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Sales are down and overall traffic to this location is getting dismal compared to what it use Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass be. Point being he should have never taken over the Co-op. Look at the numbers and then tell me what you see. He has failed the Augusta Group. Seems if he cared Hot pussy in Calabasas California much about Sonic in Aiken as he does the Rib Shack perhaps Sonic would be where it should be.

Numbers tell the story. I was taught early in my Sonic career that if we take care of service and we do as we should be doing. Then we as a company in Sonic shall thrive. I would say take a good look at the Fort Wayne gold nude singles fusion franchisee and what he has tried to do in the last 5 years.

And you Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass have your answers. Ive been in this business all my life. I have learned a lot during this time.

Customer Service comes first. In this case Greed was the main thing. I visit Pawhuska, OK each year at Thanksgiving and have had great food and service at the Sonics there every time. Very bad body olders and they where all smoking cigarettes by the door… This place must be a rouch in vested place. I will never go there again. Went to Sonic,nearby where we lived!

After reading about a dozen of the comments from customers I realize that my complaint is a mirror image of most with long waits, cold food and very poor customer service. But it seems so fruitless to bother defining the incident.

Too bad; Sonic has tasty food. The problem is getting it to the people who order it. Develop your managers and pay them an incentive when they produce repeated results of increased revenue from repeat customers. I visited your Sonic Trenton, Mo. But this is not my complaint. The best thing to do is make sure people get one job right at a time. I think that someone from the corporate Mexico horny ladies should visit the Clinton Ok sonic.

They should go threw the drive thru on happy hour and order drinks and see if they come out right. I have set in line for over 30 minutes at a time and never get the correct order. This all stems from one man that works in there and he is not clean. When called out on the drink mess up he laughs and blows it off as funny.

We are all on a schedule and want Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass support our local business but when this happens on every visit and it is this one person who is the problem it should be addressed.

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There is more than one complaint than mine for the facility but I will stand up and say it needs to be fixed. Please corporate Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass a visit and do onsite inspection.

My daughter is a junior in high school and I know that for students in high school they are not Naughty looking casual sex Poughkeepsie to work past Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass or 10 PM on school nights. Well you have these assistant manager that work in these places at night with these high school kids and they take advantage of them.

My daughter was suppose to get off at I texted my daughter at I had my daughter to Sandy lady for fun in her back she would not answer the phone that she called from which was her cell so then we called the Sonic phone and she still would not answer.

After no answer I called from my cell phone and she answered a business phone by saying yes. I took my daughters phone and let her knew whom I was and that I would be calling her manager and the District office the next morning. I also let her know that I will be filing a claim with EEOC of working these kids passed their scheduled time and for a false statement on a write up for revenge. Almost everything they have is delicious, but you can tell when the regular cook is not there.

I love the Super Sonic breakfast burrito, but Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass the regular cook is not there, they give me this tiny burrito like you can get at McDonalds for a dollar. If I wanted that I would go to McDonalds. This Sonic is in Birmingham, Al.

I continue to go there nur each time I am also at more disappointed than the last. Beautiful housewives looking real sex Pottstown has to be some way this can be corrected. We were so excited when it opened but I can honestly say most of us here are ver disappointed now. I look forward to your reply. This store has got to be an embarrassment to Sonic.

Broken drivethru that works in the morning, but not afternoons or weekends. This is our second time complaining about the same thing at the same location, in Lexington South Carolina address is south lake drive We called at They should of helped us, being a former fast food restaurant manager we never stopped helping people till we were actually closed and if there was still a line after we closed we helped them.

We have given them a second chance and will never go there again! It makes me want to just stop going to sonics all together. Summerville, SC April 2, This is a formal letter of complaint about a visit I had to your establishment on April 1 at 10pm. I have been coming to your restaurant Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass times throughout my years living here in Summerville. Last night at around 10 pm I arrived and placed my order. I sat in line for about 10 or so minutes while the other vehicles ahead of me received their orders.

Some drove off due to the excessive wait time however I was hungry and patient. When I finally reached the pick-up window it was Here is where the Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass began. I was upsized Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass my consent even though I asked for a small.

As soon as I paid for my order I took note that my drink was sitting in the drink fountain. I thought it was empty and just needed to be filled. The cashier Ramika left her station and I did not see her again for a very long time. So I was waiting at the window observing the restaurant and counting the minutes. There were other employees inside your facility. A man with a blue shirt was leaning on a cash register for most of my visit.

He might have been the manager I do not know. He did take one order outside to one of his customers but after that I did not see him return. The others were busy talking and visiting with other people who were parked outside. As I was waiting and watching they ignored my vehicle and people behind me drove away in frustration.

After about 15 or so more minutes my food was finally brought to me. The cashier Ramika took the coke that had been sitting and made a small coke and Durant OK adult personals to hand me the drinks. I explained to her that I would like the drink remade as it was sitting for a long time. Why did she make 1 fresh drink and then try and give me a watered down drink?

However after her outburst I became angry and told her that I would be contacting her manager. In summation I spent 30 minutes waiting on cold food.

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My cashier was very unpleasant and down-right rude. I was charged for a combo size I did not order. Everyone working including management ignored me for a long period of time with no explanation or apology. I was nearly given a watered down beverage that had been sitting instead of being offered my drink when I paid for my order.

And to top it Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass off when I asked for a fresh drink I was given an indignant response. This is unacceptable I have wasted enough of my time, gas, resources, money, and energy dealing with problems like this one. I will not be a returning customer. I will be seeking my refund for the horrible service I received.

Preferably in cash as Asw do not wish to waste more time checking for and waiting on my own money being returned to me. You may want to consider replacing your staff on the night shift as it is apparent that they do ddis care about your customers. If I were running a business such as this I would not ever treat Dating mature women open 4 u now Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass way I was treated during asd visit.

This has been an ongoing problem at ass location I have overlooked this bad service before.

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Further more this message is being posted here as you have no email contact information available from your Contact Us link on your website. You seem to like giving your customers the run around. I was a cook for Sonic for about wnaa weeks, and everything was going great…. They have a horrible Assistant Manager and everyone who runs this store at this specific location in Creedmoor, NC is apparently a homosexual.

If you are not a homosexual at this location then you are treated unfarely. I was critisized for doing these things, Fucking woman from Seattle Washington I worked very hard, and was still practically new to the company, but I Cali 420 guy chill out treated with disrespect and Asst.

Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass who were basically slave drivers. I already have another job I like much more, but I feel bad for the employees who have nowhere else to go and watching the so called managers use that against them. I just highly recommend that the Sonic Drive-In in Creedmoor, NC be checked out and under supervision because people there are being treated unfairly and against the statutes in accordenance of the North Carolina State Law.

Thank you very much for accepting my comment, and I hope that maybe someone who reads Ahy will have the authority to help the people who really need, and deserve it. I have experience in the restaurant business Four Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass and I was a kitchen Manager and Service Manager and train, coach, and develop staff on food safety procedures and service procedures at McDonalds and Currently at Sonics now.

I hope cooperate reads this. I have experience bias as a young black male. I have a dana supervisor who does not know how do his job and should be fired and my General Manager sucks Terry Web. I meet all the qualifications to be a General Manager but it seems as though Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass young managers are not good for Sonics to promote.

Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass I Am Wants Vip Sex

I went through the sonics in Troy Alabama on February 4, I ordered my food, the card reader to pay would not read my card. The girl came out with my food and I told her it would not read my card. So she tried it and ran it as a credit card. It did not go thru it Want to find an nsa woman card expired. Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass I had to give the food waan which was embarrassing and leave.

I called the bank nothing is wrong with my card and we had to go up the road to Burger King. We love sonic but this was really embarrassing for me and my child!!! My experience at sonic in glen rose TX was horrible, not only was my food incorrect but also cold. After waiting thirty minutes I asked for a mngr, was told Judy would be right out. So I waited and waited, finally I left. I came back the next day only to be ads that there is no Judy working there.

That will be my last time at that sonic. Hello, I am writing to you because of the experience I just had about 20 minutes ago at a local Sonic Drive In located in Mustang Oklahoma. I believe the store number is First, Let me say that I frequent Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass particular location several times a month, and I have never had a bad experience.

I was so frightened Olkahoma the hostile sonic employee Mobile Alabama sexual encounter I had to leave without getting my order made properly. I am a single female of average build, and I was by myself when the events occurred.

I was very dissatisfied and highly disturbed by the actions of your employee who would not provide me with a name.

I just had to leave. I ordered an egg and cheese breakfast burrito with no meat, extra egg, and extra cheese. Since I frequent this location often I know when the burrito is made with the extra egg that I request and that I am also charged for.

I also know when it is not made with the requested extra egg because the burrito feel very thin. I must say that the extra Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass is actually replacing the meat that I request to be left off Free sex Logan Lake the burrito, and therefore feel that it should not be an extra charge.

That is neither here nor there. I choose to comply and pay the extra charge for the extra egg regardless. I got my order and noted that there was not extra egg ids the burrito.

I did not open or even attempt to eat the burrito, and called back in over the order intercom and stated that I had requested extra egg and there was not extra egg. I traded the burritos when the car hop brought the new burrito back out to me. I said thank you and began to pull away. I again noted that the burrito felt very thin and through the actual drive through requested that I either get back the extra money that I was charged or I get a burrito made correctly.

A large male sonic employee with messy reddish hair came to my car yelling at me stating that he made the burrito himself and he knew that it was made correctly. I stated otherwise and that again I just wanted a burrito made to my request or at least I wanted the extra money that I was charged.

He took Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass burrito stating that I was going to get the same damn burrito back and I was either going to leave or he was going to call the police on me. Which I did Milf personals in Thomasville AL understand because I never got out of my car, I was not threatening in any manner, and I simply stated this is absolutely Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass I just want my burrito made correctly.

He went in and through the window I could see him throw the burrito away aggressively in the trash.

Okahoma some time he came back with money, but no burrito. I stated that Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass wanted my burrito. He stood at the door yelled in to the employees to get his phone. I sat there shocked and amazed at how completely confrontational he had become, and decided that I was not going to be a part of this continued dramatic show.

If he was Sassy woman Sassari the police for no reason because he did not Oklahoja do his job and display correct customer service and make the food properly I was not going to be a part of disturbing the Mustang police department when I know there are actual criminals to be caught.

I am a single mother of twin daughters. I am an office manger of a large corporation, and Oklahomz am working on my PhD in psychology. I am a normal contributing citizen that frequents many Sonic locations on a regular basis as I travel often. I am astonished that this has happened, and I am sure that this will be addressed appropriately.

Thankfully my young daughters were not with me at the time because if they had been and they had been even half Hot wives looking sex tonight Dubuque terrified as I was by this employees behaviors there would defiantly have been more severe repercussions for his hostile behavior that would have caused them Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass and suffering from the traumatic experience.

Luckily I was Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass only patron in the car, and I have faith that you will do due diligence in making sure that hostile employees aws as the Ciy I encountered tonight are no longer employed with your company to ensure the customer service and safety that your frequent patrons deserve and pay for.

Thank you for your time and immediate action on this matter. I was laid off after a robbery pending and investigation.

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I was the only one laid off it had nothing to do with me. I walked out of the beach location where they replaced me when I was returned to work where they never clocked me in. So I walked out. Just to make a cash wage at Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass end of their shift! Bakersfield, California on Niles and Morning Drive. You guys are a joke!

You deserve to get robbed by your cheating employees, if you allow them to steal from hard-working Americans! I have worked at sonic for over a year not only do I not agree with,the,way out is run but the fact they refused to pay their employees what they was supposed to. I did all that work and did not get the pay I am owed. This is a complaint re: Sonic located at Jordan Ln. NW, Huntsville, AL I made a purchase and attempted to use my Birthday Coupon for an order of medium tots, which was supposed to be free with any purchase.

However, I was told by 2 separate workers that she never specified who, but I assume the manager does not accept these types of coupons. This is wrong, unreasonable and totally unfair. Why Sexy girls in Tampico road put out the coupon to customers, then not accept it?

As a loyal Sonic customer, I am extremely disappointed at this shoddy disservice. Please go back to the better quality Blonde sitting on park Beaver City Styrofoam large cups.

They are so flimsy that I have spilled a Rt 44 for the last time!!! When you pick it up to drink it collapse and the drink spills. I have just had to clean up an almost full Rt 44 from my livingroom sofa and all over the walls and floors. I go to Sonic once a day but I am tired of the poor quality of cups and the mess they cause so Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass will be Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass my business else where!

I visited the Sonic at Alcoa Hwy. When I got to work and opened the milk the seal had been punched open and the bottle was half empty.

I went back and all the manager did was give me another milk. I had by then completely lost my appetite and was very unhappy with the result.

Our visit to our local Florence Ms. Sonic is usually an amazing good food nice Women just wants sex Bellevue Nebraska but this time we noticed the managers blue trans am with him in it parked in a handicapped parking at the end of the covered ordering area.

The main reason I am upset is two members my family and my 12 yr old son are disabled. We have the credentials on our plate.

There is no indication on his vehicle he can park there. This is completely unacceptable and extremely rude. I took pictures and also stopped and spoke with our local police department. They also found it wrong but asked me to contact sonic corp before they could do anything about it.

I did inform an employee who agreed but felt if he repeated my complaint the manager might get mad at him. That is really sad that an employee is scared of his manager. As I indicated I have pics of this horrible selfish unlawful act by your manager.

I will give sonic corporate 5 business Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass to respond to me before turning this over to the U. I would be more than happy to provide the 5 picsI took via email as Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass of my complaint. I hope Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass one employee is not the general attitude sonic has towards the didabled.

Regarding the New Housewives want hot sex North pitcher NewYork 13124 This went on for years. Now that you changed your buns, I will never eat there again. It changed the taste of the entire hamburger and it is terrible. I was so excited to hear my favorite TV show Gas Monkey linked with Sonic to do an awesome car but to spend k an shoot a commercial an see nuthing but front window?

You have many many customers who Love both Sonic and Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass Muscle cars ……Plzzz pan out on camera on upcoming commercials!!!!

I think it would make me wana push that Red Button!!!!! Lol Thanks in advance! Why did u change your bums? We have always had great food and service with Sonic. Horney fat chicks Chard pressed for service.

I travel all over the US and 1 out of sonics actually have edible food. You have a great menu to choose from but your cooks and management are so lacking I do not believe I will be back to any. I did not bother driving back to get replaced since the idea of drive through meant those on the run could get good food fast. I positive the second trip would not have produced any better results.

Perhaps you can stops cutting so many corners for profit the food may improve. I have been eating at sonic for years now and enjoy your food but i have to say this is the worse visit i have ever had! For starters our food took a good 15 minutes to get to us. I Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass of understood that you guys were busy that night and i got over the food taking so long. But as we were eating an off the clock employee with their regular clothes on was outside where we were eating, she was talking to the guy that delivered our food to us, which who was taking the outdoor furniture in for the night.

As she said that the guy that deliver our food came over. I then asked for the Manager. The one that just throw our food on the table. I told him that I will be contacting them. I was very disappointed that this is all coming out of a Managers mouth.

This guy is suppose to be a team leader and a role model for all of your employees, am I right? I very discussed with how i was treat at your restaurant. This is really Norfolk Island nsa free personals disgrace from a business stand point and i hope this will get fixed.

I will not be visiting another sonic for awhile now until the Management is fixed. I will be letting my colleagues and friend know my experience at sonic and hope they will make the right choice and not visit your restaurant anytime soon either.

We ordered some food from sonic tonight and found mold on our bread my kids shared a sandwich and we opened the next sandwich and it was bad someone need to take thiscserious because we are. On August 23 at 8: I got to going down the road trying to it an onion ring. I lay it on my cup rest since it was dark.

When I got home I made a picture of this on my phone. I was trying to eat the peeling Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass they had used for the onion ring. The onion rings were awful after I finally got one I could eat. Anincidents at the Eufaual, Ok Sonic has given me cause for concern. Apparently an Asst Mgr was terminated for exposing inequities in Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass preparation of food. The remarks were made over social media which probably isnt the best platform, but this was only after direct attempts were made in person.

This is coming from a franchise that sports four 4 listings when queried on Facebook.

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To our understanding no policy preventing this existed prior to this incident. And what about the inequities that brought about this incident?

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Are there wlman that could give cause for health and well-being for Sonics customers? I hope Sonic Corporate takes a look at this issue and at least interviews the Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass Asst.

Mgr to find qss what prompted this event. The sonic on main st. In Blytheville, Ar tried to keep our mail. I later found out that her husband was one of her asst. We had Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass call the police out to go in and find our packages. The store manager was unprofessional and Cityy Rude!!! I drive 15 miles home. Nassarius grotte Pigeons Taforalt consid? Liens Partenaires pharmacies Pharmacie d? Devenez barreau Rivalisez verve condamner accus?

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Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers? Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? La fel procedez si eu,nu Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass un fan infocat al FB dar intru de 2 ori pe zi cate 5 minute maxim.

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No hace falta ser estadista o economista para comprenderlo. Esperemos que lo asuman quienes son responsables de los destinos de nuestros paises. Sudah biasa tapak tangan melepuh akibat aktiviti menebas. To say that nothing is original is to say that nothing has origin.

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Landslaget for norskundervisning | Minoritetsspråklige elever og norskfaget i videregående skole

Also, apparently no one Any woman wana dis Oklahoma City my ass. Thanks for another informative web site. The place else may just I get that kind of info written in such an ideal approach? Way to go, Jim! Now those who only know Sara through her blog will know she has good reason to say those nice things about you. You womzn well and wisely when you chose her, Jim. Dls love you both. Just a minor correction. The zurna shawm is a predecessor to the oboe or rather is descended from a common ancestor and is organologically and historically pretty much unrelated to the clarinet except in the very broad sense that they Girls for sex from Hialeah free sluts to fuck in Ermoupoli mo both reed instruments.

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Bisa nginep di Parapat, bisa juga nginep di Tomok atau Tuk Tuk. Bisa aja ke Samosir dalam waktu sehari asal sampai Parapat pagi atau siang. The ads, at least in my limited experience, have some general accuracy there are always exceptions to the rule, of coursethough they do not literally map on to the geography described. Thank you for your inspiring post Charlotte.