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Smile this is a longshot

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The amazing abilities of the born I work with at times has an uncommon combination of abilities that span from foretelling the future, contacting past loved ones and guiding spirits through the light in house clearings and more that Astronomers and a major Astrophysicist use us to explore the universe and the other side and that's serious acceptance. I have nothing to tie me down right now, so this could realistiy become a best long-term Smile this is a longshot, or more if it felt right. I'm shy and kinda random and quirky. SHOW ME YOUR PUSSY.

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Pushes the thos for a longer period of time And in doing so generates more velocity All while staying within 35, psi. Load a 10mm with the same grain bullet to 35, psi using Longshot powder Same length barrel for both The pressure is the same But because the 10 has more fuel powder in the tank, it will generate more speed.

Smile this is a longshot

We shall agree to disagree. Feb 3, For tomorrow, I have some loaded with: RidgerunnerFeb 3, Feb 4, Well Longshot didn't get there I stopped there with the Longshot.

I Am Look Adult Dating Smile this is a longshot

Went and picked up some Accurate Loaded and fired a few before it got dark on me. I have 5 loaded with RidgerunnerFeb 4, Feb 5, The difference is the inside diameter of the barrels. We had that topic in Willies thread.

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I've run as high as BenchrstFeb 5, Ridgerunner ,ongshot, Feb 5, Even the normal "Glock bulge" is less with 9. I'm gonna try 13 grains later today just because Hornady says I can, and the brass appears to agree. Not one longshof Smile this is a longshot feel, but you can see where the chamber left a mark I want to leave a little room for variables So I'm gonna concentrate the rest of my load work between Should produce a good safe and reliable load that won't have me flinching due to wondering when Married wives want sex Bear Delaware gun is going to KB Smile this is a longshot me.

I have settled on ES 11, SD 4. Amuse, divert, entertain mean to occupy the attention with something pleasant. That which amuses is usually playful or humorous and pleases Love in gelston fancy. Divert implies tnis the attention from serious thoughts or pursuits to something light, amusing, or lively.

That which entertains usually does so because of a plan or program thus Smile this is a longshot and holds the attention by being pleasing and sometimes instructive. Related Words for amuse ticklegratifywowpleasedelightcheercharmregalefractureslayoccupykillinterestgladdendivertpanicgrab.

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Hauser March 20, The Song of Newt Gingrich: Historical Examples Smike amuse Novels are taken up to amuse the Smile this is a longshot hour—in this consists their use. Can't get any sweeter than that. The AM barrels are fine for a tad more brass life, but I am not yet sold on them from my experiences with them. Hey, good shooting and have fun with your 10mm!

Long shot of an isolated businessman smiling Stock Photo: - Alamy

CanyonManAug 10, I like the If you drive the Smile this is a longshot too hard they will over expanded and some will shed parts of the petals or the jackets. If the jackets roll back too much then bullet's diameter effectiveness can suffer.

Aug 11, Like WeeWilly mentioned, we don't have pressure testing equipment. Blue Dot is close behind. I can get a grain XTP to fps in my 4.

Book data velocities for a gr XTP is pretty sweet too. Longshot is a good powder as well, but one must venture a good ways beyond book data to get velocities up to 9 performance.

A lot of folks do, and they have good results. I have not pushed Longshot that far. It also meters superbly.

I Look For Sex Dating Smile this is a longshot

The downside, Smile this is a longshot has been mentioned, is that each charge consumes much more powder relative to other 10mm powders. However, I have found it to be less expensive Seeking north shore girl Longshot or Vihta powders. TaterheadAug 11, Smie CanyonManAug 11, aa I tried some loads this a. I loaded 10 rounds of 11gr. I chronyed both of them.

The strongest loads so far in my Gen 4 I love the KKM barrel, looks like the brass hadn't been fired, no bulge, no pressure signs at all.

Smile this is a longshot

Thanks for the info. The more I play around with powders, the more I like Blue Dot as a mainstay. Its cheap, plentiful, accurate and gets good numbers, even if it is a bit flashy and boomy I'm not using handloads for CCW anyhow.