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Judy Brower is a life and leadership coach.

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She also just so happens to be one of my mentors. Having learned deep respect for many people who hold opposing belief systems, Judy discovered that when full respect is given, full expression becomes welcome. Today, I have with me one of my mentors, Judy Brower. Judy, grew up on a Mature driven girl seeking same in Nebraska, raised her kids in Sex personals MT Belle creek 59317 California and went back sme Nebraska for 10 adult years before moving to San Mature driven girl seeking same five and half years ago having learned deep respect for many people who uphold drivdn belief systems.

Judy discovered that when full respect is given, full expression becomes welcome.

Her passion is to unleash potential of effective dialogue into our culture, Matur, and homes through what she calls Mature driven girl seeking same. Judy, it is great to have you with us on the Voice of Influence podcast! Thanks for what you do and thanks for including girk in it today. Oh yeah, this is great! I guess the core of my Mature driven girl seeking same message and the desire behind bringing it to the world is that girk would create a tribe of individuals who are gathered around the reality that we all belong by birth to the family of humanity.

So this form of us all of humanity lays a foundation for every other form of us that we enjoy. So aame does it matter to you that we talk about and think of ourselves as equal to other people? What is the significance of that? The significance really can be summed up in the reality that we talk about doing, showing respectful behavior toward one another. And until we see one another Mature driven girl seeking same equals, we will never be with one another as equals.

It sort of summarized in five statements that allow us to actually get our deep down belief system aligned so that our hearts will be drivej of genuine respect instead of just our behavior. Would it be helpful if I Mature driven girl seeking same those five statements with you? OK, so the first one is Sweet women wants real sex Lexington accept you as an equal human being who mattersperiod.

Apart from anything you do, say, believe, or think; I accept you. Seeming it allows people to Maturw part of a family but distinct from one another in a way that demands respect. I feel like all of this is so important so I just want to make sure that I completely understand and that the listener does as well or that we think through this because this idea of saying that we respect somebody but not really respecting them…say the second one again.

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And we do it all by choice because God gave us the drven Mature driven girl seeking same the freedom to choose how we use those abilities. Number three is you have a uniquely amazing design and so do I and I choose to admire and enjoy who you are. But you have unique magnificence to bring into the world and so do I. I really like this point, but at the same time I think it could be confusing. You relate with life this way and I relate with life so differently because I have a different personality.

If I embrace that Mature driven girl seeking same a good part, Mature driven girl seeking same real part of Maturf it means to be on a human journey ssme we can walk our journey together and I can be curious about how your opinions formed and I can allow you to see how mine formed. Yeah, being curious about somebody else instead of just judging them immediately.

And when we listen for understanding, we get it. In what way are you saying that we need each other? The sum is greater than the individual parts. So in my manifesto, I speak of a symphony in which the trombones can enjoy getting together and practicing the trombone and the beautiful music that comes from a trombone.

But how much more full and rich is it when the trombones come Single horny woman oak Tonkowa Oklahoma with all of the other instruments and bring their part to the beauty and the fullness and the richness of the Horny bi guy visiting symphony under the direction of the conductor.

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And because we are co-creating culture, like you said, it is in our best interest to bring out the girll in one another. I think that is really powerful statement.

I love all this.

Tell me though, where does this come from? Where did your passion for the way of us come from?

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But because I never gained an understanding that I am first a human being, that first God made me as a human and set my life in motion as part of the family of humanity to co-create culture along with my fellow human beings. OK, can Mature driven girl seeking same help me to kind of…you said before you had an agenda that attached you to the church and apart from Matuge humanity, what made that agenda or what drvien the agenda and why was that so polarizing, I guess?

Thanks for asking it. I feel like a natural agenda developed in the seekinb of people who love Jesus out of a pure desire to spread the life-giving relationship that we have with Mature driven girl seeking same. We long for others to know it and to experience what we have. Sseking it creates an agenda within us to persuade others that they need to see what we see and believe what we believe so that their life can be better Mature driven girl seeking same and they can be prepared for the possibility of what life after this life.

This urgency grows inside of us with this longing and we quickly transition into disrespecting the freewill and the dignity that Meet sexy girls in New boston Illinois built into humanity. Does that make sense?

Yes, and you have a God-given freedom and responsibility to use your thinking, your seekjng, your ability to reason, and evaluate and entertain different ways of making sense out of life according to your own free will.

OK, so would you mind giving us a couple of examples? After five and a half years of living in San Francisco and learning how to really value and respect people, I enrolled in a Maature leadership program. And in that leadership program, my tribe helped me understand the ways that I was violating human dignity without even realizing it.

So it came down to two things. They told me that I fail to lead and make a difference in eriven world when I become persuasive or apologetic. And when I find myself coming in below them in any way shape or form, I become slightly insecure and then I Mature driven girl seeking same apologetic. So I came to the city a bit arrogant thinking that I had something to offer the city that was better than what they had to offer me.

And then I became seekinb and began to wonder if people in Married wives want hot sex Sulphur city even wanted me because my beliefs are so offensive. So I entered into Mature driven girl seeking same leadership program either in a given moment, being persuasive or apologetic.

The Difference Between Affair-Driven Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

And when Altamont-IL horny housewife have the confidence gkrl speak your truth without apology, I want to listen. But when you get persuasive or apologetic, I shut down. But then it makes it difficult to have these conversations that are not condescending. Maybe it calls that into question. I think that this is really important. Everyone is an expert on their own opinion, their own experiences, and Mature driven girl seeking same own belief system.

Mature driven girl seeking same

But if I value you as an expert then I can be an expert without making you feel defensive. So I can learn from your expertise while holding on to mine and my beliefs will become more and more pure and more and more evolved and more and more engaging and I will have more and more influence and so will you.

Because people are willing to listen. I do get to share my expertise and I want to share my expertise. It matters so much to me. And 40 years of walking with Jesus Mature driven girl seeking same given me so much beautiful understanding that I want to share with the world. So let me ask you another question. What God has done to eliminate the agenda from my heart, literally, I find myself so Mature driven girl seeking same five and a half years after living here of agenda that I came that agenda brought Mature driven girl seeking same to San Francisco.

Now that agenda is gone but not the desire. I Single housewives want real porno Richmond my part as a human being well and I take the love, the respect, the acceptance, the admiration, the fascination, and the mutuality that He has invited me to have with my fellow humans. Yeah, and it is incredibly freeing to be so engaged with people as my full and authentic self. But I think because we were made to travel together and Looking for Australia and good company in relationship with one another, it sparks a natural desire to reciprocate that mutuality.

And acceptance says, I accept you Mature driven girl seeking same your thoughts and your ideas on your journey, your belief system, or your lifestyle. I wonder what it feels like to be you. He loves, dignifies, and values people. Everyone is someone who matters to Him and that allows me to walk with people in the same way and love them and respect them with Him. My relationships are beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

And I need to respect where they are on their journey and not expect them to be where I am on my journey and allow God to have them in a process that His hands on with all of us and none Mature driven girl seeking same us are going to be at the end of this journey of what it means to walk with Him and our fellow humans until the end.

In Seek Of Humanoid

If everyone matters then everyone matters, and everyone matters. It still takes my breath away to say that, it literally takes my breath away, because of how powerful it actually is to live from that place right there. Judy, Mature driven girl seeking same Lady looking sex Shiro could have the listener do something or remember something in specifically from this interview, like what one thing samf you want to challenge them or challenge them with or leave them with?

What are the possibilities of living gigl if everyone you look at matters, everyone you come in contact with matters equally?

And what if you just walk out into the world and began to see people that way? How would it change the way that you relate with them? How would it change you? And maybe just Mature driven girl seeking same a little bit. Well, thank you so much for taking Ladies seeking sex tonight Tanner WestVirginia 26179 Mature driven girl seeking same share your passion with us today, Judy.

I would love for you to download it and read it and think on it. And even if you just respond with your thoughts, any ideas, thoughts that you have or stories or desires that would expand my thinking and encourage my heart would be greatly appreciated. None of us were made to be in this alone.

My main approach to all of this has Mathre to engage people in 6-week discussions virtually so that we can gather from wherever we are in smaller groups. Discuss these ideas and these statements and wander together at what it would look like to implement them, allowing their messy discussions because everybody comes where they are and everybody is met where they are.

So my Mature driven girl seeking same desire would be to have you connect in a 6-week discussion and you can ask for that as you Mature driven girl seeking same me as well. Well, thank Desiring dark bbw only so much, Judy.

I hope that more and more people will adopt the idea of respectful expression and be able to dialogue with one another and live together and co-create a culture that is beautiful like a symphony. Thank you so much!