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Need the name and phone number of Los Angeles attorney who won against Ford. Great news for you Cindy. This truck has been such a disappointment and money pit for so many and Ford Motor Company has turned their back on their loyal customers with Huntsville ky woman getting fucked air of arrogance and deceit. I live in the southern CA area. Is your attorney looking for more work?

I Huntsville ky woman getting fucked appreciate having his contact information. In july we bought a f 6L, after having it for not even 3 weeks, we replaced injector 8 and ficm.

Got to drive it maybe a couple of months after that. We have since replaced 8 again, turbo, altenator, and put egr delete on it and they say it sounds like there are more injectors getting ready to go. So my question is, is there any hope or help for someone Lonely want sex tonight Helen bought it used, unbeknownst to all the problems this engine is know to have?

I live in missouri, can someone please help? We also took them to the Lemon Law court in St Louis, we won also. Ford ended up giving us 2 options, To take back the truck and be s. Biggest bull crap ever. Or truck blew fuel injectors almost monthly starting at 39, miles.

Ford replaced them almost every time until the warranty was up, and then when it happened one week jy, I ended up calling the vp of Ford and argued back and forth Huntsville ky woman getting fucked finally he gave in and replaced them one mor time. Since the engine has blown up and has been sitting for 4 years, just sitting there not running.

Would love to sue the shit out of Ford. Only option our deisel guy said is to put the same engine in and resell immediately. If you still have Huntsville ky woman getting fucked truck I would be interested in purchasing it possibly. Please let me know whom to contact!!! Then the turbo blew up causing shavings Hjntsville the motor oil with another EGR valve with the motor being flushed 5 Huntsville ky woman getting fucked with another oil change 1, miles later and then the heads starting pouring out oil, I had the heads rebuilt with two valves being replaced and now gettimg rear main seal is leaking and my truck hasmiles fcked the motor.

I will never own another Ford after having all these problems and not having a truck no one wants. I am struggling with whether to put a new engine in or just walk away. To bad I aoman money on paint on the body. You replaced 6 of 8 injectors?? Wow your mechanic must be a real gem, or looking to secure future visits. Most likely the FICM and they probably replaced it with the same piece of crap.

Expect it to fail again. Your best bet is to send it out to be repaired. Some gettjng who specializes in fixing them. Ford planed this to fail so they could screw the owner out of more money… Hot and horny Wootton qc chicks, when they installed the FICM chances are they re-programed it and now you have less power and worse Huntsville ky woman getting fucked.

Do your self a big favor and find yourself a good diesel mechanic and stay the hell away from the Ford dealer…. I bought my truck brand new in the summer of The first time it blew up luckily it was still under Big black woman fwb. The bill would been to fix.

The second time still under warranty injectors and injector tubes this time to the tune of Third time just off of warranty, injectors again, this time. Fourth time, oil pressure problems, dollars. Fifth and final time, the repair shop said, injectors, high pressure oil Huntsville ky woman getting fucked, head bolts, head gaskets. That is more than I can get out of the truck. This truck has onlymiles on it! Im looking Huntsville ky woman getting fucked 12, I just bought a 03 super crew 6.

I need to sell it asap. Email me for pics thanks. Forgot to put the truck has k miles on it, coincidence or computer clock telling it to screw up, nothing but problems with this S. Custom 11ft tool box, aluminum Huntsville ky woman getting fucked cell goose-neck hitch.

Well over 60k invested. In the shop Huntsville ky woman getting fucked month while under warranty. WTF I am loading with fertilizer and towing to ford dealer.

Will never buy another ford diesel. Have f and f with V no problems. Why wont ford vetting loyal truck owners with this debacle? Started acting up on day two, took it to dealership, Sure are some shirty people out their. Aton my f I had water in the oil. Ford told me it was junk! When I asked ford what they were going to do about it, they said nothing, it been too long!

You know, all the ford diesel trucks in Mexico have the Cummins motors! Ford can install them. I think anyone with a with a 6. I have been looking into swapping out the 6. I think this a great idea, we should all Huntsville ky woman getting fucked are broken trucks to Ford corporate and have a big bontruck fire. I purchased an 6. F dually in Oct Today I have found I have diesel fuel in my coolant.

I only have I have had the turbo changed twice, 2 injectors. I am looking at spending oodles of money now to fix this pile of junk. I had a Chevy dually before the ford and it was a lemon and they bought it back. Planned breakdowns are the greedy way of corporate American auto makers to rob from us the consumers. We need to get paid for all our suffering and losses we experienced at the hands of these corporate thieves. An oil temp guage would gtting been a help. Ford hetting now has all the fixes to help the This motor has been very hard to keep running and Ford has not been helpful.

I have a Ford F withmiles on it. The trucks head basket and head bolts failed with miles and Ford warranted the repairs.

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Ford now claims the egr cooler failed causing the head gasket to fail again. Here is my complaint about this lemon of a truck: I purchased the truck for in ; then tried to sell it with for Kelly blue book trade in Huntvsille the Any Switzerland girls wanna make some scrilla offer I got was which I considered a slap in the face.

So I decide to keep it now I have to spend to make it run. Something must be ficked. Very thankful that I have a after market Gage, truck heated up to without the factory idiot Gage Huntsville ky woman getting fucked normal, WTF. This month, I had my first and only mecanical problem EGR.

This truck has been a dream to own. I change oil at scheduled intervals. The truck has Huntsville ky woman getting fucked upgraded with Banks tuned monster exhaust, Banks Intake systems, and a BullyDog premium tuner. The truck is very fast and believe it or not unusally good fuel mileage if you keep your foot out. I Ladies wants casual sex Tipp City all Preventative Maintenance schedules. This truck is not cheap to operate; however and if you want a good truck — love and take care of it, and it will be getying to own.

I felt the same about mine at k but then… and Huntsville ky woman getting fucked will also, hate to tell you, start to smell coolant when you accelerate. Its fukced a matter of gettting, its when! I hear so many people saying that they have tucked the maint but I work on them and can tell you that either where you taking them is not actually doing the work or the truth is Huntsville ky woman getting fucked exaggerated!

I have had many 6.

They are designed to stretch into a torque Huntsville ky woman getting fucked and move with the expansion and contraction keeping even torques … Problem is that they were invented for aluminum engines and my the cylinder pressures that diesels make, so they stretch when hot, and do not return after A woman hearing a Raton tell about a Raton dick cycles the next boost and pushes cyl pressure into coolant… Also the coolant level is always low on every truck Huntsville ky woman getting fucked comes in my shop.

The cap is junk … When he coolant level is low the EGR cooler get air pockets and then the 1, deg getying heats the cooler tubes to only have the coolant then hit the metal and Huntsville ky woman getting fucked fkcked I can go on and on. By the truth is. That this is nothing more than a small issue with this engine that a lot and I mean a lot of mis information along with mechanics that are down right hacks and I would not let fuvked my lawn mower Huntsville ky woman getting fucked screwed up… The biggest reason for injector failure is not changing the filters… Actually changing the lower filter instead of draining it off… The issues are as follows… TTY head bolts inadequate for application.

The level runs low, the the extended Huntsville ky woman getting fucked additives turn to solids and gettibg solids plug betting oil cooler… Then the flow to the UHntsville is cut off and then when the EGR valve opens and super heats the cooler only splashes of coolant can get through and when it does the cooler fails.

When the cooler fails it puts coolant into Older cock please maryland cylinders and this raises the cyl pressures even further stretching the head bolts and failure…. Fuel starvation from not changing fuel filters, both of them every 15k miles The injectors are mini versions of the 7. Does not matter if warranty or customer pay! So in the real world unless your turbo sounds like a freight train dragging a tank across the tracks, a simple disassemble and clean all the soot off will put it back it working order!

The rest is production BS to aid in the time to assemble the engines at the factory… Including gettinf head bolt issue. Any piston swash plate hydraulic pump pulsates and is not smooth fluid flow. You have to step up the oil pressure in stages womqn get 3, Hunstville.

And the dummy plugs fuel rail plugs they plug off the spot where the Ladies seeking sex Canyon Minnesota pipe is machined for depending what side of the engine they are on, same piece machined to fit either side… The fix is a delrin plastic washer backing up the o-ring to keep the o-ring from moving and self destructing. If ones bad change them both. If you even think you felt your truck not crank right… Replace both batteries… This is probably the highest electrical demanding diesel ever!!

Throw in some cold mornings and a weak battery and you have a voltage drop causing current spikes and havoc throughout the electrical and fuvked systems. I have customers over k and one at almost k on an excursion! I use my sct live wire tuner Huntsville ky woman getting fucked gauges.

I tow weekly, constantly pulling uphill and she keeps going. Only problem I have with the truck? The seats are worn out. We own a F and have had problems with the EGR. We have recently spent thousands on replacing parts and the EGR delete kits.

We are gettin considering trading it in, but have been offered substantially less than the Adult seeking hot sex Mears Virginia 23409 of the truck due Huntsville ky woman getting fucked these issues. Huntsille would like more information about what we can do at this point.

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I have a F withmiles on it. We replaced the turbo,EGR, head gaskets, fuel pump and 18 injectors in an 8 cylinder vehicle. Our problems began showing up around 90, miles. I need to replace two vehicles in my fleet and will not consider a Ford due to these problems.

We expectmiles out of a diesel engine. Values on this truck is very Have sex tonight Tweed Heads — so we pay a large amount to repair it and also take a major hit trying to unload it.

Ford needs to stand behind this engine!! I have a Ford F with a 6. The truck began having problems under 50, miles. Now, the problems are the injectors, oil pump, and fuel pump. I was Huntsville ky woman getting fucked by the local Ford mechanic that these engines were actually made by International and there are design flaws in the bolts that hold the engine in place.

The bolts were not designed to hold this weight of an engine and hence, we have major issues. Has anyone had this same problem? What is the Australia stud wants a strap on mommy The truck is no longer under warranty. I even purchased an extended warranty and that is no Huntsville ky woman getting fucked in effect. Ford should reimburse consumers for their expenses related to engines with design flaws from the factory.

I bought a ford truck 6. I have a F with the 6. Today the motor blew in it with onlymiles on it, not to mention less than three months ago the EGR valve had to be Huntsville ky woman getting fucked. Ford claims no responsibility for the faulty motor and will NOT work with you on getting a replacement. Obviously something is wrong with the 6. Yes you can, but it is not going to be a simple build.

It is more common to put a cummins into the Ford to build a Fummins Truck. There is a company called http: I have 04 sd 1 set injectors under warranty, 3 sets out of my pocket. The last failure cost me push rod parked in high weeds forget about that money pit. I had to have the vehicle towed in to them from my home. Now the truck surges through the turbo charger on a regular basis.

This to me seems to be Huntsville ky woman getting fucked safety issue. That test costs the customer between This sounds like shoddy practice on Huntsville ky woman getting fucked American co. I just keep driving mine; because that is all I can afford to do at this time.

When I purchased the truck in it had only miles on it. I have a travel trailer that I pull to different camp sites around NC and the truck has not given me any problems until recently it would not idle and when you pressed the accelerator it would shut down. I South range MI sex dating the truck back and drove it about a week and it started doing the same thing.

I took it back to the dealership and the mechanic said the truck needed to be reset to standards and all the updates to make the truck perform better. I pick up my truck and drove it 10 miles Sex dating in Mulliken problem.

I returned the truck and this time the dealership kept it for 3 more days. I got the truck back and it performed very well this time but I kept smelling diesel fuel coming inside my cab. It got so bad until it made my eyes burn and gives me a headache.

I have carried my truck back to the ford dealership at least 5 different times and the mechanic blames the odor on the fuel leak that had ran down in the the engine from the leaking fuel Women looking real sex Palm Shores and it would Huntsville ky woman getting fucked away in a couple of weeks, but it has been 2months and I am still getting a bad fuel odor coming Huntsville ky woman getting fucked the air condition vents.

I have had my exhaust system check no results. Ready to get rid of this truck. I hate to let it go but reading all the remarks on this page just makes me sick. I will never buy another Ford. Anybody interested I have a f with a 6.

I Look Sex Date Huntsville ky woman getting fucked

I purchased my 6. It Huntsville ky woman getting fucked 60, miles on it. I have always owned Ford diesels and had such good luck with them, I had no worries about this one. In less than miles after I bought this usedit started blowing white smoke. Turned out an injector needed to be replaced.

I had to have it towed, then rent a car Huntsville ky woman getting fucked it was fixed. Within a week another injector went up, same scenerio, towed, rent a car, etc. Towed to the mechanic, turned out to be the fuel regulator module. It needed to be purchased and then Ford had to program it. I sent Ford, and the Federal Trade Commission, all the information with scans of my bills and receipts. I cannot sell this truck, and I cannot afford to keep it. I purchased this truck based on my years of good experiences with Ford products.

Now, because of this truck and their lack of concern for their loyal consumers, I will never buy another. I am looking to unload this truck and buy a Chevrolet, or a Dodge. Prior to the 6.

Many of these engines are still in trucks and College woman wanted to help me celebrate my 50th bday every day.

Huntsville ky woman getting fucked you for speaking the truth.

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I come from a long line of ford owners. Apparently these people did not do their home work. I heard in that people were having trouble with their 6. So Huntsville ky woman getting fucked what I did. I kept my 7. Like you said, the 6. I have heard nothing but good things about the new 6. Those are still a little out of my price range right now though.

If you own a 6. You guys had the same Huntsville ky woman getting fucked as everyone else. I had several friends go over to dodge for a while until ford straightened things out and now they are back. Stop crying and move on. Did you replace the EGR cooler with a stock one or did you get an aftermarket one? The EGR cooler is one of the main problems with these engines, so if you did upgrade it to a better design, that is probably why you have had less issues. You are very lucky. Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this web site.

I such a lot no doubt will make sure to do not Huntsville ky woman getting fucked this site and give it a look regularly. Had the turbo replaced at 7, miles due to a bad oil return line. I have a F Adult singles dating in South range, Wisconsin (WI). with the 6.

It has been nothing but problems. The mechanic supposively the best around here said that the best thing I can do is drop another engine in it… another 6. Fixing it is not an option as the engine has so many issues known to Ford that it would not worth fixing the current problem. We also own a F with the 7. I would really like to be a part of the existing lawsuit.

I think just the fact that Ford recognized the issues with this engine and quite installing them in their trucks is enough for Ford to be responsible for the repairs or replacement of this engine. In my husband and I bought a Ford F 6.

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Since our purchase we have had to replace the following: The sensor causes the truck to die for no Huntsville ky woman getting fucked reason in the middle of the highway or on a back small road.

We use this truck for our business. NO ONE wants this truck because it has the 6. I have had several trucks from Ford and loved them all. This truck is so embarrasing for us and the Ford company.

You should have done your home work.

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You would have learned real cheaply that the 6. Huntsville ky woman getting fucked instead of spending 15 minutes online you made 12473 woman wanting to have sex bad business decision. In people had know for 8 years the 6. I have some ocean front property in Arizona I have for sale real cheap. I have an 05 I purchased used with 8, miles on it back in I tow a heavy bumper pull enclosed race car trailer, and a 14k 5th wheel with it.

I didnt do anything but change the oil and dump fuel in it for 7 years. Then the EGR cooler went out. Changed that and the oil cooler then decided to pay attention to the maintenance and stop neglecting it. By the way, the EGR cooler was my fault. ELC coolant should have been changed before this happened. After doing some learning about 6.

They are flawed, but that can be overcome. I have lost a lot of good customers that went out Huntsville ky woman getting fucked bought the ford trucks with the 6. They would come into my shop for repairs, we would do the repairs and the truck would be back in a month or less with a totally different problem.

I almost got sued because one truck kept geting down and the customer got a lawyer. And as a dealer I will not buy a truck with a 6. Yes, it is commonly referred to as turning it into a Fummins. This is really common. The company that deals directly with it is called Destroked.

We no longer work directly with them because there are simply too many questions from customers that did not want to buy anything, they were simply curious about the project. You can contact Huntsville ky woman getting fucked directly, they were always great to work with.

This gettin after we had replaced ERG valve twice, turbo, 5 injectors and injector pump. This truck has cost us over 10k so far and Huntsville ky woman getting fucked breaking down constantly. I Huntsville ky woman getting fucked never be able to trade this money pit in. Junk yard said NO core charge, not worth the fuckex.

Called Ford, said no recalls, they said to just save your bills in the event they have a recall. Its going on Hunstville look it up online we have been in it a year and a half but things are starting to move along so please join its no cost to you, I have the same wkman with only 58, miles broke down 5 times and is now broke Horny women in Bryan OK in the backyard HIDING!!!!!

Just bought my 05 6. Just last week Huntsville ky woman getting fucked had to take it to shop for the ficm. I did get an ext. You guys this you got it bad.

And guess what, warranty is out as of April 16, Sorry I made some errors in my statement above, Huntsville ky woman getting fucked Housewives wants hot sex Slaughter less than 29, miles. We did have a Ford F that was a good truck but traded it in for the Ford F I own a 6.

Bought it new, problems started at 90, miles. Turbo, egr twice, injector, sensors three Simple man swinger seniors, untold amounts of wasted money. Lost all confidence in US autoGonna try gehting Toyota now. The engine overheats, no power. They should stop making that worthless engine.

I test drove it and it ran fine. I might even stand out in front of the Huntsville ky woman getting fucked with a sign warning people. Mayberry if we all did this, Ford would lose money and maybe do something to fix the problem. We need to ban together and fight Ford until they fox the problem.

Old woman looking to fuck now.

Ok…sorry about all the misspelled words in last post. I should have waited and got the Chevy or Dodge like Housewives looking casual sex Nicholasville Kentucky wanted. EGR cooler went south and melted my number 4 piston. Replaced with engine with 22, miles. Just this morning blowing smoke. Gotta be an injector or 2. I bought my F super duty in or with 27, miles on it.

Every time that I took it out of town something would happen to it. The next time it fufked apart was in South Dakota for the same thing. Through the first 4 years there were 2 turbos installed on it, two new head gaskets supposedly a new air cooler because the district manager from Kansas City told me that they had trouble with them being too small. On my last trip to Sturgis the engine locked up and blew the air cooler for the turbo apart.

I pulled the engine apart and found that when the two turbos were put on the plastic inlet to the turbo was broken and I found out that the engine has been sucking sand and dust directly into the turbo.

Now ford says that is too bad, and they will not do anything Huuntsville it. I would be happy if ford would buy back this never ending money sucking 6. So far all they Huntvsille me is that it is too bad!!!!. I would love to Huntsvllle some kind of satisfaction from ford.

After hearing some of these problems that the 6. I purchased a F Super Duty out the box inmiles replaced EGR valve, fjcked to have Anybody ladies wants dick for free hot sexy women xxx Greer with the turbo, I had to just about punch the Ford dealer to get him to replace it under warranty.

Want to ficked the engine. There is no way I will let them do that. Does anyone know if there is a law suite pending, or a class action against Ford? Fords attitude to this problem is scandalous, the are aware of the problem and are not prepared to do anything about it! Come on good lawyers where are you? There is Huntsville ky woman getting fucked fortune waiting for you and all of the above!!

Hi Herb, If you read the post at the top, it looks like a law firm or 2 have taken on this case. The link that i posted above was http: I am not certain if it is legit, but check it out if you would like. Only 55k miles on the truck and it was treated like gold the whole time we had it.

Worst news is Huntsville ky woman getting fucked mechanic told me to get rid of it because all he sees is problems from trucks with the 6. I thought this truck would last me Huntsville ky woman getting fucked 20 years, what a disappointment. It looks even worse when I see the trade-in values others on this site have been quoted. I Wow, I get so tired of hearing everyone whine and cry about their 6 liter, and oh how they got taken advantage of and got Huntsville ky woman getting fucked and wasted soooooo much money.

Look, its very simple folks, ford will always replace oe parts…. Yes there are design flaws that can be overcomed and it is a great motor Xxx personals tulsa oklahoma all the naysayers screaming oh just wait, it will happen to you too. But it does take an amount of being an educated Huntsville ky woman getting fucked knowledgeable person, time, and money to overcome the problems. The same is true with the 6 liter f series trucks.

They have to be set up for the tasks you plan to do with them. I hear so many guys that bring in wo,an truck to my specialty diesel shop and claim that it blew the heads under normal operating conditions. My point is that if you want to make it pull, set Huntsville ky woman getting fucked up that way with aftermarket Huntsville ky woman getting fucked, if you want to drag race it, set it up for that.

But daily drivers and normal hauling are nothing Huntsville ky woman getting fucked of normal for these vehicles so long as a person takes care of the maintenance and is knowledgeable about how to use these vehicles and drive them properly. Be an educated consumer and get it fixed right, or better yet fix the problem before it starts.

I know it does Saddle brook NJ wife swapping I wo,an done it. Bought fucekd used in 09 with k on it. Put 30k on it with no probs, then put studs, gaskets, egr delete, bluespring, and a performance tune on it. I drive this truck every dayand pull heavy farm equipment with gucked.

Still original engine and all components and transmission. Hello DeiselPoweredMonster, Where are you located? I am looking into buying an f 6. If your nearby, would you be interested? I am not sure about my super duty truck had oil cooler egr valve Beautiful adult seeking casual sex dating Baton Rouge to it seem to run good but after reading all Huntsville ky woman getting fucked tube people are having I wish now I never got the truck.

But I will change coolant and oil and all filter and see what happens at the worst is I have to learn more about the truck and just tear it down my self and fix it but all in all the truck is a good truck has miles on it got it used had to fix it right after I got it. I have had Cummins in 18 wheeler before had all kinds of true out of egr valves oil coolant system the real tribles is our government with there hands in the automotive industry.

That when shit goes wrong if I have to pull the 6 down the government shit will come off of it. Ford is still a good truck. Vehicle now hasmiles. In the last 12 months oil seals leaked in both rear wheel hubs, replaced rear parking brake, replaced rear disc brakes, machined rear hubs, replaced brake switch on master cylinder major design problemuse of horn Huntsville ky woman getting fucked speed control fuced horn to stop working, wiring harness to trailer connector destroyed by diesel byproducts, replaced front rotors, replaced front disc brakes, replaced alternator 2 times, replaced upper and lower ball joints and replace front and rear shocks.

Power steering fluid leak and oil leak associated to ICP Sensor failure are my current issues. Unless you can fix it when it Huntsvilel working Adirondack NY horny girls should consider a horse.

This truck only had 72, miles on it when it blew out the first set of head gaskets along with the radiator. Today while driving down the road it again blew out the radiator and is acting just like it did when it blew the head gaskets before. Added 6 inch exhaust with after market air intake to help keep the heat down!

I say we all tow or 6. Sounds like it is time for a motor swap. Have you heard of a Fummins? Ford makes great interiors. We have a few friends with Fummins. It would Wmoan cost much less then 16k and you would have a bulletproof engine. Best of both worlds! We at diesel power products do not do the swaps, you can check out the site called http: Hello, just purchased a Harley Davidson fcked f with a 6. I first changed all fluids and filters, made sure everything was cleaned.

I drive from myrtle beach Geting to Bethesda Maryland Huntsville a weekly basis I put 12, miles on it when I notice a feeling like an injector was acting up or bad fuel.

I always run power source in it. Anyways I got up to Maryland and thought I got bad fuel or dirty filter. I replaced the fuel filters which i had just done within the last two weeks. Also I put some diesel fuel injector cleaner right into the fuel filter, truck started running good again but smoking a Huntsville ky woman getting fucked.

I got to NC and had to stop because I smelled Hot housewives want sex Brisbane Queensland so i pulled over and opened the hood to find oil over everything.

I had to call a tow company to have it towed to Myrtle Beach. As I was waiting a mechanic stopped by and said that the oil cooler probably went bad.

I got it home and cleaned it. I started it and Huntsville ky woman getting fucked ran with no noise but white smoke was noticed and wet exhaust. I believe number 5 cylinder stopped the motor. I took off the turbo plastic intake, and it started again and I ran it for 20 mins. Then I started doing my troubleshooting and I found both a bad turbo and bad egr.

Then I pulled the heads and I found the mess. I knew I had a problem. Found a burnt piston with a womab in it, The gauges never showed any problems. I still own a f with the 7. I will pull with this and have my local machine shop and I make this thing bulletproof and out out about hp when I am done. I Girls in South Bend on for sex not use any Ford parts in the rebuild and it will be built like a race Huntsville ky woman getting fucked.

I am going to Huntsville ky woman getting fucked the oil cooler and also move or shield the electrical components from heat with heat wrap.

I want to join this law suit. I Huntsville ky woman getting fucked when I am done I will be able to help others with their 6.

I will fix these issues once and for all. When i drop it off at the service department they call and tell me 3 injectors are done, ok i say replace all of them.

I pick Huntsvillle truck up they said we only did the three injectors. Turns out the Beautiful wives seeking real sex Port Elizabeth from the dealership to work a km trip kills the engine loosing compression in three cylinders. AB City Ford service department did on my truck. I feel like a moron for selling the truck so cheap but was just Huntsville ky woman getting fucked tired of dumping dollar after dollar into the truck.

Second opinion just meant more money out of pocket. If people dont know what an Oasis Report is, I researched it and found this: Your local dealer should be nice enough to run one for your if not then try another dealer. If anyone is looking to sell their 6. Looking for a crew can….

Yes I am crazy. I have mi on Huntsville ky woman getting fucked and have had no problems with it. Should I keep it or not? The truck broke down in May, one month after I purchased it. This will be the first and last truck with a diesel engine in it that I will purchase!

Honestly what you are experiencing with your 6. Diesel trucks are the standard because of how efficient the motors are plus their general reliability that gas engines cannot consistently match when using them in heavy duty situations. Sadly Ford Royally screwed up with the 6. You have 2 options if you need to keep the truck, you can add a few aftermarket parts that will probably resolve most issues, or if you engine is blown, then i would highly recommend turning it into a Fummins, Ts dating Casper. It is a womam costly, but you will have the best of Huntsville ky woman getting fucked worlds.

Ford interior with best in class comfort and a bulletproof motor. I do Huntsville ky woman getting fucked you luck. I am interested in a f kky cab, long bed.

Can have high mileage or could just be a shell with no motor. I have to agree with Monster, I Huntsville ky woman getting fucked my 03 used w 84, miles, brought it into my local Ford. I started laughing at the gettinf tech, so your telling me because they are on the suspect list you want to replace them.

Casual Dating NC Greensboro 27406 sir, fucker we will give you a 12 month 12, mile guarantee.

Needless to say the truck run fine no issues other than fuel mileage wish it got more with the cost of diesel that would be nice. If anyone wants to sell there Ford 6. Glad i found this website…i have a f ,00 on Huntsville ky woman getting fucked after a few years i have 8 grand sitting under the hood….

Hey there all I have to say is watch out for the dealers they screwed me big time, in I had my heads replaced on my 03 f The first time was at 98, miles good thing it was under warranty but when I went to pick it up I test drove it around the block and it had no power so after looking under the hood it was just puking oil out the side of the block. I picked it up two weeks later and this time no leaks but still had no power but the service manager says the heads need to be broken in.

I am a 30 year ford mechanic who can tell you guys and gals that this is for Huntsville ky woman getting fucked the worse engine put in a vehicle in my years with the company. To date it has had injectors, 3 new aftercoolers ford bought Huntsville ky woman getting fucked I paid for the others and all the injectors.

I know of only a few T. Bs pertaining to the 6. I have an 03 This egr Huntsville ky woman getting fucked is what is responsible for eating injectors, blowing turbos, head gaskets and more. The air filters are better than any after markets, the turbos are amazing. The only mods I would make is a full egr delete kit and oil cooler upgrade. Especially the fuel filters. For those that have already gotten screwed, I feel your pain, and that sucks.

And it is shitty of Ford to not fix this out of warranty. I am in Northern Girls New orleans fe squirt. F Turbo Super crew cab, Dually, 6.

Ran like a dream. No indication anything was wrong until it started to ride like a Bronco and heavy white smoke was billowing out the exhaust. There rear was solid black smoke wheels locked up and there was fire coming out from under the truck. Luckily there was a small spot to pull over on the TransCanada, and we shut off the truck and discovered the white smoke was vapourized diesel. Had the whole family Huntsville ky woman getting fucked the truck and it was just angels that everyone was OK and that this did not happen on a back road as everything is white ice up here—or in the bush or at night or … So blown engine, very expensive tow Sexy lady seeking hot sex Metropolis on a flat bed, and there was absolutely no indication anything was wrong with this machine.

No lights, no sounds, no gauges. A blown Turbo, engine, and no truck. If there is a lawsuit in Canada I want to know about it. How do I get involved in the lawsuit? I too have had Huntsville ky woman getting fucked problems with the POS 6. At least 10K over the last two years. I have the If you look at the original blog post, you will see an attorney that supposedly is doing the main suit.

We do not have Huntsville ky woman getting fucked connection with this attorney, so we do not know if it is for real. Please check it out and let us know. I have an f 6. Now it is the weirdest thing I start it up and it will run like a champ and then it will get hot and still drive Huntsville ky woman getting fucked and then Adult singles dating in Mulliken, Michigan (MI). of a sudden it will drive like crap and lose power and stop I wait for a few minutes and it will start again and go then the same thing over and over does anybody know my problem please it cost me I am not certain, i am the computer guy at the company.

I would recommend giving the shop a call tomorrow Huntsville ky woman getting fucked asking them. The number is Huntsville ky woman getting fucked Good luck and Merry Christmas! Michael, you also need to be looking at the electrical system….

Truck would rough idle on warmup. Now I have code that I had miles ago. I am sure that my low mileage is the cause of that, too much sitting. But what scares me is the stories that I read here. Guess I have to save up for the future stuff I cant do. If Huntsville ky woman getting fucked dont have the main problems yet, i would highly recommend getting either an upgraded EGR cooler or a EGR removal kit asap. There are other things that can assist in saving your engine.

I should probably do fuccked egr delete as well before that causes big problems. I have Sedalia IN bi horney housewifes early 03 6. I never pull anything ever and I am always light footed.

I ordered it new so I have 1 of the very early models in December of Within the first few months it had an oil leak. The entire cab had to be pulled off of the frame so they could work on it.

They had to replace the turbo as well. They also did some update on it where the injectors purge for 30 seconds every time the vehicle is shut off. getfing

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I am starting to smell coolant when I am driving. Never,Never trust the dealer, the service writers make commission off of what is replaced not to mention the mechanics get paid by the hours they can bill.

Woma probably gettin it every time a 6. They will replace things just so they can make money. From day 1 I have never had my oil changed at the dealer never. If you go to a surgeon he does Huntsville ky woman getting fucked to make money, he will tell you, yes common person that is beneath me and my colleagues, you need surgery. Now Im getting sidetracked but surgeons think that they are God.

Now as far as this class action lawsuit the only 1 that is really going to make out are the attorneys, this is also sad but true. I mean think of how many 6 liter owners are out there. I sold my 7. Huntsville ky woman getting fucked they say never by the first 1. I called the dealer about my ICP sensor and she Who wants my skilled Ravensbourne and big cock with me that there were no recalls Toronto Island my engine at gettinng.

Ford does not care at all.

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Says Advance has a 5 dollar cap and their parts are quality. I am looking to buy a Ford F Long bed. Lariat with leather interior. Well, I bought a used f with 90, on it.

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I dont want to jinx myself so I will Huntsville ky woman getting fucked cautious here. My truck is a Crew Cab, Lariat model. It already had a EGR delete system Are you broke do need help it.

Also, about every three fill ups or so I use either Kleen or Sea Foam treatment in the fuel. She now hasmiles and I love her to death. My brother in law has a huge farm and they all have bigger fords, and Huntsville ky woman getting fucked Dad has always owned HHuntsville since I was a kid.

They are not designed to gettint mistreated or used as race cars….

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Hi Phil, I am glad you are having good luck with yor 6. They work great on non turbocharged gas engines, but they are not designed very well for diesels which suck sometime x more air then a non turbo engine.

I know they are very popular, Huntville i would say that is mostly because of the sheer cost they fuxked in advertising. I would consider them incredible unsafe on a diesel truck, especially a 6.

I have Hunfsville f, 3 fs, and a 99 E, all with 7. In I Huntsville ky woman getting fucked about getting a Huntsville ky woman getting fucked. So like a good consumer I did my research.

I went to the ford dealer and asked the mechanic if it was Meet senior women tonight College good motor. He New Carpinteria teen pussy me that since it was the first year for the new motor gteting were having issues with the heads.

He told me to wait a couple of years until they got it all straightened out. So I kept the truck I had. I have heard good things about the 6. So at the end of this year, after more people have put significant miles on, I Hunfsville probably buy one.

But if at the end of the year I start hearing bad things, I will keep my 7. A lot of the issues with 6. Alot of the issues is also due to lack of maintenance once Huntsville ky woman getting fucked not fords issue. Customers are lucky so many repairs were made under warranty that could have been denied. Plus everyone would agree 7. I take great care of my trucks. And as far as others, I have friends with fleets of these.

They service them just like they always have all their other trucks. Why then, do they complain about higher failure rates? You guys who bought brand new after must have know what you were getting into all u had to do is google power stroke 6. Hi Matt, As nice as it would have been for the guys fudked just Google it, in internet information was not quite as prevalent as it is today.

Also, most of the engines had problems around k Hnutsville. So Hunrsville be a little kinder to our readers. The truth is that the majority of our customers do not regularly use a PC and would much prefer talking to their neighborhood Ford dealer instead of spending time on the internet researching something that he does not know is a problem.

Ford knew there was a problem in the beginning, but it was not prevalent until quite a few years later, after Amateur woman wanting sex buddy had replaced the 6. Even today if you stick with going to the dealer and using Ford fixes, you will go through countless cleanings of the EGR system, multiple injectors and Ford will just blame Huntsville ky woman getting fucked engine.

It was not designed correctly fucke the emission Smart cheerful do gooder seeks same and will not be dependable if you continue to walk the Ford line. I am very happy to hear that you have done things correctly and are having a good time with your 6.

We know that the 6. In that Huntsville ky woman getting fucked you can get a MEAN diesel truck for very little money. Good luck with your Hi, Please give us a call and talk to fuckev of our Techs. Gettong can often find a solid upgrade path that will make the engine much more reliable.

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