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It's just a way to keep me from buying two copies of the same movie. I buy a bunch at a time and then watch them all. Aduot hard to remember what I have done and what I have not done, hence the Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742.

Patrick Louis Cooney P. I try to avoid documentaries, but have used some docu-dramas. I concentrate on movies with actors. Foundation of the Roman Republic. Foundation of the Roman Empire. Fall of the Roman Empire. Russia, Nude local Pagham, Turkey, Bulgaria. Reformation and Religious Conflict. England to the American Revolution. Latin and South America.

American Revolutionary War, Early Years of the United States of America. Victorian England to WWI. Mexico under Juarez president VII. Race to the Poles North and South. Black Experience in USA. The Fight against Germany and Italy.

Germans Kicked out of Africa. Allied Invasion of Italy. Allied Invasion of France. The War in China and Burma. Nanda Dynasty BC. Shunga Dynasty BC. Someone draws a comparison between the terrible situation in WWI with the troubles of Noah. So two stories are told. Esther and the King -- Esther saves the Jews of Convord c. First Persian Invasion of Greece The Spartans -- Greeks stand against the Persians at Thermopylae RomeBC Hannibal: Carthage during Third Punic War, B.

Vesuvius erupted in 79 A. La distruzione di Ercolano 79 A. Italian audio Constantine and the Cross -- early 4th c. Ummayad Empire -- a series of Caliphates Seljuq Turks a Muslim Turkish clan moved into Persia take power, Medieval Conford, Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, Casual Dating West columbia SouthCarolina 29169. Sweyn Forkbeard House of Wessex first restoration My kingdom for a horse!

The period replaced by House of Vasa. Medieval France to Age of Discovery. Medieval Italy and Germany. Lombardy under German overlord. Grand Princes of Kiev or to Nevskaya bitva aka Alexander: Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Dynasty 9th century - Kiedy slonce bylo bogiem An Ancient Tale: They report the latest news brought by Paul Revere from Boston and record how news of the events at Lexington and Concord reached New York.

Other examples in the collection include a Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 account of Lonely woman looking sex tonight Fort Morgan Battle of Bunker Hill told from the British perspective and an appeal, in their Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 language, to the Pennsylvania Germans to resist the British army as it approaches Wife looking real sex West Caldwell in December Because broadsides bring a sense of immediacy to very specific long-ago events, they can be a challenge to interpret.

Well-documented published histories of the Revolution can thus be very helpful; historians have indeed mined this material, and a surprising number of these broadsides are "explained" within wanst text or in the footnotes of modern histories.

Phelps Stokes is very useful. See the Getting Started section of this guide for more information. Records for all broadsides are available through the Library's online catalog Researchers should use photostatic copies and other surrogate formats to view broadsides, if available.

For more information about the preservation of the library collections, please see the Introduction to this guide. Pamphlets Pamphlets, like newspapers and broadsides, were a fundamental means of communication during Concofd Revolutionary era.

They were cheap, sewn or stapled together, and usually not more than a few pages in length, factors that contributed to an ease of circulation and accessibility.

Sermons, legal tracts, poetry, rules and orders, and almanacs were all published in pamphlet form. As disputes increased in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, pamphlets became a way to document significant events as they happened and also set forth personal polemics.

Thomas Paine's Common Sensemany editions of which are held by the Library, is one of the best-known examples of a personal polemic. Often additions or slight changes were made at the time of a new printing, as was the Free hookers Elk Grove Village with the Philadelphia printing by R.

Bell of Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Street, "To which is added an appendix to Common Are you fucklocals com intriqued Pamphlets also documented major events of the time as they were unfolding, as is the case with the pamphlet entitled The votes and proceedings of the freeholders and other inhabitants of the town of Bostonin town meeting assembled, according to law, the 5th and 18th days of November,which was published in Boston, shortly before the Boston Tea Party.

Events were also documented after-the-fact, often with a clear political agenda, as is the case with An oration, delivered March 5, Researchers must view these and other pamphlets in surrogate formats, if available. Chief among them is the Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 of field sketches and finished maps of projected battle sites in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania begun by Robert Erskine, geographer and surveyor-general to the Continental Army, and completed by Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 successor, Simeon De Witt.

The Erskine- De Witt series culminates with the detailed Winter-Cantonment of the American Army and it's [sic] Vicinity forwhich shows the final encampment of the Continental forces at New Windsor, New York, during the winter of — An example of a British map of the period is The Theatre of War in North America, with the Roads and a Table of Distances, published by Robert Sayer and John Bennett in London in Marchwhich served to educate the average British subject about the rebellious American colonies in gazetteer fashion by providing "a compendious account" of statistical and geographical information.

Records for the majority of the New-York Historical Society's manuscript maps, including roughly three-quarters of the manuscript maps covering the Revolutionary War, can be found through the online catalog. These maps are classified by Library of Congress subject headings. While one may search online for maps by author i. Printed maps in the collection can be identified using an online map database [ http: To pinpoint place names that are unfamiliar or have fallen from current use, consult a gazetteer such as The Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World, listed at the end of this section.

Many Revolutionary War maps have been printed in books or as illustrations to articles in journals and other periodicals. To find these, consult David Sanders Clark's Index to Maps of the American Revolution in Books and Periodicals, listed below, which is arranged geographically by state, with a subject and name index providing additional access points.

Please consult the library's online catalog for holdings. The following titles are merely a sampling of useful works about Revolutionary War maps and their makers. Harley's Mapping the American Revolutionary War surveys mapping projects during the Revolution and includes a study on the availability and use of maps during the War. Guthorn's American Maps and Map Makers of the Revolution is essential to understanding the extensive Erskine-DeWitt series; Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 library's reference copy has been annotated to reflect its holdings.

Guthorn includes biographical sketches of the mapmakers he discusses, but other accounts may be found listed in the card and online Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 under their surnames, e.

Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742

Researchers should study maps reprinted in books or surrogate formats such as photostatic copies, when available. Current Periodicals The library subscribes to a number of current periodicals that contain articles about the American Revolution and other American history topics. History and LifeNude granny from Sheering multi-volume index available in the hall behind the reading room, lists citations to articles according to author's name and subject and, in the case of book reviews, author of the book being reviewed and reviewer's name.

All of the periodicals listed above are indexed through America, as are hundreds of others. If you are interested Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 a periodical that the library does not hold, ask a librarian where you can find that title.

However, the events transpiring on this side of the Atlantic were of great concern to European nations; thus there are British and Dutch prints depicting persons and incidents relevant to the American Revolution. There are also 19th century representations of momentous events, the Centennial in being the impetus of many. Following is a list of the types of prints held by the Department of Print, Photograph and Architectural Collections for this period:.

For an in-depth analysis of caricatures of this period, see Shadwell, Wendy. British and American naval prints from the Revolutionary War, especially dramatic battles made famous in slogans, such as "I have not yet begun to fight" J.

Jones and portraits of those captains. Arranged chronologically according to date of event illustrated. Photographs of sites and finds from archeological excavations in New York City, conducted in the early 20th century. For further information about this Sbm looking for women with nice feet 34 dc 34, see History Written with Pick and Shovel, listed in the Getting Started section of this guide, under Material Culture.

A Guide to Architectural Research at the New-York Historical Society The purpose of this guide is to introduce the researcher to the printed architectural resources, specifically those relating to New York City, available in the reading room of the Patricia D. Klingenstein Library and at Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 libraries and city agencies. Please note that the Library's architectural drawings collections are housed with the Department of Print, Photograph and Architectural Collections x orand that architects' papers are housed in the Manuscript Department x For information on those collections, see department finding aids or contact those departments directly.

Getting Started The following books can help you identify specific architects, Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, neighborhoods and styles. They may be used as a first step in your research, before going to the Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 catalogs refer to the Catalogs section of this guide for more information ; as Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 complement to research already in Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 or, as an end in themselves, to answer a specific question or verify a fact.

Please ask a librarian to direct you to these books. Architects and their Commissions. Catalogs Except for a limited number of reference books available in Fuck woman 35126 reading room, books and other library materials are housed in closed stacks.

Use the catalogs in the reading Hilo1 adult sex xxx to identify the items you'd like to look at, then fill out a call slip for each one and submit them at the reference desk. It's important to consult both the card catalog and the online computer catalog; if you don't, you'll only be searching a portion of our collections. The online catalog contains records for books acquired since the mids as well as records for items published in the earlier centuries that have only recently been catalogued.

The card catalog contains records for all other catalogued materials. Both list materials according to author, title and subject; the online catalog offers additional searches, such as keyword. Because the catalogs have evolved over many decades and centuries, subject headings may vary, both within the card catalog and between the card and online catalogs.

Most alternate subject headings have been indicated in this guide, but you should also be aware of the "See" and "See Also" references in the catalogs, and follow them as needed. It's always best to start by looking under the most specific subject headings you can think of, then move on to broader ones, if necessary. For instance, if Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 know the name of the architect you are interested in, look under that person's name or firm name in the catalogs:.

Do this even if you think the person is not well-known: If you don't find anything under the person's name, look under broader subject headings, such as:.

Architects-United States In some cases a building name is used as a subject heading, e. For most buildings, however, you'll have to search more broadly:. New York City -Buildings, structures, etc. New York NY -Buildings, structures, etc.

Tenement Houses-New York City inter-filed with: Newspapers and Periodicals Our periodical holdings are listed by title in the main card catalog.

There are separate drawers for our newspaper holdings, at the very end Massachhusetts the main card catalog. These drawers are organized first according to state, then city, then title of newspaper. Refer to our guide to newspaper research Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 more information. The Concod indexes, available at the Historical Society, can help you in your search: See the Other Resources section of this guide for more information.

Each volume of an index contains citations for a specific year or years, so it's important to know the approximate years an architect was working or a structure was built. You can find this information by using the books recommended above in the Getting Started section or by asking a librarian for assistance.

Not all of the periodicals cited Sexy single moms in Wabash Indiana the above indexes are Massachusetfs at the Library. If we don't have the journal you are looking for, a librarian can refer you to another library. Here are just a few of the architectural journals in our collection: Only one Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 of this picture index, for the years —, is available.

Our holdings begin with the edition, covering lower Manhattan. Atlases contain a great deal of useful information including: Oswald's Fire Insurance Maps: Their History and Applications for more information.

Special Architectural Resources Corsa Building Files Files containing information about Manhattan hotels are the core of this collection; a limited number of files on Manhattan apartment and office buildings are also available. Some files are quite full, with clippings, floor plans and promotional materials; others are rather Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742.

Lists of these files are available in the reading room. A complete listing of these files is available in the reading room. Vertical Files These Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 contain newspaper clippings, brochures and other information filed according to subject. A complete list of the vertical files is available in the reading room. Subject headings related to architecture include but are not limited to: For official records, please contact the following city agencies: Information for Manhattan blocks for the years is also available at the Municipal Archives see description following.

All research must be wantx in person. Call ahead for hours and additional information or visit their website. Deeds, mortgages and other documents relating to building ownership can be found here. Call ahead for hours and additional information.

Every building in the five wahts was photographed between and as part of a real property appraisal project. The Archives is located at 31 Chambers Street. The Landmarks Preservation Commission oversees the designation of landmarks and historic districts and all changes or repairs to those buildings and districts. The Library holds some historic district reports, e.

NoHo, Upper West Side, and we are in the process of adding a substantial number of reports for individual buildings to our collection.

District reports may be found by looking in both the card and online catalogs under the district's name or the subject headings Historic districts-New York State -New York and Historic buildings-New York State -New Columbia, Pennsylvania, PA, 17512. For more information, call the commission Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 or log on to their website: Along with reports of key historical events, one can find smaller, Massacuusetts no less important items in newspapers: This Massaxhusetts history captured as it happened.

The New-York Historical Society holds the fourth largest collection of American newspapers published before To that number must be added the myriad midth to earlyth century New York papers, as well as those published in outlying frontiers of the expanding nation, bringing the total number of titles held close to 10, While the collection is strongest in newspapers from New York City and State, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, it encompasses all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia.

Finding Newspapers If the title and place of publication of a newspaper are known, consult the newspaper card catalog. This lists newspapers alphabetically by state, place of publication, and then by title. And unless it constitutes the entire title of a newspaper, the city of publication is also disregarded. Papers from areas originally outside the pre— consolidation boundaries of New York City—the annexed boroughs of Brooklyn, Staten Island and The Bronx, as well Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 various localities within Queens i.

A continuous run is indicated by a hyphen between dates For a run of several years, the first and last years are given and the intervening years replaced by a hyphen — A comma marks where issues Ontario male chat friends love online lacking Apr 6, 9, 18—27, The colored stripe running across the top of some catalog cards indicates that a newspaper is: Blue—available on microfilm Red—available in Readex Microprint edition Orange—too fragile to be retrieved Green—unavailable To learn which newspapers the library holds for a location in Lady wants casual sex Redlands given Conckrd, consult the chronological filewhich is located in three large drawers near the card catalog.

The drawers are arranged by state, place of publication, year, and then by titles held for that year. The extent of the holdings must then be checked against the detailed newspaper catalog.

Union lists—catalogs that describe the holdings of multiple libraries—are helpful in determining the titles and eants of publication of newspapers for a given locality. This is helpful when only the exact title of a paper is known. For example, there are no less than six distinct newspapers titled Evening Star in New-York Historical's collection.

If you cannot locate what you believe is a newspaper by the steps outlined above, look for it by title in the online catalog, BobCator ask a librarian for assistance.

Newspapers do not have call numbers, so please include the title, place of publication, and exact date s desired. In cases where we hold the original Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 microform or photocopied versions of a newspaper, we will retrieve the latter in order to preserve the original from the natural deterioration caused by handling. Old newspapers are fragile and we ask that you use care when turning pages; corners are especially prone to chip.

Except for Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 issues, which should remain flat on the reading room tables, all bound original newspapers must be used with an oversized cradle. Please refrain from leaning on the pages, and do not write on paper placed on top of the newspaper, as this will leave a damaging impression. If you have questions about Menorca swingers cam web proper handling of newspapers and other library materials, ask a librarian.

With very rare exceptions, original format newspapers—including those bound in volumes—cannot be photocopied. Images of original newspaper pages may also be purchased through the Department of Rights and Reproductions; for further information call 1-extensionor request a fee schedule at the Reference Desk.

Selected General Indexes to New York Newspapers The contents of very few 18th and 19th century newspapers have been indexed, and those only partially. Advertisements and paid death and marriage notices are usually not indexed, though abstractions have been published for a number of these see below. The comprehensive New York Times Index often serves as a guide to other nineteenth and twentieth century papers, which usually ran the same stories on the same dates.

An index unique to the New-York Historical Society is the card file from the offices of The Sunwhich indexes that paper and its Chicoutimi hot girls lookin for sex name changes for the years outlined below:.

Bibliography The following are just a few of the books about newspapers available on the open shelves of the Reading Room or at the Reference Desk, but many others can be found through the online catalog.

Klingenstein Library houses notable collections documenting military and naval history. The Library also holds the Lathrop C. Pool Collection of Captain James Lawrence. The Klingenstein Library houses notable collections documenting military and naval history. Please note that this guide is meant to aid the researcher in using only the Library's published collections; visitors seeking to work with original manuscripts or visual materials should be certain to inquire of the Manuscripts Department and the Department of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Drawings, respectively.

Searching the General Collections The BobCat online catalog and the main card catalog provide the principal access to the general library collections. Although the Library has acquired several distinct military collections over the years, it has made an effort to unify them through the same cataloging system.

Thus, for ease of access to the most up-to-date holdings, one should always consult the main catalogs before seeking assistance in using Buffalo ny swingers clubs special catalogs.

Subject Headings Researchers gain access to published materials in the library catalogs by using the Library of Congress subject headings. When searching by subject for most preth-century military conflicts, the best approach is as an event in American history: Twentieth-century wars, by contrast, are best accessed directly by the name of the conflict: World War, —Regimental Histories-U.

Specific battles and campaigns of any century should be searched directly: Finding Published Regimental Histories When seeking information on a military unit during a specific conflict, it is best to search for it under the name of the war following the guidelines given above.

These published histories will then be grouped together under the subheading, "Regimental Histories. New York State National Guard. Civil War Regiments When seeking information on a Civil War Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, it is advisable to consult first: New York Public Library, — [Vols.

This bibliography provides, at a glance, all the available published literature on any given regiment and notes the libraries where it can be found. Dornbusch will also clarify the important distinction between different regiments that bear the same number, Horny lady Zanloa Tounga as the: Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives.

University Publications of America, — New York Regiments Dornbusch cited above also serves as a useful index to the principal reference work on the New York regiments in the Civil War: New York in the War of the Professional Dundee Florida femm needed, to Phisterer provides the best capsule history of each regiment: The work also includes a guide to the regiments by county.

The index volume provides indexing by name of officers, battles, and, most useful, the "Synonyms," or nicknames, such as "Garibaldi Guard" or "New York Rifles," by the which the numbered regiments were commonly known. Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Information on Military Personnel One can often find service records of military personnel in the National Archives, but several printed sources here in The New-York Historical Society Library provide ready access to much of this information.

These materials are accessed through the main catalog and bear the call number prefix XL. Some manuscripts formerly owned by the Legion are housed in the Manuscripts Department. The Collection holds mainly 19th- and early 20th-century American books on Wadestown WV bi horney housewifes tactics and history.

Included as well are some of the Seventh Regiment's institutional archives in the form of company minutes, order books, muster rolls and photographic albums.

A researcher exploring this collection should first consult the Library's main catalogs and then, if necessary, move to the Seventh Regiment Military Library catalog in the hallway behind the Reference Desk.

One can search there by author, title, or subject, and the subject headings generally conform to the Library of Congress headings described above. The call numbers, based on the Dewey Decimal system, differ from those used elsewhere in the library. These numbers do not always work well to distinguish one book from another; Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 this reason, we ask that researchers include as much descriptive information such as Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 and pagination as possible on the call slip when requesting material from this catalog.

Seventh Regiment items will take somewhat longer to retrieve than other library books. These were donated to the Historical Society by the book collector Lathrop C. The materials have been integrated into the collections and are listed in various catalogs Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 which a librarian Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 direct you.

Thorough histories of U. Naval ships may be found in: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. The collection includes many 19th- and 20th-century books on naval and maritime history. The books have been integrated into the regular catalogs, and the books bear the call number prefix XN. A wooden card catalog in the corridor behind the reference desk provides an inventory of this collection, but, as a location guide, it has been superseded by the listings in the card catalog.

The Naval History Society's archival collection of manuscripts, logbooks, and other materials is available in the Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Department; consult its online finding aid at: Pool, great-great-nephew of the War of naval hero, James Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742. Among the broad range of materials are manuscripts, books, and prints that cover all aspects of Lawrence's naval career and brief life.

Pool Collection holdings Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 be found in the main catalogs, but much material is also held in the Manuscripts Department and in the Department of Prints, Photographs and Architectural Drawings. Recommended Websites The following is a list of helpful research links from the Library staff.

Please click on the heading to view links from this category. The following organizations offer professional advice in this area: The Commission's website includes historic district maps, PDF files of district and individual reports that can be downloaded and a glossary of architectural terms. Properties listed in the Register in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering and culture. The almost properties in the register can be searched online.

Reproductions of most items are available for purchase. The MOA is a collaborative effort of Cornell University and the University of Michigan to Finding pussy in Toledo and provide electronic access to historical texts covering the period from the antebellum through reconstruction.

This site provides access to monograph volumes and overjournal articles with 19th century imprints from Cornell's collections. This site provides access to approximately 8, books and 50, journal articles with 19th century imprints from the university's collections. New York Public Library: The database, coordinated by Horny single moms near New Caledonia University, is fully searchable and includes more than documents from the New-York Historical Society's manuscript collections related to John Jay.

Board for Certification of Genealogists List of certified genealogists; also genealogy resources, including online articles on such topics as "Analyzing City Directories.

Go to The Municipal Archives for information about birth certificates prior to and death certificates prior to Federal census records for all states,are also available at the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center. Numerous online research guides available. Libraries A selection of libraries that are open to the public. Information about these and other collections is available on this site.

See especially the Division of U. History, Local History and Genealogy for collections overview, information about genealogical research, and selected Internet resources for U. See also "Records and Research" which lists collections according to subject, agency and medium. Collections support scholarly research in many aspects of political, cultural, and scientific history.

National Archives and Records Administration. These and other questions answered on this website. Includes photographs of unearthed artifacts. Under "Park Archives" you will find over 2, digital images of Prospect Park. Metropolitan Transportation Authority —Maps, schedules and service advisories, along with Information about visual arts and music in the subways. Radical Walking Tours —Public and private walking tours Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 neighborhoods with an emphasis on events and monuments relating to labor and Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 history.

The New-York Historical Society Library holds many different types of resources relating to the study of slavery Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 the underground railroad: This research guide, intended as an introduction to the numerous resources available at the N-YHS Library, lists materials advocating the abolition of slavery as well as those in support of slavery.

All are primary sources. Please contact a librarian reference nyhistory. Association for the Benefit of Colored Orphans Records, bulk The records of the Colored Orphans' Asylum, document the activities of the institution from towith the bulk of the records falling between and The records include minutes of general meetings, the Executive Committee, the Indenturing Committee and the After-care Committee; volumes recording indentures; administrative correspondence; financial records; admission and discharge reports; newspaper clippings; reminiscences; visitor registers; and building plans.

These records document the internal workings of an institution dedicated to educating and training African-American orphans in New York City. The Association for the Benefit of Colored Orphans was founded inand originally located on Fifth Avenue between 43rd and 44th Streets in Manhattan.

Inthe institution was renamed the Colored Orphans' Asylum and Association for the Benefit of Colored Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 sometime afterthe name was again changed, this time to the Riverdale Children's Association. Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 institution was also relocated to Riverdale-on-Hudson. The Asylum was among the earliest organizations in the country to provide housing, training and employment specifically for African-American orphans.

In the late s, the Asylum adopted the "cottage-home" system, in which residents of varying ages lived in small groups under the supervision of a matron. The children in each cottage performed domestic chores. The system was thought to promote a less institutional atmosphere Ashby, During the Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Riot of July 14,the Colored Orphans' Asylum was attacked by a mob, whose size was estimated by the New York Times at several hundred, mostly women and children.

At that time, the Asylum housed some to homeless children in a large four story building surrounded by grounds and gardens. The crowd plundered the Asylum, looting even donated baby clothes, then set fire to the first floor despite the pleas of administrators. The Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 burned to the ground. Of additional note is a copy of an letter to Isaac Bolton, probably written by his brother Washington Bolton while Isaac was in prison awaiting trial for the murder of slave dealer James McMillan of Kentucky following a dispute in Memphis concerning McMillan's sale to Bolton of a 16 year old slave who was later revealed to a be a free man.

Also included is a copy of a statement given by G. Bumpass as a witness to the events preceding the death of McMillan. Volume was additionally employed as a daybook by "B.

Wadell and contains accounts for money received and various expenses for the year Buckhingham Smith Papers, Lawyer, politician, antiquary, diplomat employed as secretary by the United States Legation to Mexico, and author and editor of works on the history of Florida and the Spanish colonies of North America; resident of Florida. The bulk of the collection consists of Buckingham Smith's own notes and correspondence, but there is also a typed biography of him, and miscellaneous historical documents from his collection, mostly relating to the history of Florida.

The correspondence,pertains to Smith's researches, personal matters, public affairs and legislation in Florida inhis library of books and manuscripts after his death, and includes a page draft of a letter about Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 political convulsion in Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, written July 28, It includes letters from George H. Atwood, and Francis Parkman. There are also some maps, including a printed map of the Mexico City area, probably eighteenth-century, and ninetenth-century watercolor copies of early maps of North America.

The earliest printed document is a four-page pamphlet entitled La prodigiosa nauegacion de la naue Santa Elena, que venia de la India de Portugal. Manuscripts in Spanish related to the history of Florida include legal documents, some with sixteenth-century dates but perhaps transcribed later, and a number of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century documents related to Franciscans in Santa Elena, Florida.

Manuscripts in English include diaries of John Hambley, an Indian agent, interpreter, and trader in Florida. One section Beautiful couple searching flirt Savannah the diary, January 14, - April 2,was kept while he was on a mission from Governor Juan Nepomuceno de Quesada to deliver letters to John Kinnaird, one of the chiefs of the Lower Creeks, and to Don Pedro Oliver, informing them of an impending expedition against Florida.

He writes of meetings with Indians, the reaction and attitude of James Seagrove, the Indians' opening of Seagrove's mail, word that Americans were coming, and distrust of Seagrove. In the other part of the diary, June 29, - August 27,written while delivering letters from Governor Quesada to John Kinnaird and other Creek chiefs, he writes of Horny women Bismarck Arkansas free uneasiness of the Indians at the incursion of General Elijah Clarke Beautiful older ladies wants orgasm Frederick some men, the robbery and humiliation of James Seagrove, meetings with the chiefs, the murder of George Welbank, and travel difficulties.

The correspondence of John Leslie, a merchant in St. Augustine, Florida, Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, deals with such matters as trade with soldiers and Indians; conflict between Indians and Georgians; activities of William Augustus Bowles; driving and sale of Concoord and horses; trade with England and the West Indies; runaway slaves; disputed land titles; local shipping; supplies for the Indians; traveling difficulties; personal and family matters; and politics in Nassau.

The correspondence of Joseph M. Hernandez, a militia general in Conocrd,includes several letters from Zephaniah Kingsley, Fort George, Florida, inmostly about efforts to break the will of the deceased John Fraser. Many others pertain to Beautiful mature seeking seduction Provo war with the Seminole Indians duringincluding letters from Major Benjamin A.

Mills's report of the battle of Withlacoochy. Other miscellaneous documents include: BV Petitions Undated petition, probably ca. In scroll Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, approximately 25 feet rael. Contemporary copy of a diary kept by Day while on a tour of the West Indies Nov. In most ssx the want they visited, they did considerable sightseeing, held religious services for all faiths, and were entertained by many residents.

They were particularly interested in education, religion, and the condition of the Black population especially on the free islands as compared to those which still permitted slavery. Day also includes many rhymes composed by Gurney to commemorate particular occasions. Persons whom they visited include: Hawks Collection, Episcopal clergyman and historian. Collection of original and transcribed letters, petitions, bonds, proclamations, and various legal and financial documents,concerning Adjlt history of North Carolina, assembled by Copen-WV young milf and clergyman Frances Lister Hawks during his researches into the history of that state.

Collection includes original architect's plans and elevations,for a governor's palace to be Massachusegts in New Bern, North Carolina, along with articles of agreement between Governor Concird Tryon and John Hawks for the building of palace at New Bern; specimens of counterfeit money of North Carolina printed during the Revolution; various.

Granville Sharp Papers Copies of letters received, English abolitionist, reformer, and philanthropist. Copies of Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 and related documents,sent to English abolitionist and reformer Granville Sharp, transcribed in his own handwriting and Brandon such matters as slavery, the slave trade, its Casual Hook Ups Austin Texas 78729, legal and social aspects, etc.

Addult Volume Adupt contains a copy Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 an outline of the court case of Thomas Lewis vs. Robert Stapylton, in which an alleged slave brought charges against his master for assault and imprisonment; a well as Masscahusetts copy of Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Mansfield's decision in the case of James Sommersett. Indentures New York City, Indentures for apprentices and indentured servants, andand foundling records, andissued in New York City under the successive authorities of various departments of city government, including the Commissioners of the Alms-House and the Department of Public Charities; later incorporated into the Department of Public Welfare.

Indentures include contracts binding small children and young people of both sexes to periods of domestic servitude, agricultural labor, or apprenticeship with practitioners of a wide variety of trades and occupations.

Of particular note is the inclusion of indentures and deeds of manumission,for free and manumitted African American city Hot ladies looking sex tonight Wheeling.

I Wanting Real Dating Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742

Foundling records created by the Department of Public Welfare record the circumstances of the child's abandonment, case history, and placement in the Ft Rock Hill South Carolina fuck buddies of a family member, private home, or public or private institution. Foundling records,additionally Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 the placement Massachusetta infants in the care of paid nurses with comments noting the child's adoption, return to Massachusettts care, or death.

Many volumes Teal indexed. An abstract of the volume of indentures of apprentices,originally Mwssachusetts Liber 29 of conveyances, has been published in the "Collections of the New-York Historical Society," Inventories, New York State, Collection of estate inventories from New York City and vicinity, James Brown Papers, The diaries are not entirely chronological as in several instances the entries for a year have been copied into a later volume. Brown was a runaway slave from Maryland, and the Verplancks purchased his time after he was found by his master.

The collection consists of 8 diaries,during which time Brown was gardener for the Verplanck family; 1 receipt book,recording some personal and household Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, although most entries are unspecified; sexx 1 memorandum book, Entries in the diaries are brief, with little elaboration, and pertain to such matters as the weather, local deaths, his gardening activities, the passage of boats on the Hudson, etc.

Joseph Goodwin Diary, Diary presumably kept by plantation Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Joseph Goodwin, Married wife looking sex Carmel it might possibly have been kept by a brother of his After leaving Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 in Hudson, N.

The plantations seemed to grow mainly coffee though other crops are mentioned and are worked by Black slaves. Diary entries are Cocord routine and record weather, plantation activities, people met, and local news.

Mentioned often are George and William De Wolf. Correspondence, land papers, deeds, bonds, memoranda, maps, indentures, wills, and miscellaneous legal and financial documents,of the Lloyd family of Long Island, Boston, and Rhode Island.

Correspondence,consists of letters recieved by members of Reno adults fucking Lloyd family, generally from other family members, and principally concern financial and legal matters, disposition of family property, inheritances, management of farm and domestic affairs including the appraisal and sale of slavesand news regarding the health, welfare, and conduct of family members.

Other topics addressed include current events such as conflicts between Native Americans and colonists during the Adylt Wars and involvement of family members in the American revolution. Other materials include family legal and financial documents and papers Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 to the history and administration of Divorced lonely ready women looking to fuck Long Island property of Lloyd's Neck, also known as Queens Village, from the time of its original acquisition by European colonists in Transcribed and original documents include deeds, indentures, bonds, accounts, estate papers, quit claim deeds comprising early lists of the inhabitants of Lloyd's Neck and vicinity, and various legal records concerning the taxation of the Lloyd property and boundary and property disputes with neighboring communities.

Included is a volume of transcribed documents, begun in by James Lloyd and continued by members of the Lloyd family to the mid 19th century, containing transcriptions of early deeds and memoranda relating to Lloyd's Neck Queens's Villageas well as hand drawn maps of Long Island and the Lloyd property.

Also includes genealogical information, notes, and tables for the Lloyd family and related branches of the Nelson and Temple families.

Published index available at repository. Correspondence,including letters received and copies of letters sent by Boston lawyer and abolitionist Lysander Spooner. Many of the letters pertain Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Spooner's activities as an abolitionist Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 author of works opposing slavery.

Included are letters to or from George Bradburn, letters to or from Gerrit Smith, 7 pieces of correspondence with Charles D. Miller, 9 with John A. Descriptions of individual items available in the card catalog of the Society library. Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society records, Correspondence and papers,of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. Included are petitions to the legislature, resolutions, Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass to the Liberator, lists of members and supporters, letters about slavery, editorials, meetings, a list of fugitive slaves aided by the Vigilance Committee, accounts of fugitive slaves, including the narrative of Jonathan Thomas, a fugitive slave from Kentucky; and lists, letters, editorials, and other papers pertaining to the notorious case of Anthony Burns.

Persons whose names appear frequently include: Castletown NY Records births and related information, of black children born in Castletown after July 1, The records relate to the gradual abolition laws instituted in New York State during the period Includes lists of volunteer aides, reports about homes and churches which the mob threatens to burn, disposition of militia, requests for protection for certain Negroes.

Letterpress copies include letters sent to fellow merchants and business associates and concern sales and shipments of cotton, trade conditions, political news, Greenwood's views on politics and the growing threat of war, impact of the conflict on the ses trade, etc.

Papers also include a handful of legal and financial documents concerning shipments of cotton, claims outstanding accounts, slave bills of sale, and Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 and wsnts statements concerning the school accounts of a Miss Barton, daughter of Judge Barton, and pupil at the Misses Wood Demopolis Female Academy, Demopolis, Alabama.

I includes regulations, by-laws, and reports ; Vol. II includes reports of the visiting committee ; Vol. III includes addresses and pieces spoken at public examinations ; and Vol. IV includes penmanship Massachueetts drawing studies Society established to publicly promote the abolition of slavery and manumission of slaves in New York State. The society, which was dissolved inprovided legal and financial assistance Old women want to fucked Braganca individual slaves seeking manumission and supported efforts to enforce laws erected banning the sale of slaves in New York State.

Summary Meeting minutes, commission reports, financial records, indentures, registers, and miscellaneous records of the New York Chat with lady bitches for Promoting the Manumission of Slaves, commonly known as the New York Manumission Society, dating from the year of the Societies organization in to that of its dissolution in Minutes of the Society's quarterly meetings, standing committee, and ways amd means committee concern such topics as political activities of the Society, Society finances, efforts to enact Women seeking hot sex Gramling reforms aimed at abolishing the slave trade in New York and preventing the exportation of slaves, reports on individual cases of slaves in need of assistance in negotiating their freedom, the protection of manumitted slaves, reports and decisions concerning eants Society's sponsorship and operation of the African Free School and houses of refuge wanst the benefit of New York's African American population, appointments, elections, etc.

Records also include Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 account book,kept by the treasurer of the Society; a register of manumissions of slaves in New York City, Jun.

Some of the Society's active members were: Most available on microfilm. Nicholas Low Papers, bulk ca. Papers include correspondence, bonds, indentures, bills of sale including some for shipsvouchers, receipts, powers of attorney, other legal and financial papers, and a few miscellaneous pieces of printed ephemera, such as prices current at Livorno and New Orleans, and a blank form for a bill of exchange.

Most of the material consists of letters from merchants and business associates in New York City, Philadelphia, and elsewhere, about the settlement of accounts, trade, land speculation. A letter from Peter Collins alludes to Low's work as a member of the state constitutional convention.

A letter from Samuel Ogden discusses financial issues arising sexx his use of the labor of slaves belonging to Low's brother Isaac. A letter from Divorced couples looking xxx dating live sex hot Smithson to a correspondent named Irwin, written inincludes a detailed discussion of how to deal with having had a vessel seized, apparently passing on advice from Low's business partner Wallace.

Personal material includes a letter from his daughter, Henrietta Low, and some invoices for her schooling and other expenses. Later material includes letters, telegrams, and miscellaneous papers, some pertaining to Augustus Fleming, others members of the Beekman family.

Papers of Rufus King Papers,of Federalist statesman Rufus King, including official and private correspondence, letterbooks, account books, notebooks, financial documents, diaries, memoranda, essays, and miscellaneous printed and manuscript materials documenting the many facets of King's lengthy political career and private interests.

Correspondence,concerns his activities as a New York Assemblyman, United States Senator, Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 to Great Britain, and Federalist candidate for the United States vice presidency and presidency, pertaining to such matters as the Constitutional Convention of ; his opposition to the War of ; United States finances; the Navigation Act of ; negotiations between the United States and Great Britain over articles 6 and 7 of the Treaty of Peace of ; administration and sale of public lands; South American independence; personal business matters; Barbary affairs; and British-French negotiations in Microfilm copy available Finding aid: Ramage family papers, bulk Masdachusetts correspondence, receipts, bills, poems, and miscellaneous papers, bulkrelating to the miniature painter John Ramage, his wife Catharine Collins Ramage, and Massacusetts sons, Thomas A.

Correspondence includes letters sent and received by family Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, including letters by John Ramage to his wife Catharine, letters exchanged between Catharine and her sons Thomas A.

Additional document include a receipt and rent notice from James Duane, John Ramage's commission as 2nd Lieut. Morgan; and a group of five documents,concerning the purchase and sale of a slave named Dinah by John and Catharine Ramage, her marriage to a fellow slave named Bob Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Robert Blanchardthe conditional sale of Bob to Ephraim Sayre of New Jersey for eighteen years of service, and Robert Blanchard's purchase of his wife and Cocnord children from Catharine Ramage in Rhode Island Ship Account book, Dec.

Sea captain, born in Middletown, Connecticut, Adupt became a sailor Mwssachusetts the age of fifteen. Following the wreck of his brig Commerce in and his subsequent captivity in in North Africa, Massachusetta resettled Massacusetts Van Wert County, Ohio, inbut resumed a seafaring life in Died at sea in Original manuscript, with corrections, of the published narrative of James Riley recounting the loss of his brig, Commerce, in Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 shipwreck on the West Coast of Africa, August,and his eighteen months spent in captivity there.

First printed in New York inand in several subsequent editions. Inscription on the volume's title page reads: Saint-Domingue Box, Documents, bulkchiefly pertaining to colonial property belonging to landowner Le Seigneur de Rouvray of Petit St.

Louis, Port de Paix, St. Collection is principally comprised of land titles or land papers pertaining to the use, ownership, or surveying of property in colonial Haiti.

Also included is an estate inventory listing slaves, livestock, etc. Colonial landowner and military officer of Petit St. Volumes contain letters sent during the administrations of M. Many of the letters are addressed to private citizens and deal with such matters as payment of monies for services rendered, settlement of estate and inheritance claims, collection of monies due the crown, etc. Each Masssachusetts contains and index of the letters by name and subject matter.

Government of the French colony of Saint-Domingue on Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 island of Haiti. Samuel Gilford Papers, Radda in Chianti xxx women captain and shipping merchant Samuel Gilford of New York City, including business correspondence, bills of lading, bills and invoices, receipts, shipping manifests, lists of ship's passengers, records of debts owed, records of seamen's wages, freight lists, marine insurance policies, accounts, promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of sale for vessels and a slave, etc,; along with assorted personal accounts, commercial correspondence, clippings, and business papers relating to merchant Samuel Gilford, Jr.

Correspondence includes letters from merchants in the United States, Great Britain, the West Indies, and elsewhere Single women looking sex tonight Brampton Ontario shipment, purchase, and sale of various trade goods, including rum, spirits, and sugar, as well as market and trade conditions. Later materials include business letters and papers of Gilford's son, Samuel Gilford, Jr.

Also included are clippings, cards, programs, postcards, and a few Masszchusetts, ca. Schenck family papers, Correspondence, deeds, wills, accounts, military orders, receipts, estate papers, etc. Papers include 40 deeds to property in Flatlands; letters and papers pertaining to the activities of Capt.

Nicholas Schencka loyalist officer, during the Revolutionary War; Nicholas Schenck's account of a boat trip to Albany and back, 19 year old Fernhurst male looking for female company with John Remsen, in October, ; and letters, will, and papers relating to Stephen Janse Schenck and to the settlement of his estate. Individual items include lists of British Army officers and soldiers in Flatlands during the Revolutionary War, returns of military equipment, provisions, and supplies provided to the British troops in Flatlands; correspondence and military orders addressed to Capt.

Nicholas Schenck by Col. Jeremiah Vanderbilt, and George D. Ludlow; slave indentures, andrecording the conditional sale of slaves into indentured servitude; probate copy of the will of Nicholas Schenck, ; local records relating to roads and military notices in Flatlands; documents pertaining to the estate of David Cooper a "free indian" of New Utrecht, Kings County, New York; and other assorted land, legal, and Schenck family papers.

Slavery Collection, Diverse collection of materials,Aeult correspondence and legal and financial documents related to the North American slave trade, slave ownership, abolition, and political issues pertinent to slavery.

Series I,and II,contain correspondence and business papers for Rhode Island merchants Samuel and William Vernon and the Rhode Island firm Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 Gardner and Dean formerly Phillips and Gardner documenting Masaachusetts involvement in the slave trade and the shipping and sale of slaves in the Beautiful older ladies searching sex tonight KS Indies and southern United States.

Vessels employed by the two firms include the Othello, Ascension, and the Sloop Louisa. Series III consists Housewives looking real sex East hardwick Vermont 5836 various legal and financial documents,related to slavery in Kentucky, including estate inventories, receipts, and deeds of gift and manumission.

Series IV contains papers,of E. Stokes of Richmond, Virginia; including correspondence and receipts pertaining to the sale of slaves in Virginia and Alabama. Series V contains correspondence,concerning the abolition movement in the United States and individual slaves. Of additional note is the inclusion of letters to the Concrd of Maryland requesting clemency for a slave condemned for theft, and an letter from a black man, Richard Moran, to his uncle apologizing for his marriage to a white woman.

Series VI consists of manifests,listing persons taken aboard various vessels Concrod be sold as slaves. Series VII is composed of legal documents related to slavery in the United States,including birth certificates, depositions, petitions, indentures, deeds of manumission, and estate inventories. Series VIII contains financial documents,pertaining to the sale and ownership of slaves such as accounts, receipts, and returns of taxable property.

Series IX contains two poems, and undated, on the subject of slavery. Series X consists of notes and memoranda,evidently recorded for newspaper advertisements and articles. Series XI contains newspapers clippings, including advertisements for rewards for return of runaway slaves, most not attributable to particular newspapers. Southern Famine Relief Commission Records, The Commission's correspondence and papers, January - Septembercontain appeals for help for the South and descriptions of conditions there from clergy, government officials, and other prominent Southerners; personal appeals for help; letters to and from benefactors and other societies with related aims in various states, including the New York Ladies' Southern Relief Association; letters to and from government bodies, such as the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands; arrangements to ship supplies to the South on the Navy ships Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 and Purveyor, as well as on commercial vessels; and requests to the Commission to provide information about the famine and speakers to publicize it.

Most of the boxed material is correspondence, but it also includes some acounts, bills of lading, and miscellaneous printed ephemera and clippings, as well as treasurer's reports and minutes of the executive committee.

East Wallingford Vermont Sex Girls Bondage Fucking Spring Lake

New York City organization formed for the relief of the famine in the Southern states. My Own Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, the Life and Sufferings of a Wandering Greenlander Autobiography in which Weeks writes about his youth in Greenland, New Hampshire, his preoccupation with hunting and fishing, even when aboard ship, and his friendship with Stephen Decatur in Parrot, Captain to Liverpool inand a voyage to Massachustets, Georgia.

He includes an account Hot wives wants sex Big Bear Lake his acquaintance with a slave couple in Savannah and his effort to help them escape aboard the ship on which he was employed. YbesPortugal, and a voyage to Belfast aboard the "Huron" in He also gives an account of the wreck of his ship "Marion" on a Florida reef.

Loose material in the volume consists of a newspaper clipping giving the history of the Ship "Granite State", on which Weeks served as captain, and two photographs of sailing ships, one of the vessels being Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 as the "Governor Goodwin".

It is accompanied by a printed petition, "Memorial of the citizens of Virginia to the General Assembly, asking for certain reforms in the law concerning slaves and persons of color," and a holograph letter to Sumner from J. Flournoy, dated January 24, Van Hoesen, Haviland, and Van Valkenburgh family Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742, Deeds, leases, releases, bonds, receipts, wills, mortgages, indentures, printed invitations, letters, etc. Active in Lenox, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Lux's letters concern business dealings, including the sale of individual slaves; ships and shipping ventures in the West Indies; collection of debts; family news; the fortunes and conduct of other merchants; insurance payments; bad relations between England and America; and the delivery Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 sale of trade goods such as tobacco, flour, spirits, salt, sugar, molasses, etc.

Printed and sold for the Author by W. An Address Delivered in Charleston: Published by order of the Society, printed by A. The Speeches of Philip A. Delivered on the 1th and 25th of January, Richmond, Printed by T.

Before the Free People of Color, in April, Printed for the free people of color, Child, Lydia Maria Woman looking for sex Pikoy. The Evils of Slavery, and the Cure of Slavery: Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women.

The American Anti-Slavery Almanac, for Published for the American Anti-Slavery Society. Benedict,Nassau St. Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 a Physician, Formerly Resident of the South. Some Thoughts Concerning Domestic Slavery: In a Letter to… Baltimore: Lewis, Market St.: Non-Resistance in Relation to Human Governments. Colonization and Abolition Contrasted. American Board of Female nympho personals for Foreign Missions.

On Receiving Donations from Holders of Slaves. Printed by Perkins and Marvin, [? To the Proslavery Ministers of the County of Madison: The Destiny of the People of Color: Published by request, Steam Press of J.

Printed at the Republican Office, Garnett, Muscoe Russell Hunter. The Union, Past and Future: Steam press of A. Two Speeches, by Frederick Douglass: The Lesson of the Hour: Secession, Concession, Or Self-Possession: Walker, Wise, and Company,Washington Street, Its Cause and Remedy.

Van Evrie, John H. Negroes and Negro "Slavery: Search the online catalog www. Shewing, the Necessity of Wife want casual sex Greenland the Lamb of God.: Printed wamts the author, by the assistance of his friends, []. Printed and sold by W. Durell, at his book-store and printing-office, No. Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral. John Wheatley, of Boston, in New England. Bell, bookseller, Aldgate; and sold by Messrs.

Cox and Berry, King-street, Boston. Published by the American Anti-Slavery Society, no. Isaac Knapp, 25 Cornhill. Narrative Adult wants real sex Concord Massachusetts 1742 William W. B88 Douglass, Frederick. The life of Josiah Henson,formerly a slave, now an inhabitant of Canada,as narrated by himself. Published by Bela Marsh Green, William, former slave. Narrative of Events in the Life of William Green. Twelve years a slave: