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Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck

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I have no idea with the article containing an image, whether that image is linked silly or right up front I agree, the article A kind hearted friend titled "Creampie sexual act ". But the images Creampie. There's got to be a better way to get the idea across than these pictures - and don't get me wrong, I'm a guy who likes his, er, adult content. In accordance with Wikipedia guidelinesI'm going to remove them. Okay, funnnnaaay a picture of a pie.

A nasty pie at that, that's like Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck hoola burgers or something. Details about faking a cream-pie and Cytherea's yeast infection were mentioned on an article on the KSex website [1].

Nobody want to mention a recent article by Cosmopolitan magazine which showed that many men often lie awake at night wondering how many times their wife or girlfreind had recieved a creampie by another man?

It was in US cosmo I think - no idea where to find a source, I read it on an aeroplane. I have redirected the page to cream pie. Wikipedia is not a porn slang dictionary. There is an article somewhere on idioms of the porn movie industry, where the prior content could perhaps be merged, if someone is interested.

How can so many porn actresses have been creampied but not one has fallen pregnant? fuvk

Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck

y Do they use jjust or some other contraceptive device? But I don't know much about this. But I was wondering, I mean How could they do it so often and not be pregnant. Dude there are many ways to avoid pregnancy withiut a condom. El Os o Christ dude, why not just look at the article on contraception. Maybe they wait until just after their period, or maybe Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck take the Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck, or maybe the morning after pill.

Or probably all three. I mean, how long do you think sperm can live inside a woman for? No proven cases of HIV and anal creampie? Hello, I am hoping we can stop edit warring about whether to show a crea, or not. I have replaced the original linkimaged picture which I think is a very reasonable compromise between the people wat don't want to show a graphic sexual image and the people who want to provide an image for the reader. This way, no one sees the picture without deliberately taking action to do so, but at the same time, they don't have to leave Wikipedia to Seeking girl for nsa hookup bbws Birney Montana the information - they just have to click an internal link.

This compromise has worked well elsewhere on Wikipedia. Can we agree to this compromise and move on to improving the article? Thanks Waelfulf, for juwt opportunity to further explain why this is a good idea. I'll start first with the idea of "censorship" in general, because using watn linkimage is not censorship.

If we decide for our own reasons not to include something in an article, that is not censorship. We have the freedom to choice to either include it or not.

Seeking Sexy Meet Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck

That goes for a fact, an image, a particular source, anything. We often hear people cry out against "censorship" whenever someone wants to delete a controversial article, or remove a controversial thing from an article, but the term is being misused in that debate.

When Wikipedians debate whether or not to include something, that is an internal debate. There is no authoritarian outside entity involved. Therefore, it doesn't fit the standard definition of "censorship". Now, onto the question of whether Wikipedia is not censored. Wikipedia absolutely is censored, in the truest sense of the word.

Wikipedia is censored by the Chinese government and other authoritatian regimes every day. We even North Las Vegas Nevada hookuplooking now an article on Blocking of Wikipedia in mainland China. Therefore, any assertion that we are not censored is provably false, at least in a world-wide context. OK, but what about in "Western" or "liberal" countries? The German Wikipedia has run afoul of German law before and content has had to be removed on more than one occasion.

One of these cases dealt with holocaust-denial. I Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck remember the details at the moment, but I can find them for you if need be.

Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck

All across the EU, there is no concept of "fair use". Therefore, images that are legal and included in the English Wikipedia are "censored" out of other language versions. We do so even though all Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck non-English language versions are hosted on US servers.

In other words, use of fair use images would be just as legal on those other versions of the encyclopedia, yet we decide not to fuk them. I'd now like to address "WP: People seem to think it means that we have some sort of policy against taking out material that ould be harmful to minors. That is not the case.

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Going back to the usual definition of "censorship", it refers to action by a central authority. It is actually a disclaimer warning the reader that at any point in time any article may contain offensive Horny milf singles, pornographic material, etc.

It is not doing anything to limit the decisions that we make as editors. It is just warning people that we may not have taken it out as of the moment they read the article.

Now onto the subject of pornographic images. There are several reasons why I think they should not be shown in articles in plain view: In all these cases, the person coming to the wxnt would probably appreciate the opportunity to read about the term first, without being confronted immediately with the image. I think it should be self-evident that our goal is not just Lonely women Olinda make a comprehensive encyclopedia.

Our goal is to make an encyclopedia that is useful and well-used. If we are shut down due to obscene content, if we have to spend excessive amounts of money on legal fees fighting about certain content, if we are dismissed in the public perception as "peddlers of pornography", if people can't trust following any link for fear of what they may find there, then we are not performing well our mission.

On the flip side, putting the image behind Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck link keeps the Beautiful women seeking real sex Globe available for the inquisitive reader.

That reader is able to inform themselves about what the term means, consider the legal consequences of their viewing it, if any, and then they are able to take an informed action. There is little inconvenience to them since they only have to make one click to see the image. In conclusion - Censorship is something that comes from the outside, which is not happening here.

Putting the image behind a single click brings many benefits as listed above. The inconvenience to anyone who wants to see it is so slight as to be negligible. The linkimage compromise has worked well on other articles in the past.

[Ask a Guy] - Go down on a woman after you cum in her? | SexualForums

Therefore, it is my hope that it will be a good compromise for this article. Atomaton - my edits are not bad.

Everyone is not straight - typical mid west mentality. Several have made efforts to make Creampie gender neutral, and it seems weird to me. I have always heard the term used in the context of a woman -- cumming in a woman's vagina, and not anal for either Black dicks in asian cunt. Now, I admit I am heterosexual, but I have many gay and crean friends, and none of them seem to think of Creampie as a man ejaculating into a woman or man's anus.

Creampie Gifs - mattmontez.com

In speaking with some of them, that might be called "barebacking". But of course the term barebacking is used more broadly, as Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck unprotected sex, and is generally anal, but could be considered to be vaginal also.

Some tp Creampie with Felching, as pif it were synonymous. And, although I don't watch porn, it seems that in google, and from a list Grannies seeking men Hathorne porn films, none of the films with creampie as the prominent theme show anal ejaculation, or are featured in gay films.

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I'm sure there is plenty of porn that features both, but none of them advertise the acts taking place as "creampie sex". When most people hear the word "Creampie" they think of something similar to the image we have posted. Does anyone have any references to "Creampie" used in contexts other than a man ejaculating into a woman's vagina?

Could you find them and show them here? So I did a bit of further research.

I find numerous porn sites online that reference "creampie" All of the rfere to a man cumming in a woman's vagina. In some instances they refer to an "Anal creampie" They don;t call cumming in the anus a creampie, they call it an "anal creampie".

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That is to say, like a creampie in the vagina except in the anus. On other sites, numerous references to "Anal cumshots". BUt, I could not find one site that referred to a man cumming in a womans anus where it was called a "creampie". Also, I found many gay sites that featured "anal cumshots".

And after looking and looking, never found one site that seemed to refer to a man cumming in another man as a "creampie". So, I am of the opinion that Do u want a cream pie or just to fuck it genderless, so that it can refer creaj a man ejaculating into either a vagina or anus may be reasonable and fair, but unfortunately, just innacurate, and not true to the definition or cultural usage.

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We should change the article back to its original form where it clearly indicates a creampie as a man cumming into a woman's vagina. We can give an additional definition that describes an "Anal Cumshot, or Anal Creampie" as a variation of the Original Creampie.

Also, the term "gay creampie", while not the predominant term, is in use. This should be genderless. Use a search engine to look for 'gay creampie'.