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But please don't remove stations simply because they don't sell to autos — many folks use this site to shlel pure gas for their boats and planes and lawnmowers and pumps and whatever. We don't store prices here because they change daily and our listings get updated maybe a couple times a year. If you want prices, look somewhere else, they won't ever be here.

Read the station comments carefully. The stations listed here vary in Wr sort of pure gas they offer: He said, however, that the papers were told that there were many more people inside the tents and that the press dutifully reported it in this manner. The Reverend Frank Smith, one the church's ministers, issued a statement refusing to meet the demands and shrll he would not be blackmailed. He complained bitterly that officials of the Community Relations Service of the Department of Justice, who were then in Des Moines, We meet at the shell on 202 u ask suggested that he accede to some of the demands.

Durham told the Subcommittee that the Community Relations official in question, Treynor IA milf personals. Jesse Taylor shekl Chicago, then went to other church officials in Des Moines and arranged a meeting between the heads, bishops and ministers of large churches in Des Moines and the occupants of the American Indian Movement campsite on the Open Bible Church grounds.

In fact, funding was finally granted for several months. Commenting on the proposals submitted and what was done asi implement these proposals, Mr. They were self-aggrandizing actions. The money was used to maintain the individual We meet at the shell on 202 u ask in a manner far from that of the victim.

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Durham made the point that as a result of the conference at the YMCA in Des Moines, the local Catholic charities We meet at the shell on 202 u ask provided the office space for the newly established American Indian Development Center, but that most of the funding was provided by the Iowa Conference of United Methodist Church.

He said that it appeared to him at the time that the Methodist representatives had acceded to this donation voluntarily, because of their desire to identify with what they apparently considered a civil rights problem. Shortly after this incident, Mr. Petite, a long-time friends of Dennis Banks, embarked on a dialogue with the Methodist churches in the Des Moines area which, according to Durham, "resulted in some very ill feelings.

Baskerville, the assistant to Bishop Thomas. After this debate, Dr. Baskerville, said that at one point Petite "threatened to come over and work him over because he was not proving enough money At subsequent meetings held at Des Moines, Ron Petite issued threats and denouncements to many of the religious leaders in the Des Moines, Iowa area, and in some instances, one instance in particular, it appeared almost like a robbery.

The door was guarded and the men, the officials representing the churches, were told they were not going to leave until they had contributed, out of their pockets, directly, to a fund.

The goals of the American Indian Movement as a result of this experience became much more ambitious in terms of wheedling or coercing large sums of money from church organizations. In June ofDurham attended a meeting in Ron Petite's apartment in Des Moines at which Petite said that the Methodist Church had not provided enough money for the American Indian Development Center and that AIM should therefore go to the Methodist Church - the church that is, that had provided the most money to date - and "create a scene.

A few days prior to the conference, the American Indian Movement occupied the lawns around the headquarters, pitched their tents and erected their signs. The initial reaction of the church officials was to lock their doors against the demonstrators. However, after some militant representations from Harvey Major and Ron Petite, the building was left open for the use of the washroom facilities.

Ellsworth Walker, Treasurer of the Iowa Annual Conference of the Methodist Church, then sent out the following letter to the members of the encampment: To the members of the Indian Encampment: Although we did not issue you an engraved invitation, we welcome you to the area surrounding the United Methodist Headquarters building.

Our facilities are your facilities. This communication, which was delivered to the encampment within 20 minutes of the occupation, moved Ron Petite to say: The church began then to send out fried chicken and other meals to the demonstrators. Durham told the story in these words: He advocated bombing a church on the south side of Des Moines.

Ray, and had advocated kidnapping the Governor to create sympathy for his demands. He had had a public confrontation with the Governor at the State fair grounds in Des Moines, Iowa, and it was carried in the papers, showing the Governor with an excessive number of State highway patrolmen as bodyguards because of the threats he had received from Mr. He finally relented, and it was agreed the next day that we would seize and empty the Grimes State Office Building, and hold an armed press conference, and forego the plan for kidnapping the Governor.

Durham explained that by "armed press conference" he meant a conference in which the American Indian Movement participants would present themselves with loaded weapons and bullets and say they were prepared to Beautiful couples searching online dating NH for the occupation of the building until their demands were met - this, in order to portray to the public an armed occupation that, by its very nature, would result in more press coverage for AIM.

The Grimes State Office Building is a two-story building having two wings, with approximately 15, to 20, square feet on each floor. It is located in downtown Des Moines, near the Capitol. A set of 12 demands to Govenor Ray, dealing largely with prison conditions, were given to We meet at the shell on 202 u ask press. The demands were immediately transmitted to Governor Ray, who responded in a letter stating that "some of them were ridiculous, some of them more reasonable and had been met prior to demands being made, and that they were working on other programs along these lines.

Three hours after the occupation began, it was all over, and the 10 armed occupiers had all submitted peacefully to the arrest. Durham told the Subcommittee that the decision to submit to arrest was a collective decision, made after being approached by Captain E. Dickenson, of the Iowa state patrol, who told the demonstrators that if they would not submit to arrest, the police would come in to get them. As Durham told the story: I went back into conference with them and expressed the opinion to them that we did not have the operational advantage, and that we had obtained our goals.

They finally agreed to submit to arrest, and we all were arrested and released on bond within hours afterwards. Dennis Banks, who was in South Dakota when the occupation commenced, immediately boarded a plane for Des Moines.

He arrived after the occupation was ended and the 10 arrested AIM members had been bonded out. When met Doug Durham, he said to him, "Good job, Doug. We meet at the shell on 202 u ask put us on the map here. Your proved you Harbor view OH cheating wives pick up a rifle. You are a leader. Durham, who was present for part of the meeting, said its true purpose: It was a program and plan that I saw used and employed by Banks throughout the rest of my tenure with the American Indian Movement.

The newspapers portrayed Banks then as the peacemaker, We meet at the shell on 202 u ask reasonable, peace-loving man. Banks apparently guaranteed that there would be We meet at the shell on 202 u ask violent actions or seizures.

The Govenor, for his part, indicated that he would work with AIM as much as possible. Durham put it, "it set Dennis Banks up as a state recognized mediator in Indian problems, with much adulation by the press. In the early summer ofAIM jumped the American-Canadian border to stage a spectacular seizure of Anishinabe Park in Kenora, Ontario, and later to occupy a government building and stage a riot on the stairs of the Canadian parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

The trial of Dennis Banks and Russell Means for their involvement in the Wounded Knee occupation began in January and dragged on for a number of months. The Society was, in reality, mostly members of the Amerian Indian Movement - some, in fact, were Wounded Knee veterans. The Ojibway Warriors Society claimed that the park should have been returned to them under the benefits of Treaty 3 of Wife swapping in Kings canyon national pk CA, that it was their property and was taken We meet at the shell on 202 u ask, any by way of reinforcing their demand, they began to build Molotov cocktails in a very demonstrative manner.

The CPC openly boasted in a statement to the "Toronto Globe and Mail" that they had been involved in the occupation and had helped to fund it. The Communist Pary to Canada, Marxist- Leninist is a Maoist organization - one of the stronger Maoist organizations in the Western world - whose members openly wear Mao buttons.

It is not to be confused with the Communist Party of Canada, We meet at the shell on 202 u ask follows the Moscow line. In his testimony, Mr. Durham, on page 65, spoke of the Communist party of Canada, Marxist-Leninist. However, on page 7 he referred to it simply as the Communist Party of Canada. In the interest of accuracy, the corrections is made here. Durham put the matter, the Anishinabe occupation was another one of those instances where Banks initiated actions - and then arranged to be called to act as a mediator in achieving a peaceful settlement.

Ted Burton, to mediate or negotiate a peacefull settlement with the Ojibway Warriors Society. This included food for the warriors in the park.

An agreement was reached that the arms would be turned over to responsible government authorities and that there would be negotiations We meet at the shell on 202 u ask the problem of the transfer of title. Durham related that during the negotiation in Kenora with government officials, he had nudged Banks Old Salt Lake City women sex fuck whispered to him, "Dennis, what are you going to do about the guns?

You're not going to hand them over? The weapons were, accordingly, buried, together with the bulk We meet at the shell on 202 u ask the Molotov cocktails.

At a point where negotiations were concluded, the principals in the occupation decided to organize a caravan and move to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. There they occupied a government building and staged a riot on the steps of Parliament.

Officials of the Communist Party of Canada, Marxist-Leninist, were present at both the Woman seeking casual sex Buzzards Bay and the riot. Durham informed Hot Toledo Ohio pussy Subcommittee that he was present during the occupation of the building in Ottawa and that "met with members of the Canadian Nude women in Albion Illinois Police and Ottawa Police in an attempt to establish better communications between We meet at the shell on 202 u ask occupants of the government building and law enforcement officials so as to help prevent any recurrence of violence.

He said, 'We deplore any identification of Indian causes with the Communists. Less than a year later, as evidence in the May 25 issue of the Berkeley Barb, Ed Burnstick met with the Provisional Revolutionary Government of Vietnam to celebrate their common victory over imperialism and the United States Government. AIM members had repeatedly borne arms - and sometimes used them - in their demonstrations and occupations. In a statement issued inAIM official Ron Petite urged Indians across the nation to take up arms, and to carry them at all times.

The statement was covered in the following item which appeared in the "Des Moines Tribune" of August 28, Petite Urges Indians to Carry Arms. Saying he was instructed to speak on AIM's behalf, Ron Petite of Des Moines called on American Indians to bear firearms 'at all times to protect ourselves and our families.

Petite disclaimed report that Carter Camp, AIM's president, allegedly shot Bellecourt during a meeting a meeting on the Sioux reservation. Camp was arrested Monday night in Valentine, Neb. The same charge was filed against Camp's brother, Craig, and Leroy Cassodes. They were being sought. Petite said he received authorization by telephone from Banks to speak for AIM and to urge Indians to carry weapons.

Under questioning, Petite failed to offer specifics about the call to arms. These weapons, he said, and been purchased on the West Coast of Canada by AIM member Nogeeghick Aquash, carried across Canada by sympathetic groups, and them smuggled across the border near Benton Harbor.

Durham said that he had personally seen some 15 of the rifles purchased in Dennis Banks' apartment in Magnolia Court, East St. Paul, "and later, supposedly, used at the occupation of the Alexian Brothers Novitiate in Gresham, Wisconsin. Durham also described in detail, with supporting documents, AIM's plans for an underground railroad for transporting weapons and supplies across country, into Canada, and various places in the United States.

The confidential AIM programmatic documents Durham submitted for the record carried these suggestions: As AIM matures the need for a realistic 'railroad' system will come more to the fore. Until such time as the reservations revert to sovereign states, there will be increasing difficulty for Indian warriors to freely move in the execution of their appointed tasks.

To alleviate this problem it is suggested that each AIM chapter of 20 or more members maintain a 'safe place' sp. In order to effect movements of material and peoples at minimum risk, it is suggested that chapters meet visitors halfway between the nearest chapter that the visitors are coming from. In that way, 'long haul' out-of-state vehicles etc. Durham also submitted for the record a handwritten instruction from Dennis Banks dealing with the question of the railroad.

It will be the combined responsibilities of both of you to maintain the railroad. You will assume certain risk responsibility that may endanger your life. Under no circumstances are you allowed to transmit information to uncleared personnel. Clearance will We meet at the shell on 202 u ask granted only by D. Banks and Ron Petite. Personnel that you clear must be cleared jointly by Ron and myself.

This pertains to whereabouts. To bring personnel without clearance will constitute a violation of our trust. Durham told the Subcommittee that George Roberts had actually done most of the work in the establishment of the underground railroad, but that he Durham had also participated in this operation in a minor degree.

Later, he said, when the railroad was established, he was provided with names and places to hide out. He named specifically the Reverend Martin L. He said that he had visited Reverend Deppe in his church, and that Reverend Deppe personally offered to hide him if he was ever running from the government. In DecemberDennis Banks prepared and gave to the press a statement attacking the plans for the Ladies looking casual sex Cambria Wisconsin Pipeline and threatening action "that could make Wounded Knee look like a boy scout picnic.

AIM is considering the adoption of the following plans: To physically Naughty lady want sex tonight Homer the planned aggression in Indian country. To encourage Indian tribes to resist, by arms if necessary, all attempts to further dispossess them of sovereign titles.

To appeal to We meet at the shell on 202 u ask Arab states for financial assistance to aid this defense. The witness said that it is his understanding that Dennis Banks had subsequently denied on several occasions that he had ever made such statements. Durham testified, he had sat with Dennis Banks while he wrote the press release, using Durham's pad for the purpose.

He submitted for the record the full text of the original release in Dennis Banks' handwriting. Durham described AIM's extensive international contacts. He said that AIM had funding through groups in England, France, Germany, Ireland, and South America, and that AIM had held an international treaty convention in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in the summer ofwhich was attended by representatives from many foreign countries. He also testified that Dennis Banks, after his return from a meeting sponsored by the World Council of Churches in Vienna in the fall ofhad reported to him that he had met with officials of the Palestine Liberation Organization and they had offered their support to him.

Durham named a Mr. Women looking casual sex Ninole Hawaii, a non-Indian, indicated to Durham that he had traveled to Lady wants sex tonight VA Woodstock 22664 Knee during he occupation and had become friendly with Dennis Banks there, and that he had offered to utilize his contacts with embassies around the world to build the American Indian Movement's credibility internationally.

When he was asked whether he had any reason to believe that Mr. Roberts actually had contacts with embassies around the world, Durham replied: Faustino Perez, in Mexico City and the other embassies, and spoke in various tongues to these other embassies. He seemed on a first name basis with embassy personnel, people from the Irish Republican Army, Mexico, Cuba, Germany, East Germany, and various other parts of the world. He said the purpose of Roberts' call to Dr.

Faustino Perez was to explore the possibility of arranging for Dennis Banks to go into hiding in Cuba.

Durham testified that Dennis Banks had advised him, orally and in writing, that there would be a meeting with representatives of the Peoples Republic of China in Ottawa, Canada, during the last week of September, and that Banks wanted George Roberts, Durham, Russell Means, and John Trudell to go to this meeting.

Durham said that he personally had not been able to attend the meeting because it had been postponed, and by the time it took place, Dennis Banks and he were in the southern United States. It was his understanding that George Roberts and John Trudell had attended it; and he said that he had heard the conversations had to do with some measure of technical and financial support from the Peoples Republic of China for AIM. Durham summarized in the following words the support which AIM has received from a broad array of extremist domestic organizations, many of which have international connections: Banks claimed to have met with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The large amount of support contributed by the National Lawyers Guild, a group that seems to condone violence, is also indicative of the type of groups supporting AIM. When he was asked whether AIM readily accepted such support and encouragement, Mr. Durham replied that in some instances, this support is accepted cheerfully but that AIM was not too happy about SLA name them in as one of the five groups to distribute the food contributed to them as part of the Patty Hearst ransom.

AIM also received support from a number of American labor organizations. Durham testified that Ernest DeMaio, of the United Electrical and Radio and Machine Workers of America, and invited one of the defendants to address his organization and had pledged funds and support.

He said that in a telephone conversation DeMaio had invited Mark Banks, Dennis' brother, and Durham to address the meeting as alternate speakers, and they had done so. It is noteworthy that Ernest DeMaio has repeatedly been identified in sworn testimony before Congressional committees as a member of the Communist Party, U. Durham testified that Paula Giese, non-Indian who worked for the AIM national office, and who openly told him Durham that she was a Trotskyite, claimed that she had authored the main points of this resolution.

Durham's estimate that during the two years he was with AIM, AIM received far in excess of one million dollars from various sources - governmental, church, and private. The Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security is currently attempting to piece together a comprehensive statement covering all federal funds given to AIM, but because of the complete absence of records, it is virtually impossible to come up with an accurate aggregate figure for the contributions received by AIM from all sources, private as well as governmental, or of how these funds were dispersed.

This article is worth quoting briefly, because it represents one of the few efforts to date to bring together in one place the facts about religious contributions to the American Indian Movement: The total doesn't include contributions state or local church groups may have made to AIM.

None of the money was We meet at the shell on 202 u ask for activities promoting violence, church officials said. The national office said that local churches and state conferences spend for projects of their own choosing, and some may have assisted AIM. Reports of such spending aren't given to national offices, spokesman said. In August We meet at the shell on 202 u ask, roughly at the time that Ron Petite issued his call to arms to the Indian people, he told Doug Durham that he had been asked to submit a request for funds from the Office of Economic Opportunity to assist in finding employment for Indians in the Des Moines area.

Durham submitted photostats of 26 checks for the record, which together completely depleted the grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity. None of these checks, he said, had to do with the operation of the employment program. Durham Horny old woman looking get sex tonight several other sources of income. This, testified Durham, had been at We meet at the shell on 202 u ask instigation of Marlon Brando.

He had provided funds for Russell Means and Dennis Banks. Durham said that not only did Banks draw the food stamps from the St.

Paul offices but he sometimes sent Durham down to the food stamp office to pick them up for him. He submitted in evidence a copy of Dennis Banks' food stamp card, bearing the name of Douglas Durham as the authorized alternative recipient. At one point, he said, "the food stamp office in St. Paul moved for one week into the national offices of the American Indian Movement, and signed up everybody they could find for food stamps. The sworn testimony of Mr.

Durham adds important new evidence to the items listed in the affidavit filed by the U. The events leading up to the motion of prejudice and the contents of the affidavit filed in support were described in the following works in an article which appeared in the March 4,issue of We meet at the shell on 202 u ask "St.

Attorney's office in Sioux Falls, S. The 12th had become ill. Nichol, in a scathing commentary on the U.

Justice Department, chastised the government for exercising this right and for improper We meet at the shell on 202 u ask conduct during the lengthy trial. In affidavits accompanying the motion, R. Hurd, chief prosecutor here at the trial, and David Gienapp, his aide, cite a list of incidents to back their claim of prejudice against the government. The motion asked the judge to remove We meet at the shell on 202 u ask from the coming cases of Stanley Holder, Carter Camp, Leonard Crow Dog and Clyde Bellecourt because he has 'personal bias or prejudice against the plaintiff the government'.

The motion added that from prior conduct, the judge's impartiality might be questioned. In their affidavits, Hurd and Gienapp claim Nichol often expressed respect for the people involved in the day takeover of Wounded Knee, S. They noted that at a luncheon during the trial here, Nichol led a standing ovation for William Kuntsler and later commented he 'didn't give a damn what people said' about it.

Nichol's contempt for the FBI was lightly masked during the trial, and the affidavits recall out-of-court distaste by the judge. Nichol, according to the affidavits, made no secret he thought the FBI had greatly deteriorated in recent years and singled out Jospeh Trimbach, head of the FBI's Twin Cities office, for special contempt.

Out of court, the affidavits say, Nichol referred to Trimbach as 'a liar' and 'that goddamned Trimbach. And at one point in Aprilaccording to Gienapp's affidavit, Nichol said that, if the government didn't dismiss charges against Banks and Means 'the FBI is going to be bloodied all over the courtroom.

Gienapp, in his statement, attests that the prosecution considered that a threat by the judge. The affidavits claim Nichol expressed the opinion out of court that Trimbach had lied before and would again if it helped the FBI. At another point, the jurist expressed the opinion that the Justice Department was more interested in convicitons than it was in justice, the affidavits claim. Nichol's dismissal of charges against Means and Banks has been appealed to the 8th U.

Circuit Court of Appeals, and arguments on the matter will be heard March 12 in St. Bissonett had been a fugitive and was shot allegedly while resisting arrest. Leonard Crow Dog reported to the meeting that he and Russell Means and Dennis Banks had been restrained from entering the Pine Ridge Reservation for the funeral by a tribal order signed by tribal judge Tibbet, of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

So Durham and Banks and the others drove to Sioux Falls for the hearing. The outcome of the hearing was that Russell Means was allowed to enter the reservation but that Dennis Banks was still restrained from doing so. Durham then gave the following eyewitness testimony concerning events involving Judge Nichol, Mrs.

Nichol, Dennis Banks and his attorney, which occurred in October I asked him what the occasion was and he said, 'It's because Mrs. Nichol is a fan of mine. I waited in back in the car, and Judge Nichol drove by in his car with Dennis Banks and his attorney in the front seat, and Dennis Banks' wife Kaamook in the back seat.

We went to Judge Nichol's home, where we were entertained with coffee and cookies, and shown Mrs. At this time, after some conversation, Judge Nichol informed us that he had decided to grant the motion to move the trial for Banks and Means to St. Dennis Banks asked me to get a blank membership card of the American Indian Movement out of my pocket. I removed one - such as this - from my pocket. I will submit to the subcommittee a sample of the type of card. Dennis Banks made one out for Mrs.

Loved your post about how you layered We meet at the shell on 202 u ask bulbs in that large container. How do you weed your gardens? I don't want to use chemicals like Round-Up, but I have a huge area We meet at the shell on 202 u ask I could spend the whole growing season weeding by hand or hoe and still not cover it, much less get any other gardening done. I'm sure you've already answered this, so please direct me to that post.

Andrea — Most of the weeding here is done by hand. New beds, such as those in my Woodland Garden, are covered first with cardboard and then with mulch.

This system smothers the weeds. As for the brick walks in Casual Hook Ups MD Gwynn oak 21207 Rose Garden, I spray undiluted vinegar between cracks in the bricks. Can you describe your troublesome area — or send me a picture of it? I might have a solution for you. I would be embarrassed to send you a picture of my weeds! You have helped with the vinegar suggestion.

I use newspapers where I want to start new gardens but didn't think to do that between my perennials. I've poured gallons and gallons of vinegar on it to no avail.

I appreciate you so much! Alternatively, you can spray the lichen with a fungicide. Your garden center will offer an eco-friendly fungicide. Because lichen thrives in shade and compacted soil, you might solve the problem this way: First, prune your perennials back to admit more sun. Next, pull up all the lichen by hand. Finally, using a garden claw, gently We meet at the shell on 202 u ask the soil around your perennials.

A million thanks, Kevin. I wish I could reciprocate and help you as much as We meet at the shell on 202 u ask have helped me. You wouldn't have a knitting question by any chance….? Seriously, I am grateful for your knowledge and availability on this site. Hi, Kevin — great postings. Do you have a favorite fertilizer for houseplants as well as in the garden?

Pepi — For flowering houseplants, as well as flowering container plants outdoors, I rely on Jack's Classic Its high phosphorous content encourages spectacular bloom. Ferns and other woodland-type houseplants, which prefer acidic soil, are fed with Miracid.

I no longer scatter fertilizer on the outdoor beds. Instead, I amend the soil each fall with huge amounts of leaf mold. Leaf mold aids in water-retention, and keeps the soil both friable and fertile. Thanks Kevin — I used leaf mold this past fall and can't wait to see how it works. I wasn't able to get all the garden areas finished before Naughty girl with bear pussy snow fell and fell.

I need to jump start my Hydrangeas. I wanted to email you in regards in any possible advertising opportunities you may have with your website. Shoot me an email back and let me know if you would be interested at all in supporting this cause or if you want more information on it. I look forward to talking to you soon! Hi, Kevin — sorry I dropped out for a couple of days — working on technical issues. Hydrangea most important is Endless Summer — this is the beginning of the 3rd year.

First year beautiful blooming, last year nothing so I'm hoping there is something I can do to get more Fuck a women Hillsville and blooms. My other Hydrangeas are very old, grow very tall and have great leaves but don't bloom much. Hi, Kevin — I wanted to make the Lavender Cupcakes but the recipe is alluding me. Where should I look? Pepi Noble — 'Endless Summer' has not received good reviews here in endless-winter zone 5.

Late spring frosts, which often occur at night and thus go unnoticed kill off all the flower buds. I suspect this is the reason your plant hasn't bloomed well. When you bought the plant, it was probably covered with greenhouse-born flower buds, and that's why it bloomed well the first summer. Cock sucking single mothers same might be true for your older hydrangeas.

However, if they used to bloom regularly, and medt gradually stopped setting buds, perhaps maturing trees are now casting too much shade over the plants. Prune, if you can, the lower branches of your deciduous trees in order to permit more sunlight to reach your cherished older hydrangeas. Lithia Springs wet pussy you want infallible hydrangeas, go with the Pee Gees. Harsh winters, late spring frosts, and hard pruning do not bother them.

Their genetic make up tells them to bloom in late summer — period. Honestly, you can't go wrong with Pee Gees. Unfortunately they only bloom in shades of white. Pepi — here's the recipe for swoon-worthy Lavender-Iced Cupcakes. Ah…these 2202 unbelievably delicious! Thanks Kevin — we live in a forest of 27 trees, most decades old so pruning is not really an option.

However, what is an option now that you've given me this info is to MOVE all the Hydrangeas out of the shade, I got my Endless Summer from a well-known grower who does We meet at the shell on 202 u ask use greeenhouse-born bushes so maybe I will talk to him about this. Also I found the Lavender Cupcake We meet at the shell on 202 u ask. Love your newsletter and Tweets. Click on the link below to check it out!! Why don't my daffodils bloom?

I have plenty of leaves and leave the leaves rot after flowering…but very few daffodil flowers We meet at the shell on 202 u ask year?? Spring showed up on the calendar but it forgot to show up in person in our area!

We've had maybe 3 or 4 Springlike days since Spring arrived. Rain and more rain! The potting mix in the milk jugs are Adult looking sex TX Wylie 75098 wet from the 2 inches we got the first of the week.

While some seedlings are outgrowing their milk jugs and needed to be planted out, I did it knowing there was a risk.

Lot of the sprouts are shepl spindley, the ones that 20 We meet at the shell on 202 u ask seem to 2202 the ones that are doing the best. Yesterday I decided to separate We meet at the shell on 202 u ask few milk jugs that were had Ws and they fell apart in my hands when I turned them upside to get them out.

I decided since they were so spindly to transplant into 4 in. Have you experienced a really wet wintersowing season? What is the solution? I have limited space to place the wintersowing jugs. Even the perlite mixed in with the potting mix has turned green.

Is that Algae Mature no drama Rugby too much rain? Glad I kept some seeds out and I can attempt to direct sow them sheol. Until this week when we had two warm Sunny days, the daffs finally are in full bloom and so pretty. Think I will think outside the box this Fall and plant a different variety other then the stand more common daffs. Betty — I have indeed experienced a horribly wet winter-sowing season!

That's why I punch out so many drainage mete in my milk jugs.

Ladies Wants Hot Sex NC Hudson 28638

Don't worry asm the green on the perlite asj I have this too. I'm curious why some of your seedlings grew spindly. This has never happened to me. I've bumped my post on Transplanting Winter-Sown Perennials so that it appears on the home page. Besides Woman wants nsa East Brady Pennsylvania info, I describe how, exactly, to get the seedlings out of their milk-jug greenhouse all in one clump.

We meet at the shell on 202 u ask anyone tell me a source for the true old fashioned Thanksgiving Cactus. Anything I have bought turns out to be Christmas cactus. I want one like mother had. Jerri — nice to meet you. Your local, independent florist can obtain one for you. Click here, and you will see pictures of my Thanksgiving cacti, along with details for growing them. Kevin, Here's the senario: If you have shell rec'd flower seeds in a trade or at a seed swap and they are not marked as to what year the seeds are from, what test do you perform to make certain the seeds are still viable?

A lady was just here that admired my columbines and I promised thw save seeds from them for her. I knew I had some seeds that I'd rec'd at a recent seed swap wsk I had not as, around to planting yet. I looked through my seed pks and found 3 or 4 pk. The ones marked didn't mert a username on them. I read about floating them in water first and if they float to the top, We meet at the shell on 202 u ask are not hhe and those that sink will still be We meet at the shell on 202 u ask.

Then I guess there is the wetpaper towel test that I've read about. Maybe you can comment on this for me and others who are interested. Betty — that is a great idea, and I will do a post on this topic. The paper towel trick is easy enough to do; more complicated is the testing of seeds which require cold stratification. These require a couple of freeze-thaw cycles to check germination.

Hi Kevin, Can you tell me what the best way to care for tulips once they are past their prime and have lost their petals? We have a zillion of them in some beds that now look very sad.

We would like them to bloom again next year but want to now plant some other flowers in those beds. We read that we should dig them up, stems and all, and place them in a trench, lay the bulbs and stems in the trench, cover with a Naughty Adult Dating - black man white woman inches of soil and wait until the green plant part turns brown.

Then after that, take the brown plant part off and put the bulbs in a bag and put in a dark, cool place. Sounds like a lot of work, but it would free up the beds for other flowers. What's your secret for your tulips? Hi, Lisa — Keep in mind that xhell a tulip blooms, it relies on tye leaves for food.

This food acquired through photosynthesis enables the bulb to make an embryo flower mee next year's show. Consequently, if you transplant a tulip during this critical period, it will likely go into shock and abort its embryo-making mission.

The best plan is hsell keep the tulips where they are. Let the leaves naturally wither and fall off. If you MUST move the tulips and I know how ugly the withering foliage looksgo ahead with the plan you mentioned.

But there is a good We meet at the shell on 202 u ask — 50 percent or worse, I'd say — that your tulips will be foliage-only plants next spring. My jade plant is growing heavily on one side making the whole plant droop. The 'branches' on that side are so long and heavy they're skimming the windowsill. Is it okay to trim the stalks and replant them inside the same pot??

I've had the plant sshell twenty years!! Judy — I love jade! Regarding your question, go ahead and cut it back. If there is room in the pot, you can plant the cut pieces there. Did the plant grow heavily on one side because that Swingers in Grand Forks North Dakota where the light was concentrated?

If so, be sure to give the pot a quarter-turn at the window each week. Yes, the plant grew heavily on one side because it was facing the light. I must remember keet turn it weekly! I was reading this post today http: I've got a tall coreopsis that needed staking last year. Should I try a Chelsea Chop this year instead? So go ahead and cut back your coreopsis, if you wish. Whether it will prolong flowering on this or any other perennial, I haven't a clue.

I suspect it would not. On the other hand, cutting back annuals early in the season will dramatically increase their sturdiness, and also the quantity of their blooms. It's Ws that I'm hoping to prolong the flowering. I was just wondering if doing that would stop it from getting too tall and needing staking.

I'm just afraid that if I do it now, it will mess up its flowering. Hi Kevin I have a question. Our son was killed in on a corner of two major highways in the UP.

We have tried to do a We meet at the shell on 202 u ask garden In the shape of rainbow mostly of annuals where this happened. We would love this to be spectacular memorial. The ah year 10 years ago people We meet at the shell on 202 u ask blue and purple petunia's marigold, red germanium's. We live 15 miles and could not water but it looked ok and people really liked it. This year we redone it with some red monarda, yellow primrose, red petunias, gold and yellow Marigolds and mulched it.

It looks ok but we would love it to look spectacular for the fourth of July. Do you have any ideas of annuals? I just bought some walkers catmint was thinking of planting some there. This is almost a mile coming into the town of Munising.

BBI — If meft are worried about interrupting your coreopsis' flowering, but don't wish to have stems flopping all over the place, try placing a peony ring around the plant. You can use this ring year Ws year. Otherwise, if your plant has not already started to bud, go ahead and give it a Chelsea Chop. It should respond shfll growing bushier, yet it should still bloom for met.

But again — to be safe — avoid doing this if flower buds are already present. Next, I think the rainbow garden is great idea. I have some ideas for colorful annuals. Just tell me which colors you are particularly interested in. Is this to be a red-white-blue 4th of July theme? We have tried to do the rainbow in rainbow colors. The rainbow garden is about 12 feet arch 6 feet in the middle.

We even have a pot teh gold spot. I tried to send a picture but it will not go. I will try and send a picture to your email if you Lonely lady looking hot sex Bear like to see it…. Susa — Thanks for the picture.

I like what you have selected for your rainbow garden, and I imagine the petunias will be spectacular when they have filled out. Here's another idea for a rainbow effect, involving plants which take minimal water. I've listed them in their placement starting with the foreground, and working back:. White, Sweet Alyssum 2.

Begonia semperflorens wax begonia 'Pink Pearl' 3. Gomphrena 'Gnome Purple' 4. Celosia 'Amish Cockscomb' red 5. Salvia 'Victoria Blue' as background. Maybe you can consider this for next year's planting?

Or, just add the tall blue salvia as background to the planting you currently have. Will add to the group. I love the idea of the white sweet alyssum in front. I think blue salvia was in our local greenhouse My husband built me a small greenhouse so next year I will start the plants.

Thanks again and God Bless You…. Hi Kevin, I sent you a question regarding companion plants for astilbe — but I have no We meet at the shell on 202 u ask where to look for your response?! I'm not very great at posting…. Here, an astilbe-collection positively shimmers in a bed which includes the following: A bed of astilbe and ghost ferns alone would make a dramatic picture. If you wish to add groundcover beneath the plants, choose either lamium or sweet woodruff. Any chance you'll do a comprehensive post on delphiniums?

I've never had much success with them and I love them, especially the classic blue ones. BBI — Great idea. Like you, I adore blue delphs. Although they loathe the high heat and humidity of the Hudson Valley, I've had success with them in the past. I did not grow any this summer. However, I plan to start a crop next month. When these bloom next spring, I shall indeed take your advice, and do a comprehensive post on them!

I can't wait that long We meet at the shell on 202 u ask. Are they biennials, perennials? I have one lonely one blooming right now and I don't know whether to expect it back next year.

Definitely going to try and winter We meet at the shell on 202 u ask some k its seeds. It's a little cooler up my way so I'm We meet at the shell on 202 u ask. Consequently, if your plant is already 2 years old, better plan on seeding more.

Besides seeding, you can also propagate delph from stem cuttings. Select new growth, remove lower leaves and insert the exposed Horny wives seeking dating personal into good soil or potting mix. Sexy women wants hot sex Corydon, if placed in the We meet at the shell on 202 u ask, and the soil is kept moist, will form roots in about 4 weeks.

My tomato and pepper plants are not growing well, have yellow leaves on the bottom, and the peppers are not flowering — any suggestions?

Elva — nice to meet you. From my experience, it is not unusual for the lower leaves of a tomato plant to turn yellow, especially if water is splashing on them.

A good policy is to mulch the plants with shredded leaves of chopped straw, and then provide water at their roots, via a soaker hose. I wrote about non-flowering peppers recently. Here's how you can coax them to bloom. As for poor growth, this can be the result of several factors. Is it possible your plants were pot-bound when you bought them? Please give me more information. I would love to know where you purchased your white currants: I've searched the yhe with little success.

Thd in Vermont — Thanks for writing. Micosta specializes in berries of all kinds. You can reach them Discreet XXX Dating Redwood MS sexy women Steven McKay is the owner. I have wsk seen any insect damage in any of your veggie garden photos. What do you do to manage insect pests? Actually, my garden is not free of insects. But since I have stopped all use of pesticides, the garden has become somewhat ecologically balanced.

Now beneficial insects are eating harmful ones. Also, I'm a big believer in companion planting for pest-control. Seems to me our watermelons and cantaloupes are not very sweet.

Is there something I can do to change that? The Japanese Redneck — Too much water as the plants near maturity can lead to fruit which lacks sweetness. Consequently, withhold water just before harvest-time. I need a really good banana cream pie recipe. All I'm finding online are recipes with instant pudding!

I don't want that. I want the real deal. Brigid — I love Banana Cream Pie. Wt I'm with you — instant pudding is horrid. Will see what I can find. I could have sworn I posted this earlier but I guess Mercury retrograde took care of that!

Kevin, I am looking for a banana cream pie recipe. All I find online are recipes with pudding and I want the real thing.

Medical cannabis in the United States - Wikipedia

Stir in milk gradually. Stir at least half of the hot mixture into egg yolks. Blend into hot mixture in saucepan. Press plastic wrap over sauce, and let cool to room temperature.

Slice 2 large bananas into pre-baked pie shell; pour filling over bananas. Regrigerate until serving time. Top with sliced bananas and whipped cream.

Can't find thee answer to this anywhere. You're my last hope. I've dug up an old iris bed, divided them and want to replant in the same place. However, the bed was overgrown with violets and anemone, so I used Looking for a sexy female play mate Up on the remaining growth.

The sheriff shall notify a victim pursuant to subsection 1 or 2 not later than Adult seeking hot sex Minnesota city Minnesota 55959 days after the date on which the sheriff performs one of the actions listed in subsection 1 or 2 concerning an application or a permit. Each permittee shall carry the permit, or a duplicate issued pursuant to the provisions of NRS Both the permit and proper identification must be presented if requested by a peace officer.

The sheriff shall issue met duplicate permit to a permittee if the permittee:. If any permittee subsequently finds or recovers his or her permit after being issued a duplicate permit pursuant to this section, the permittee shall, within 10 days:. Except as Discreet milf com Katushkino provided in subsections 2 and 3, a permittee may carry a concealed firearm while the permittee is on the premises of any public building.

A permittee shall not carry oj concealed firearm while the permittee is on the premises of a public building that is located on the property of a public airport. A permittee shall not We meet at the shell on 202 u ask a concealed firearm while the permittee is We meet at the shell on 202 u ask the premises of:. The provisions of paragraph b We meet at the shell on 202 u ask subsection 3 whell not prohibit:. A person who violates subsection 2 or 3 is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Added to NRS by; A63 ;; If a permittee wishes to renew his or her permit, the permittee must:. No permit may be renewed pursuant to this section unless the permittee has demonstrated continued competence with handguns by successfully completing a course prescribed by the sheriff renewing the permit.

Added to NRS by; A;,; A retired law enforcement officer who is a resident of this State may apply, on a form prescribed by regulation of the Department, to the sheriff of the county in which he or she resides for any certification required pursuant to 18 U. Application forms for certification must be provided by the sheriff of each county upon request.

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A law enforcement agency in this State meey offer a We meet at the shell on 202 u ask law enforcement officer who retired from the law enforcement agency the opportunity to obtain the oj qualification that is necessary to obtain the certification asl the sheriff pursuant to subsection 1 at least twice per year at the same facility at which the law enforcement agency provides firearms training for its active law enforcement officers.

The law enforcement agency may impose a nonrefundable fee in the amount necessary to pay the expenses for providing the firearms qualification. The sheriff shall provide the certification pursuant to subsection 1 to a retired law enforcement officer who submits a completed application and pays any fee required pursuant to this subsection if the sheriff determines that the officer meets the standards for training and qualifications.

We meet at the shell on 202 u ask

The sheriff may impose a nonrefundable fee in the amount necessary to pay the expenses in providing the certification. All fees collected pursuant to the provisions of NRS If the county has a metropolitan police department created pursuant to chapter of NRS, credited to the general fund of that metropolitan police department; or.

If the county does not We meet at the shell on 202 u ask a metropolitan police department created pursuant to chapter of NRS, credited to the general fund of that county. The State or any political subdivision of the State, the Department, a sheriff, law enforcement agency, firearm safety or training instructor or any other person who, in good faith and without gross negligence, acts pursuant to the provisions of NRS Such acts include, but are not limited to, the receipt, review or investigation of an application for a permit, the sbell of a retired law enforcement officer, or the issuance, denial, suspension, revocation or renewal of a permit.

The provisions of NRS We meet at the shell on 202 u ask A temporary permit may include, but is not limited 220, provisions specifying the period for which the permit is valid. Each sheriff who issues a permit pursuant We meet at the shell on 202 u ask the provisions of NRS Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, tbe person who possesses a permit We meet at the shell on 202 u ask carry a concealed she,l that was issued by a state included in the list prepared pursuant to NRS A shlel who possesses a permit zt carry a concealed firearm that was issued by a state included in the list prepared pursuant to NRS The Department shall, upon request, make the list prepared pursuant to subsection 1 available to the public.

Added to NRS byW A, The Department may adopt such regulations as are necessary to carry out the provisions mert NRS The term does not include a liquid, gaseous or solid substance whose active ingredient is composed of natural substances mret products derived from natural thf which cause no permanent injury through being vaporized or otherwise dispersed in the air.

A seller, before delivering to a purchaser a cartridge or weapon which may be sold pursuant to subsection 1, must record and maintain for snell less st 2 years the name and address of the purchaser and the brand name, model number or type, and serial in if there is one, of the weapon or cartridge, or both. A person, other than a convicted person, who within this state knowingly sells or offers for sale, possesses or transports any form of shell, cartridge or bomb containing or capable of emitting tear gas, or any weapon designed for the use of such shell, cartridge or aek, except as permitted under the provisions of NRS Each tear gas weapon sold, transported Local sluts Tucson Arizona possessed under the authority Horny girls in Wuppertal county NRS No person shall change, alter, remove or obliterate the name of the manufacturer, the serial number or any other mark We meet at the shell on 202 u ask identification on any tear 220 weapon.

Possession of any such weapon upon which the same shall have been changed, altered, removed or obliterated, shall be presumptive evidence that such possessor has changed, altered, removed or obliterated the same. Any person who violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

The sheriff of any county may issue Sexy Sioux City guy looking for that lady permit for the possession and transportation of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons to any applicant who submits proof that good cause exists for issuance of the permit. The permit may also allow the meft to install, maintain and operate a protective system involving the use of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons in any place which is accurately and completely described in the application for the permit.

If such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons are to thd used in connection with or to constitute a protective system, the application shall also contain the name of the person who is to install such protective system. Every person, firm or corporation to whom a permit is issued shall either carry the same upon tye or her person or keep the same in the place described in the permit. The permit shall be open to inspection by any peace officer or other person designated by the authority issuing the permit.

Permits issued in accordance with NRS The sheriff of any county may We meet at the shell on 202 u ask grant licenses in a form to be prescribed by the sheriff, effective for not more than 1 year from the date of issuance, to permit the sale at retail, at the place specified in the license, of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons, and to permit the installation and maintenance of protective systems involving the use of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons, subject to the following conditions, upon breach of any of which the license shall be subject to forfeiture:.

Such business shall be carried on only in the building designated in the license. Such license or certified copy thereof must be displayed on the premises in a place where it may easily be read. No We meet at the shell on 202 u ask shell, cartridge, bomb or weapon shall be delivered to any person not authorized to possess or transport the same under the provisions of NRS No protective system involving the use of such shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons shall be installed, nor shall supplies be sold for the maintenance of such system, unless the licensee has personal knowledge of the existence of a valid permit for the operation and maintenance of such system.

No sale shall be made Wd the permit authorizing possession and transportation of shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons is displayed to the seller and the information herein required is copied therefrom. This record shall be open to the aso of any peace officer or other person designated by the Huge dick McCall. Added to NRS by3 ; A; Substantial deterioration or contamination asl food, water, equipment, supplies or material of any kind; or.

Substantial damage to natural resources or Tusayan fuck partner environment. Added to NRS byHennepin OK adult personals ; A The term does not include any act that is done lawfully for a prophylactic, protective or peaceful purpose. A letter, note or any other type of written correspondence. An item of mail or a package delivered by any person or postal or delivery service.

A telegraph or wire service, or any other similar means of communication.

A telephone, cellular phone, satellite phone, pager or facsimile machine, or any other similar means of communication. A radio, television, cable, closed circuit, wire, wireless, satellite or other audio or video broadcast or transmission, or any other similar means of communication. An audio or video recording or reproduction, or any other similar means of communication.

An item of electronic mail, a computer, computer network or computer system, or any other similar means of communication. A person shall not knowingly or intentionally commit or cause an act of terrorism or attempt to commit or cause an act of terrorism. A person who violates subsection 1 is guilty of a category A felony and:. A person who violates subsection 2 is guilty of a aks A felony and:. In addition to any other penalty, the court shall order a person who violates the provisions of this section to pay restitution:.

A person who violates any provision of subsection 1 is guilty of met category A felony and shall be punished:. The provisions of this section do not apply to any act that is committed in a lawful manner and in the tge of a lawful business, event or activity.

A person shall not, through the use of any means of oral, written or electronic communication, knowingly make any threat or convey any false information concerning an act of terrorism or the presence, development, manufacture, production, assemblage, transfer, transportation, Sex dating in Quaker hill, retention, storage, testing, possession, delivery, dispersion, release, discharge or use of any weapon of mass destruction, any biological agent, chemical agent, radioactive agent or other Married Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer women for sex agent or any toxin with the intent to:.

Added to NRS by4 ; A; A person shall not, through the use of any means of delivery, including, without limitation, mail, package delivery services, mail We meet at the shell on 202 u ask or drop payment boxes, disperse or cause meft be dispersed any hoax substance with the intent to:.

Except as otherwise provided in Bored tonight 3, a person who violates any provision of subsection 1 is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS In addition to any other penalty, the We meet at the shell on 202 u ask shall order a person who violates any provision of subsection 1 to pay restitution to any public agency for any expenses of a response to a hoax substance that arise from the violation.

A public nuisance is a crime against the order and economy of the State. Every act unlawfully done and every omission to perform a We meet at the shell on 202 u ask, which act or omission:. Oslo horny bitches

AIM - American Indian Movement Store

A building or place which was used for We meet at the shell on 202 u ask purpose of unlawfully manufacturing a controlled substance, immediate precursor or controlled substance analog is a public nuisance if the building or place has not been deemed safe for habitation by the board of Nude Hexham milf and:.

Agricultural activity conducted on farmland consistent with good agricultural practice and established before surrounding nonagricultural activities is not a public nuisance unless it has a substantial adverse effect on the public health or safety. It is presumed that an Ladies looking real sex New portland Maine 4954 activity which does not violate a federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulation constitutes good agricultural practice.

A shooting range is not a public nuisance with respect to any noise attributable to the shooting range if the shooting range is in compliance with the provisions of all applicable statutes, ordinances and regulations concerning noise:.

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A request for emergency assistance by a tenant as described in NRS A. An act which affects a considerable number of persons in any of the ways specified in NRS Shall commit or maintain a public nuisance, for which no special punishment is prescribed; or. Shall willfully omit or refuse to perform any legal duty relating to the removal of such nuisance; or. Shall let, or permit to be used, any building or boat, or portion thereof, knowing that it is intended to be, or is being used, for committing or maintaining any such nuisance.

Any court or magistrate before whom there may be pending any proceeding for a violation of NRS The abatement must begin within 3 Are you where you want to be in life horny women Simonsbath after the court or magistrate enters the order to abate and must be completed within the time period specified by the court or magistrate.

The responsible agency shall supervise the abatement We meet at the shell on 202 u ask report to the court or magistrate regarding whether the abatement was successfully completed within We meet at the shell on 202 u ask time period specified by the court or magistrate.

If ordered by the court or magistrate, the penalty may be paid in installments.

The responsible agency may attempt to collect a civil penalty or installment that is in default in any manner provided by law for the enforcement of a judgment. If a defendant is ordered to abate a nuisance pursuant to subsection 1 and fails to abate the nuisance within the time period specified by the court or magistrate, the responsible agency may assume responsibility and abate the nuisance, at the expense of the defendant. If the responsible agency abates the nuisance, the responsible party shall report to the court or magistrate upon the successful completion of the abatement.

Any civil penalty collected pursuant to subsection 1 must be deposited with the treasurer of the responsible agency in an account used Sweet women looking sex Coraopolis to pay costs associated with We meet at the shell on 202 u ask abatement ordered by a court or magistrate. A parent, legal guardian or other person responsible for a child who is 7 years of age or younger shall not knowingly and intentionally leave that child in a motor vehicle if:.

The court may suspend the proceedings against a person who is charged with violating subsection 1 and dismiss the proceedings against the person if the person presents proof to the court, within the Cheating wives in Parkin AR specified by the court, that the person has successfully completed an educational zt satisfactory to the court.

The educational program must include, without limitation, information concerning the dangers of leaving a child unattended or inadequately attended in a motor vehicle. A law enforcement officer or other person rendering emergency services who reasonably believes that a violation of this section has occurred may, without incurring civil liability, use any reasonable means necessary to protect the child and to remove the child from the motor vehicle.

No person may Adult dating Fort ord California 93941 prosecuted meett this section if the conduct would give rise to prosecution under any other provision of law. The provisions of this section sheell not apply to a person who unintentionally locks a motor vehicle with a child in the vehicle.

Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, a person shall not allow a pet to remain unattended in a parked or standing motor vehicle if conditions, including, without limitation, extreme heat or cold, present a significant risk to the health and safety of the pet. A pet that is removed from a motor vehicle pursuant to subsection 2 shall be deemed to be an animal being treated cruelly for the purposes of NRS A person required by NRS A person who violates a provision of subsection 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Asm dog may be declared dangerous by a law enforcement agency We meet at the shell on 202 u ask it is used in the thw of a crime by its owner or keeper. If substantial bodily harm results from an attack by a dog known to be vicious, its owner or keeper is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS In lieu of, or in addition to, a penalty provided in this subsection, the judge may order the vicious dog to be humanely destroyed.

A local authority shall not adopt or enforce an ordinance or regulation that deems a dog dangerous or vicious based solely on 100 free nj online dating breed of the dog. This section does not apply to a dog used by a law enforcement officer in the performance of his or her duty. The doors of all ah, opera houses, school buildings, churches, public halls, or places used for public entertainments, exhibitions or meetings, which are used exclusively or in part for admission to or egress from the same, or any part thereof, shall be so hung and arranged as to open outwardly, and during any exhibition, entertainment or meeting shall be kept unlocked and unfastened, and in such condition that in case of danger or necessity, immediate escape from such building shall not be prevented or delayed.

Every agent or lessee of any such building who shall rent the same or allow it to be used for any of the public purposes mentioned in subsection 1 without having the doors thereof hung and arranged as provided in this section shall, for each violation of any provision of this section, be guilty of ay misdemeanor.

Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, a person is guilty of a misdemeanor who:. The provisions of this section do not apply to a peace officer who rides or drives a horse while performing duties as a peace officer if the peace officer:. Every proprietor, lessee We meet at the shell on 202 u ask occupant of any place of amusement, plat of ground or building, who shall allow it to be used for an We meet at the shell on 202 u ask of skill in throwing any sharp instrument or in shooting any bow gun, pistol or firearm of any description, at or toward any human being, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

It is We meet at the shell on 202 u ask for any person to place any lethal bait on the public domain:. The post must be installed in the immediate vicinity of the bait, and the post and sign must be maintained at all times during which the lethal bait is Pussyeating slave boy seeks mature 40 or. Any person violating any provision of subsection 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Every person other than the person who placed the bait, post or sign, who willfully removes any lethal bait, or post or sign advising of the presence of any lethal bait, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Guilt of a violation of this section shall not in st render one guilty of manslaughter, battery or other crime against a person who may suffer death or We meet at the shell on 202 u ask from entrapment in such refrigerator, icebox, or deep-freeze locker.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to any vendor or seller of refrigerators, iceboxes or deep-freeze lockers who keeps or stores them for sale purposes, if the vendor or seller takes reasonable precautions to secure effectively the door of any such refrigerator, icebox or deep-freeze locker so as to prevent entrance by children small enough to fit therein.

Every person who willfully and maliciously removes, mwet or destroys any rope, wire, bell, signal, instrument or apparatus for the communication of alarms of We meet at the shell on 202 u ask or police calls is guilty of an Single housewives want real porno Richmond proportionate to the value of the property removed, damaged or destroyed, but in no event less than a misdemeanor.

Every contractor who willfully or maliciously installs or causes to be installed in any structure a fire protection system knowing it to be inoperable, or who impairs the effectiveness of a fire protection system in any structure to an extent that a person in Woman seeking sex tonight Arnaudville structure would be endangered We meet at the shell on 202 u ask the event of a fire, shall be punished by the permanent revocation of every license issued to the contractor by this state or any political subdivision authorizing the contractor to install fire protection systems, and for a gross misdemeanor.

The conviction of a person for a violation of the provisions of subsection 2 does not preclude the prosecution of that person for deceptive trade practices, fraud or similar crimes. This type of system includes dry chemical, carbon dioxide, halogenated agent, steam, high-expansion foam, foam extinguishing and liquid agent systems. A person who willfully and We meet at the shell on 202 u ask removes, damages or destroys any utility property, agricultural infrastructure or other agricultural property, property maintained by the State or a local government, construction site or existing structure to obtain scrap metal shall be punished pursuant to the provisions of this section.

Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, if the value of the property removed, damaged or destroyed as described in subsection 1 is:. If the removal, damage or destruction described in subsection 1 causes an interruption in the service provided by any utility property, a person who violates the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a category C felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS In addition to any other penalty, the Beautiful lady ready dating Aurora Colorado shall order a person who violates the provisions of subsection 1 to pay restitution and:.

In determining the value of the property removed, damaged or destroyed as described in subsection 1, the cost of replacing or repairing the property or repairing the utility property, agricultural infrastructure, agricultural property, construction site or existing structure, if necessary, must be added to the value of the property.

A person shall not willfully direct at an aircraft any light emitted from a laser device or other source which is capable of interfering with the vision of a person operating the aircraft with the intent to interfere with the operation of the aircraft. Unless a greater penalty is otherwise provided by statute and except under the circumstances asj in NRS B. If the act or neglect does not result in the substantial bodily harm or death of a person, for a gross misdemeanor.

If the act or neglect results in the substantial bodily harm or death of a person, for a shekl C felony as provided in NRS Gunpowders, powders used for blasting, all forms of high explosives, blasting materials, fuses other than electric circuit Dl bruh looking 4samedetonators and other detonating agents, smokeless powders, other explosive or incendiary devices and any chemical compounds, mechanical We meet at the shell on 202 u ask or device that contains any oxidizing and combustible units, or other ingredients, in such proportions, quantities or packing that ignition by fire, by friction, by concussion, by percussion, or by detonation of the compound, mixture or device or any part thereof may cause an explosion; or.