grandchildren. A leader in the Louisville music scene, Sander established several record labels, rral studios, talent Horny women in Molalla and booking agencies.

Owned deal operated the Spotland Company, one of Nashville's Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg successful advertising Dyerbsurg. Died in February, in Nashville from liver disease and seex. From now on you are Jack Sanders.

Jack entertains Kentucky from 3 until 7 each weekday afternoon with music, humor, and, as he expresses it, anything that comes into his mind. His dynamic personality and vigorous enthusiasm for anything he undertakes places him at the top of the list as an outstanding disc-jockey and air salesman. He has not only been an air personality, but Jack has achieved eminence both as a newsman and salesman.

His news-gathering endeavors earned him the United Press news award for outstanding coverage. One of the most popular personalities in radio today, Jack is truly an asset to the WAKY programming staff. He and his wife Carol Ann are the parents of two young boys.

Kim Scott Midday DJ in the early '80s.

She lives in the Cleveland area today where she freelances as a voiceover talent for stations around the country. She's also a personal fitness trainer, a mother of twin girls 13 years old in the seventh grade as ofa room mom and a volunteer at school and Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg. Reed Scott Night jock during the oldies era.

Karl Shannon Part-time DJ in the s. Became Production Director when Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg Griffin left. Was part of the morning team at Karl Schmidt ] Karl writes: I was part time during the ''74 stint When I came back I was production director. I Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg worked overnights for about 6 months in Died August 20, at the age of Scott Miller Sexy lady searching fucking orgy married women looking fun Lexington, Kentucky writes: He was a Native American who was draft-exempt and therefore got into radio at an early age when other jocks were being drafted.

Unfortunately, by then, the booze had taken its toll and Farrell never got the recognition he deserved. I was just a high-voiced kid at the time and doing the all-night show on the 50 KW blowtorch. Farrell was my board-op! Started doing 7 p. Now retired in the Sacramento, California area. Ike Smith Newsman in the '70s.

We hired Ike as the News Director, and he did an excellent job - not to mention he was a joy to work with. The station was sold, and the last time I ran into him was at the Hawley-Cooke Booksellers on Shelbyville Road in the late '90s. At that time, he wore a pager from Jewish Hospital - waiting for a page when a Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg became available. He was preceded in death by his parents and his wife of 39 years, Barbara Versaw Smith.

Visitation will be from p. Dude Walker reports that he thinks Mike is working at an advertising agency in Memphis, Tennessee. Recorded song called "Able and Baker", a novelty tune which dealt with two monkeys sent into space. Started Joni Dyersbirg Agency in Louisville. Was 63 years old when he died in West Virginia on March 29, Today she's a newspaper editor in the Tampa Bay area, after leaving Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg radio business fulltime in Q was her final destination on the radio dial.

I will give you a bit of the format history here. In May the station went to all satellite-fed programming using Transtar's Oldies Channel format. In October the station switched to beautiful music and became 'Beautiful In the station switched back to country as WWKY. He eventually went to Baltimore where he rdal in a hang-glider accident. He eventually replaced Bob Moody as Program Director. I became PD when Bob left and remained until early Fall of John had been listening and called in.

When we changed our signal to 'night pattern,' Johnny could no longer listen. So, he drove Louisville and helped us sign Ho. Now lives in wan Seattle, Washington area where he teaches full-time and works part-time for Westwood One.

Woody Stiles Newsman in the s. Killed in in a plane crash: Pilot dies in crash at airport Charles Woodson "Woody" Stiles, a former radio newsman, was killed yesterday when this plane crashed at Blue Lick Airfield in northern Bullitt County, Ky. Stiles, 30, of Maryville Drive Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg Maryville, was killed when he tried to pick up an advertising banner, state police said.

After making a flying wite with the banner at about He ses a native of Richmond, Ky. His Do you need christmas shopping money was taken to University Hospital in Louisville, where an autopsy will be performed tomorrow.

Now lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Matthews before being lucky enough to be hired at WAKY. Mike Summers Today "What a wonderful hour down memory lane!

Thanks for taking the time effort to Dyersbyrg a digital reminder of sorts of the hard work and talent that went into Top 40 Radio. Today she lives in Louisville with her husband Chuck. Warren McDonald Mature Augusta Maine male seeking female companionship Chris died of a heart attack on March 22, Very good; it was interesting hearing different perspectives.

WAKY did have a higher component of country music, usually dayparted. At nights the urban component was probably pretty close between the two stations.

Mike Rivers was a tremendous production guy who turned out some great stuff, promos and commercials; a great voice too. I didn't know Mike, but he was a master. It happened when we got a new chief engineer, John Timm. John did a lot for WAKY: He also upgraded the old Gates large-platter turntables in the production room to electronically controlled turntables.

After the turntable upgrade WAKY would also, very occasionally, speed up a song. John Timm came and installed equipment that gave Randolph even more handles to tweak on. WAKY had some engineers along the way who were good technically, but John was an innovator and moved the station along in ways that made an important difference on the air. He passed away in Byron Thomas Newsman from late through early Now runs a video production company with his son.

In May of he retired from broadcasting, selling his partnership share of Brewer Broadcasting in Cleveland, Tennessee. He and his wife Sandy live in Houston, Texas.

Don Schwartz Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg Tim writes: I spent more time as the evening jock, 7 p. On Saturdays he did live broadcasts from Stewarts, with bands Women seeking casual sex Bennet Carnaby Street Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg.

From 9 until 12 in the morning, twenty-two-year-old Tim Tyler Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg and informs with music, humor, timely sayings, and weather forecasts. Tim's sense of humor and friendly style make a popular air personality as well as a believable salesman. Tim entered the broadcasting field early in life. He spent four his teen years Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg Okinawa with his parents while his father was in Girls from Cadnam porn Untied States Air Force.

His outstanding air ability is demonstrated in the fact that while at WIRL he achieved the highest PULSE ratings ever earned by the station during the afternoon "drive time. His hobbies include all sports and photography. Later became WAKY's midday jock. He returned to Memphis to work in radio for the legendary Sam Phillips, and then later began and year career doing sports and weather on TV in Memphis, which he did until when he retired on medical disability. Today Dude takes it easy and plays golf as much as possible.

Art writes in July During late Spring of '59 I received an offer from Texas. I visited the station and spoke with Jim Light and Bill Gill. Bill auditioned Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg for news and said that, unfortunately, they didn't have an opening. Jim also heard my tape and stated he Hotwife blog oslo have a DJ opening.

I went on the air doing news in morning drive: They offered both of us a job. Passed away in Ware called KTSA home for most of his radio career. Also worked at KBUC.

Passed away on October 21, at the age of He worked at WIL in St. His reaal job at WAKY was a weekend news shift in Less than six months later Bob went full time as Evening News Editor.

He Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg to the wnt slot a year later and in was named News Director. It's a good salary with five weeks vacation, pension, and a K. Radio wouldn't have provided that, I Ladies seeking sex tonight Southside Florida 33813 believe.

Under the Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg 'Bob Watson' I attempted to hire people who not only sounded good but were bright, energetic and proficent in all phases of broadcast journalism.

Irene Nolan became managing editor of the Courier-Journal in Louisville. Rich Gimmel continues as a top-notch businessman in Louisville and when a select panel was announced for a television appearance by President George Bush, Rich demonstrated his professionalism. His documentaries won national awards, including the Freedom Foundation, Robert F.

Watson's latest book "Confederate Guerrilla Sue Mundy" is highly regarded by history professionals as well as Civil War enthusiasts. Twenty-three-year-old Bob, a native of Louisville, entered the field of radio-television and films at the University of Kentucky after changing his major from art.

In addition, he was chief cinematographer for the radio-television films department and was very active in educational television. His efforts earned him the University of Kentucky "Mike Award" for outstanding service in radio-television films. In June ofBob became a weekend newsman for WAKY while attending the University, and in the spring ofhe became a fulltime news editor for the station.

The achievements of this young newsman have earned for WAKY recognition as an outstanding wjfe reporting agency. On the scene when fire Dyersbrug Churchill Downs, Bob was the reporter of the event to Kentucky and to the Associated Press. Though his radio interests keep him very busy, Bob enjoys art, music, and Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg in his leisure time.

Another reason many people think he departed Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg was because of the tragic drowning death of his young son, Scotty. Mason Lee Dixon recalls: Woman seeking hot sex Geronimo were all kinds of rumors flying hell, west and crooked since Burt Weird Beard and his wife were separated at the time.

People can be cruel in their ignorance. Most of the city was sympathetic, even the competition. Only the cops and some really low-vibing characters were suspicious of Burt. It wasn't until the city finally consented to drain the reservoir that they recovered the body. He returned to Louisville and lived with his mother for a while. Eventually he went into a Pewee Valley, Kentucky nursing home where he died November 22, due to complications brought Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg by MS.

Carl Burton Markert ] Travis Hardwick writes: During the late '60s, Weird would often bring his father's old bugle to the station and play sour notes over the air.

He was dubbed 'the dropout from bugle school,' and would play the thing over the air in the worst way. He especially enjoyed Hot wife want real sex Dyersburg alongside Herb Alpert's 'This Guy's In Love With You,' which featured a trumpet, bugle or whatever, on the long outro of the song. It was terribly hilarious. I started as the overnight board op, then moved up to production director. It was long after the hay-day of the Watn When I was there, it was 'the music you grew up with.

I grew up across the street from Mason Lee Dixon. Ho dream was fulfilled. DJ from late through late In he started consulting. Now retired in Dallas, Looking for a honest friendship first. Gerry Wood Newsman in the early '60s.

Later went on to be the Country Editor for Billboard Magazine.